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									How to install an add on power supply in your dreambox !

You know the fu….. problem ? you start your dreambox to watch a movie and want to record
it, and then… crash, the harddisk wanted to start form its standby mode and the original
dream multimedia power supply didn’t bring enough power (also with modified power unit).
Here’s the best solution :
First you have to buy a small open frame power supply with +5V and +12V here’s a picture of it :

                                                 This is a openframe Powersupply
                                                 PSA 25L-202 PhiHong
                                                 Datas :
                                                 Input: 85...264VAC
                                                 + 5VDC min. 0,2A, max. 2,6A
                                                 +24VDC min. 0,0A, max. 0,5A

Now you need a screwdriver, a TORX screwdriver,
soldering iron, a DIN MOLEX plug for your hdd some wires and tin solder and of course your
dreambox and your power supply.

First you open your dreambox with the screwdrivers, then plug off the flatpins on the top of the
dreamboxplate, but be carefull !

                                           when you removed the flatpins from the board you can
                                           screw of the torx screws, which fasten the board.

When everything is removed you can start soldering, at first you have to take the molex plug it should
be coverd with tin solder at the short blank wires.

                                       Soldered molex plug

Of course you have to extend the molex wires, becouse the add on powersupply will be fasten on the
left side of the dreambox and it’s a long way from powersupply to harddisk.
When you have extended the 4 wires and isolated it correctly, you must solder it to the powersupply
output pins, here is the allocation of the PSA 25L-202 PhiHong power supply :

1 Pin 5V +
2 Pin 5V +
3 Pin Ground
4 Pin Ground
5 Pin 12 V +

And this is the allocation of the DIN MOLEX Plug :

Yellow : 12 V +
Red : 5 V +
Black 1 : Ground
Black 2 : Ground

When you soldered the wires to the power supply output connector you have done the most difficult
operation. At next the 220 V AC Input connector must be solder to the dreambox plate, so you doesn’t
need an extra cable outside the box !
On the back of the dreambox plate are the two 220 V AC Power plug soldering points, at this points
you must soldering the add on power supply power input cable.

When everything is connected you can fix the power supply on the left of the plate (there is enough
space). Now put in the Hdd and connect it close your box and hope that you have done everything

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