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					       Minivent Shower Fan Kits
      248710 AND 248810 WITH TIMER

       Fitting and Wiring Instructions

Kit contents:
Minivent shower fan
Inlet grille and fixings
Outlet grille and fixings
3m flexible ducting
4 nylon straps
Fan mounting strap and base
IMPORTANT                                                  With the fan positioned so that the cable is pointing
1. All electrical connections should be made by a          downwards and the arrow is pointing towards the out-
properly qualified electrician. The fan must be sited      let grille, pass the fan mounting strap through the base
and connected in accordance with current IEE               slots and wrap around the centre of the fan and pull
regulations (BS7671) or the appropriate standards in       tight.
your country.                                              5. Stretch and cut the duct (see note) to fit between
2. This is intended to ventilate a shower area or          each grille and the centreline of the fan. Attach the
cubicle, but the fan motor must be mounted outside         outlet grille to the duct using a nylon strap, pass the
the shower area or cubicle, and away from direct           duct through the outlet hole and secure the grille
sources of water spray (see fig. 1.).                      using the fixings provided. Slide the free end of the
The motor must be out of reach of a person using a         duct onto the outlet end of the fan and secure with a
fixed bath or shower. Site away from direct sources of     nylon strap.
heat in excess of 45 °C. Do not site in an area            6. Attach the inlet duct to the inlet grille using a nylon
containing excessive levels of grease.                     strap. Pierce a hole in the TOP of the duct approxi-
3. When the fan extracts from a room containing a fuel     mately 40mm from the fan, pass the cable
burning appliance, the installer must ensure that the      through and then slide the duct onto the fan. Secure
air replacement is adequate for both the fan and the       the duct with a nylon strap. Seal wiring hole as neces-
fuel burning appliance.                                    sary.
4. Wiring should be via a switched spur with a 3 amp       NOTE: The duct should be stretched without any holes
fuse (UK). Double pole switch or plug and socket           or splits and should not exceed 3 metres in order to
should be located outside the room containing a fixed      obtain best performance.
bath or shower.
5. Ducted applications. In circumstances where an          WIRING See Figs 2, 3 , 4 & 5.
excessive amount of moisture is present in the air, then   1. ENSURE THAT THE MAINS SUPPLY IS
a condensation trap will need to be installed in the       SWITCHED OFF BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THE
exhaust duct. Horizontal ducts should fall away from       WIRING.
the fan unit. Ducts passing through an unheated roof       This fan is only suitable for connection to a 230-240V
void should be insulated together with the fan unit.       50Hz Supply and MUST be earthed. The fan is
                                                           intended for connection to fixed wiring.
INSTALLATION See Fig. 1                                    2. The installation must be provided with a double
1. Mark positions where the grilles are to be sited,       pole isolator switch having a contact separation of not
having ensured that there is adequate clearance be-        less than 3mm.
hind.                                                      3. Using a suitable 5 amp junction box and 3 core
2. Cut a 115mm hole in the ceiling and screw the inlet     cable of 5 amp rating, connect the fan leads to the
grille in place.                                           switched fuse outlet as shown in the wiring diagrams.
3. Cut a 115mm hole for the outlet grille.                 Note that the leads are colour coded: brown - live (L),
4. Position the fan at the highest point on the system     blue - neutral (N), black - switched live (Ls, timer model
with a slope downwards to both grilles. In this position   only), and green/yellow - earth (E/ ).
fix the fan mounting strap base to a suitable support      4. Switch on the mains supply and check the fan
using a woodscrew or other suitable fixing.                operation.

Fig. 1.
                                                                                 ADDITIONAL WOOD


                                                MOUNTING STRAP

            INLET                                                 FIXING SCREW

                                          OUTLET                                  FAN
OMITTED FOR CLARITY                                                                                 MOUNTING STRAP
Fig. 2. Fan and room lighting switched On/Off                        Fig. 3. Fan and room lighting switched On/Off
at same time. (248710. Minivent SK).                                 separately. (248710. Minivent SK).
           240V 50Hz                                                        240V 50Hz
                                   FAN LEAD CONNECTIONS                                                 FAN LEAD CONNECTIONS
          E    N       L                                                    E       N     L
                                     E/    N    L                                                          E/      N     L

                                                                                              3 AMP
                           3 AMP
                                                      JUNCTION                                                                 BOX



                                                                                                       FAN SWITCH

                   ON/OFF SWITCH

Fig. 4. Fan switched On/Off by Vent-Axia Humidiswitch. Room
lighting by separate switch. (248710. Minivent SK).                                                             LIGHT SWITCH
           240V 50Hz               FAN LEAD CONNECTIONS
          E    N       L             E/    N    L   JUNCTION
                           3 AMP

                                                                                2   OPTIONAL HUMIDISWITCH
                                                                      1 3           VENT-AXIA STOCK REF. No. 563501


                                      ON/OFF SWITCH

Fig. 5. Fan runs on for 15 mins. after room lighting is switched
off. (248810. Minivent SK with timer).
           240V 50Hz
          E    N       L
                                            FAN LEAD CONNECTIONS
                                                                                                      NOTE: When power is first
                           3 AMP

                                                                                                      switched on to the unit, it will run
                                               E/     Ls N L                                          for 15 mins. continuously. Follow-
                                                                                                      ing this initial period it will then
                                                                                                      only be triggered by the Ls
                                                                                                      (switched live) connection.


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                      The Vent-Axia Guarantee
                      Applicable only to products installed and used in the United Kingdom. For details of guaran-
                      tee outside the United Kingdom contact your local supplier.
                      Vent-Axia guarantees its products for two years from the date of purchase against faulty
                      materials or workmanship. In the event of any part found to be defective, the product will be
                      repaired, or at the Company's option replaced, without charge, provided that the product:
                      1) has been installed and used in accordance with the instructions given with each unit
                      2) has not been connected to an unsuitable electricity supply. (The corrrect electricity sup-
                          ply voltage is shown on the product rating label attached to the unit.)
                      3) has not been subject to misuse, neglect or damage.
                      4) has not been modified or repaired by any person not authorised by the company.
                      please return the complete product, carriage paid to your original supplier or nearest Vent-
                      Axia Centre, by post or personal visit. Please ensure that it is adequately packed and accom-
                      panied by a letter clearly marked 'Guarantee Claim' stating the nature of the fault and providing
                      evidence of date and source of purchase.
                      This guarantee is offered to you as an extra benefit, and does not affect your legal rights.

       As part of the policy of continuous product improvement Vent-Axia reserves the right to alter specifications without notice.

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