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									                                   Clear Lake Shores Islander
                              Clear Lake Shores Civic Club Newsletter
                                      November 2006

 Annual CLS Thanksgiving Dinner November 11th!

Letter from the Prez                                     Our pet liaison, Lezlie Cates, is working on an
By Allan Batchelor                                       event to raise pet supplies for the good folks at
                                                         Bayside Bed and Biscuit. They take care of most of
Let me start by saying I am a                            the strays that end up on our little slice of paradise
summer guy. Flip flops and tank                          and I think this is a nice way to say thanks. Lezlie,
tops. I love summertime. Playing                         put me down for a 50 lb bag of pet food.
in the water, I love 95 degrees. It
makes sipping fresh brewed iced tea in the shade         The Thanksgiving Dinner is nearly here. Two more
seem like heaven. I’m glad we finally got a cold         weeks. Mark it on your calendar. If your plans have
front. Is it just me or was this summer a tad long?      changed and you can, or want to, help out it’s not
Oh well, now’s the time to get your brand spanking       too late to call Mike Bass or Bryan Hoerner. We
new Civic Club sweat shirt! Grant’s been whining         are also still looking for a parent to chair the Chil-
about colors so watch for something other than the       dren’s Christmas Party this year. We have it tenta-
dark blue like mine.                                     tively scheduled for Saturday, December 9th – you
                                                         can pick the time. We’ll supply funding, will help
If you missed the last meeting here’s an update. We      to round up volunteers and will promote it for you
have turned our kitchen upgrade in to a class pro-       but we need someone to pull it all together. Please
ject. Yep. The students from two of San Jacs culi-       call Susan Adams at 281- 538-7505 or e-mail her at
nary classes have been out to look the place over. if you can help us out.
Their project is to come up with new ideas for our
kitchen. In turn the Club will vote this month on        We managed to get most of the changes to our By-
making a donation to their Culinary Arts scholar-        Laws passed at the last meeting. We decided to get
ship fund in return for their hard work. The school      a legal interpretation for our last proposed change
wants to make a PR event out of the presentation         before we voted on it. The letter from the attorney
and as soon as we pull it together I’ll pass along the   is inside. This is the change that allows our
info.                                                    neighbors in Lazy Bend to join. I’d like to vote on
                                                         this last item at our November (next week) meeting
Jarboe Park is officially opened. That pesky work        so plan on coming out. I’ll try, with Lowell’s help,
thing kept me from going but I hear it was pretty        to have our new stereo installed by then.
cool. Congrats to Vaness and her folks for a job
very well done. Looks like a springtime Party in         I’ll wrap this up by reminding everyone what
the Park waiting to happen. Speaking of which,           Tammi Perkins said about Halloween. When
anybody interested in a Party on the Patio to break      you’re done or if you opt not to participate please
in our new slurpee machine? Let me know. Randy           turn off your porch light. If your house is elevated
Haynes has a great idea. An Island style poker run.      consider setting something up downstairs. If not for
That’s right, clean up your golf carts and get ready     the kids for the old fat people like me. My knees
to ride. We’re working out the details now and if        thank you. See you around the Island!
you want to help call me or Randy. (Gotcha)
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                       page 2                                 November 2006

 Civic Club Officers                                            Important Telephone Numbers
President : Allan Batchelor -281-538-8180                       CLS Police :               281-334-1034
                             Dispatcher:                281-538-0659
Vice President: John Wright - 281-538-6213                      City Hall:                 281-334-2799
                            Municipal Court:           281-334-0697
Secretary : Susan Adams - 281-538-7505                          Mosquito Control:          281-534-2726
                                CLS Public Works           281-334-1083
Treasurer : Arline Laughter - 281-334-7487                      WCID #12:                  281-334-3331
                                      Reliant Electric:          713-201-7777
                                                                Reliant/Entex:             281-534-4569
 Islander Staff                                                 Centerpoint Energy
                                                                     for gas leak          1-800-752-8036
 Editor: Susan Perez - 281-538-0079                             Verizon:                   281-212-5000
                                Ameri Waste, Inc           281-331-8400
 Advertising: Candy Jard - 281-334-4366                         US Representative: Ron Paul - District 14
                                                       Washington D.C -
 Ad Placement: Helle Brown - 281-334-5104                                              202-225-2831
                                    Texas Senator: Mike Jackson - District 11
 Stewart News: Diana Hoerner                                                  Austin: 512-463-0111
 Gardening News: Julie Moncur                                                 Pasadena: 713-948-0111
                                                                Tx. State Representative: Larry Taylor:
 The Islander is a non-profit, non partisan newslet-                          District 24
 ter, written and published by the CLS Civic Club                             Austin:       512-463-0729
 to promote cohesiveness and unity in our commu-                              League City: 281-338-0924
 nity.                                                          Galveston County Emergency Management
  The purpose of the newsletter is to inform CLS                                  281-534-2531
 citizens of island news and events, to provide a               Sheriffs Dept. : 281-534-2531
 forum for positive dialogue, and to encourage                  Depart. Public Safety:      713-957-6192
 submission of unbiased letters and articles, under             Dept. of Transportation: 409-948-4000
 the guidelines of the Civic Club bylaws and poli-              Local Roads Conditions/Closures:
 cies. Signed articles, announcements, ideas for                                           713-802-5074
 publication must be submitted to the editor by the             American Red Cross:         409-945-7200
 19th of each month by e-mail, telephone or in the              Salvation Army:             409-763-1691
 Islander box at the City Hall Annex. The Civic                 National Weather Service:          281-337-5074
 Club reserves the right to edit for style, policy              Marine Information Recording: 281-337-7895
 and space.                                                     Girl Scouts -                      832.253.1101
                                                                Phone Numbers for Seniors
 Business Ads: Deadline: 15th of each month                     AARP:                            1-800-424-2277
 All Ads must be paid in advance                                American Society for Aging: 1-800-537-9728
                                                                Bay Area United Way:             1-979-282-6000
               Monthly         6 months      Yearly             Social Security:                 1-800-772-1213
                                                                American Red Cross/ Medical
 Business Card - $15              $80          $100             Transportation:                    281-282-6039
 1/4 page          $25             $135        $200             Web site:
 1/2 page          $35             $195        $300
 Full page         $65             $350        $600
 Classified        $5                                           Pet Liaison : Lezlie Cates Smith:
      6 months or more to be included on the ad list                          Weekdays -          281-837-4154
                                                                              Nights & weekends - 281-334-1467
  Club Memberships: $10.00 per family July 4,
  2006 thru July 3, 2007.                                                Clear Lake Shores Web Site
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter            page 3                             November 2006

            Schedule of Events                       Civic Club Pot Luck Dinner &
                November                             Meeting
02 - Civic Club Pot Luck & Meeting 7PM
                                                     Date: Thursday, Nov. 2nd
03 - Elections Be sure to vote!
                                                     Time: 7pm
07 - City Council Meeting 7pm
                                                     Entrees: S - Z
11 - CLS Thanksgiving Dinner - 11 - 3
                                                     Veggies or Salad: L - R
14 - EDC Meeting                                     Desserts A - K

16 - Stewart School Thanksgiving Feast               To be voted on : Allowing
                                                     Lazy Bend residents to join
20– 24 - School Thanksgiving Holiday                 the Civic Club.
                                                     Children welcome.
21 - City Council Meeting

23 & 24 City Offices closed

                                          Annual Clear Lake Shores
                                            Thanksgiving Dinner

                                            Date: Saturday, November 11th
                                                 Time: 11 am - 3 pm
                                         Price: Adults $8.00 Children: $4.00
                                                   Desserts: $1.00

                                                 Thanksgiving Fare

                                            Turkey and Cornbread Dressing
                                                  Mashed Potatoes
                                                Seasoned Green Beans
                                               Candied Sweet Potatoes
                                             Delectable Cranberry Sauce
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                       page 4                                    November 2006

Letter from the Attorney                                        welfare and community good and general welfare
Allan;                                                          of the community embraced within the City of
                                                                Clear Lake Shores." (underline added) Also the
With respect to your email below, and the questions             existing bylaws address the issue, specifically Arti-
you posed therein, this is in response to same. First           cle III, Section 1, Membership, provides "the mem-
my apologies, I believe I answered your questions               bership of the club shall be composed of the inhabi-
posed in my email to you dated 10/4/06 (copy pasted             tants or property owners of the city of Clear Lake
below), but as lawyers have a propensity to do, I               Shores.” (underline added) Although the Articles of
probably went into too much detail, which may have              Incorporation are not as clear on the issue, the by-
caused confusion. So I will try and be briefer in re-           laws are. Both the bylaws and the Articles of In-
sponding to your following questions:                           corporation may be amended or revised and
                                                                adopted at a meeting of the members by a 2/3s vote
1. "Can non residents join the Civic Club?" As a                of the membership present, where notice has been
result of the language of both the Articles of Incorpo-         given according to the bylaws setting forth the pur-
ration and the By-laws (see my email below for fur-             pose of the meeting, etc. Assuming the appropriate
ther explanation) it is my opinion that non residents,          vote in favor is received, the amended Articles of
presently, can not join the Civic Club.                         Incorporation need to be filed with the Secretary of
                                                                State's office.
2. "Is it as simple as amending our By-Laws". Yes,
but the Articles of Incorporation should also be                In addition and in lieu of the above, I previously
amended. The process for amending each is outlined              discussed with you the aspect of Clear Lake Shores
in my email below.                                              Civic Club merely charging an annual fee to non-
                                                                residents of Clear Lake Shores in order to allow
If you have any further questions on this, please do            those nonresidents to utilize the amenities of Clear
not hesitate to contact me.                                     Lake Shores. This process would probably not re-
                                                                quire a formal vote of the members, and could be
Best regards,                                                   put in effect merely as a result of a vote by the
Bill A. Todd, Jr.                                               Board of Directors.
Mills Shirley L.L.P.
P.O. Box 1943                                                   Upon your receipt and review if you should have
Galveston, Tx. 77553-1943                                       any questions or comments or desire further discus-
(713) 571-4270 (direct line)                                    sion, please do not hesitate to contact me."
(409) 763-2879 (fax)

Prior email:

"Dear Allan:                                                    Our five-year-old grandson
                                                                couldn't wait to tell his
After having reviewed the documents you provided to             grandfather about
me, the following are my comments with respect to               the movie we had watched on television, "20,000
the issue of whether Clear Lake Shores Civic Club               Leagues Under the Sea."
can allow members to become a part of the Civic                 The scenes with the submarine and the giant octo-
Club that are not residents of the City of Clear Lake           pus had kept him wide-eyed. In the middle of the
Shores.                                                         telling, my husband interrupted Mark, "What
                                                                caused the submarine to sink?"
Addressing that issue is the Articles of Incorporation
of Clear Lake Shores Civic Club, specifically Article           With a look of incredulity Mark replied, "Grampa,
IV, which provides "the purposes for which this cor-            it was the 20,000 leaks!!"
poration is organized are: the promotion of social
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                     page 5                                   November 2006

Stewart News                                                  about it; Amy Lussier, who coordinated the inflat-
                                                              ables; Sandra Reinagel, in charge of vendors; and
Stewart Elementary Makes the                                  Severin Bohem, who took care of sponsorship. Now
Honor Roll!                                                   did I forget anybody??? Oh yes, our Civic Club’s
                                                              fearless leader, Allan Batchelor and his lovely better
  Stewart Elementary has been cho-                            half, Melinda, who revisited their days in Key West,
sen by the Texas Business and Education Coalition to          flipping burgers all night. Thank you so much to eve-
receive the honor of being named a Texas Honor                ryone!!!
Roll School. According to the Coalition, “Schools
make the honor roll by meeting demanding com-
prehensive performance standards for three con-               Upcoming events:
secutive years. They show us how good all schools             PTA Board Meeting………         Tues. Nov 7th
could be, and serve as effective practice for educa-          Taco Cabana Night………          Tues., Nov 7th
tors in other schools.” On December 4th a team of             Family Math Night………         Thur. Nov 9th
teachers from Stewart will travel to Austin to receive        First Grade Feast…………        Tue., Nov 14th
a plaque from the Coalition commemorating their               School Thanksgiving Feast    Thurs., Nov 16th
achievement. An award celebration will be scheduled           Thanksgiving Holidays… .     Mon., Nov. 20th –
later at the school. Stewart Elementary and Space                                          Fri., Nov. 24th
Center Intermediate were the only two schools in              Science Night……………           Thur. , Nov 30th
CCISD to receive this prestigious honor. Watch                Nutcracker Market………         Tues., Dec. 5th – for Stewart’s name when the                                         Thurs., Dec 7
2006 honorees are posted.
  Stewart’s Principal, Debbie Phillips, has also been         Diana Hoerner
notified that Stewart is a finalist being considered for
the National Blue Ribbon Schools Award. The
U.S. Department of Education awards this honor to
public and private K-12 schools that are either aca-                          Don’t Forget!!!
demically superior in their states, or that demonstrate
dramatic gains in student achievement. Stewart, be-
                                                                      The First Tuesday of every month is
ing one of the top 10 schools in Texas, was nomi-
nated by the state for this honor.
                                                                                 Stewart Night
  We are all so proud of Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Rodri-
guez, the Stewart faculty, and all the students at Stew-
                                                                                  Taco Cabana
art for working so hard to make Stewart Elementary
                                                                           (in front of Office Depot)
the best school in Texas!
                                                                                   From 4 – 8
Fall Carnival
  I am writing this with one week still to go until our
                                                              You must order and pay at the inside counter, and
Fall Carnival, but it takes several months of hard
                                                              make sure to write Stewart on your receipt and put it
work by parent volunteers to organize such an event.
                                                              in the fishbowl.
So, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize
                                                              You don’t have to have a student at Stewart to help
a few of them: Becky Dietz, who was in charge of
                                                              support the school.
ticket sales and counting all those quarters; Lisa Foley
                                                              See you there!
and Shanna McGinty, who spent hours coordinating
and organizing all the games and prizes; Chris Walker
and Gail Morris, who took care of the class baskets
auction; Nicole Brown, who visited every business in
the area for an awesome silent auction; Connie
Freiberg, who turned the Science Lab into a Haunted
House; Jay McAndrew – Bake Sale Queen; Becca
Scoville, who made sure we weren’t in the dark; Tami
Perkins, who entertained us and let everyone know
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                        page 6                                        November 2006

A Thanksgiving                                                   IF C2H60 (alcohol) = heat
                                                                 THEN 1lb ≠ 1hr ≠ 12lbs ≠12hr
Story                                                            BUT 1hr ≈ 3 oz ≈ 5h 20min /lb ≈12pounds ≈ 64hrs ± 1
By Allan Batchelor                                               Day
                                                                    Now, intentionally having a fire on your boat while you
                                                                 go to work is bad, very bad. Your neighbors will not like
  We moved aboard our shiny                                      you. This means you can only cook when you are home
new sailboat in the middle of                                    (24hr((day))-9h((work))=15h ((non working)) having an
the summer. Legend Point was                                     unattended fire on your boat while you sleep or shower is
as new as our lifestyle and our                                  another really, really bad idea. Your next of kin and your
primary concerns were keep-                                      ex neighbors will not say good things about you. Posthu-
ing the A/C running and the                                      mously. So, (15h((non-working))-10h-((sleeping, personal
margaritas flowing. Concerns                                     hygiene and misc.)) = 5hr so calculating non sleep, non
of food preparation were non-                                    working time to cook your turkey means you need to start
existent. The shiny new boat                                     cooking the bird on Veterans Day because it will take two
had a stove. It even had an                                      weeks to cook a bird that Houdini couldn’t get in our easy
oven! Heck, all the new boats                                    bake over from Oz. All you newbies out there feel free to
came with them so they must be OK.                               write this down. We needed a plan B.
  One morning, prior to a spectacular sunrise at old Red-          Okay, obviously we needed a smaller bird, but where in
fish came the realization that the trusty microwave lacked a     the name of Saint Elmo were we going to find a turkey
major component to provide us with much needed coffee.           that small. Unnatural thoughts filtered through my mind,
Electricity. If we wanted coffee we had to use our shiny         causing a shudder. Thoughts from a three mile island Day-
new stove. Our shiny new denatured alcohol stove to be           Glo bi product to a U.S. Navy, turkey like, loaf of pale,
precise. With a short stretch of the imagination denatured       compressed mystery meat. On to plan C.
may be defined as; de; from, away, opposite, un and; na-           Plan C found our still new stove slightly modified. With
ture (d) natural. Unnatural works well here. What else can       only a Saturday and a little flesh from my right hand do-
produce a flame that takes all morning to boil two cups of       nated to the effort, the middle rack was successfully re-
water? With the flash point of curtains being relatively         moved from our oven. While the biscuit issue had appar-
equal to the boiling point of water it’s pretty much a foot      ently been resolved our ability to find a turkey that was
race to the coffee. And the smell!                               about the size of a cordless phone was in doubt. I still
  A few month and as many new curtains later we gradu-           maintain that a turkey that small is a pigeon. A squab by
ated to full-fledged live aboards and were progressing           any other name…. We were on our way back to the boat
nicely towards cruiser-wannabes. Along with that maturity        with turkey number three, a cute little butterball we could
came the accepted use of our three burner, fully gimbaled        call our own, when disaster struck. While attempting to
hand warmer. By fall we mostly had breakfast down pat            navigate around the piling at the head of our finger pier, the
and the coffee adventure was but a distant memory. She           butterball managed to work his way between me and the
would start cooking the bacon and I would run up to              piling. Faster than you could say giblet gravy I was voted
League City to get coffee and a paper. The bacon went in         off the pier. That’s right, a dead, mostly frozen turkey
the microwave and the eggs were usually ready to flip            pushed me in the water. That’s my story and I’m sticking
when I got back. Biscuits were still a crapshoot as our mas-     to it. Which brings me to D. Being a live aboard in several
tery of the black arts had not yet extended to the oven sec-     local marinas means you are a citizen of the drop dead gor-
tion. It was so small that the biscuits would expand up-         geous little community of Clear Lake Shores. Yep, the Of-
wards to and through the upper rack. Forcing the biscuits        ficial Yachting Capitol of Texas. Up front it doesn’t really
back through the rack for purposes of ingestion would            mean a lot but there is a lot of subliminal good stuff to take
never ever be worth the effort. I pray I will never be that      advantage of. We all make the most of our relaxation with
hungry. Needless to say we ate a lot of toast. As all new        the big difference being, our land dwelling citizens sched-
home owners do, we looked forward to our first Thanks-           ule their event on a regular basis, did you know that for
giving in our new floating palace. It was that moment, No-       less than Luby’s charges for a Thanksgiving dinner with all
vember 4th, 1984 , that it dawned on us that we needed to        the fixings you are a short dingy slash bike ride away from
hone our cooking abilities in order to meet the upcoming         a veritable turkey day feast. That’s right, on November 11th
challenge of Thanksgiving. Calling on our collective ex-         for the paltry sum of 8 dollars you can get a real home
perience we set to the task of planning a feast for two.         cooked Thanksgiving Dinner and meet some new
  When the green beans were under control and the stuff-         neighbors. For more information talk to any civic club
ing was scheduled for stove top time we set upon “the            member. The best part is you don’t have to stink up your
bird”. We realized that this would take some planning and        boat.
with paper and pencil we arrived at the following.               Happy Thanksgiving and See you around the island.
WHEN 1hr/lb = 12 lb = 12hr
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                     page 7                            November 2006

                                    The Party Is Near!!
What Party you ask? Our Annual Adult Christmas Party, that’s what! Don’t forget to MARK your CALEN-
DARS for FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8 so you don’t miss out on the fun.

The Scholarship Fund is hosting our Annual Adult Christmas Party.

Date:                    Friday, December 8
Time:                    8:00pm – Midnight
Place:                   Clubhouse

Entry Fee Donation:              $15.00 Singles
                                 $25.00 Couples

NOTE: Your entry fee donation is to help us defray costs of our …………
                                  “LIVE BAND”.

Contact Susan Perez at for reservations.

       Wine will be available for a small donation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                          Setups will be available!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Appetizers will be served!!!

                                       NEW INFORMATION:

                                        DOOR PRIZES!!!!!!!!
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter              page 8                                   November 2006

          Wanted                                       Welcome New Civic Club
   Pictures for the CLS                                      Members!
        web page!
                                                                  Jean Anne and Mike ALLEN
   Anyone who has some to                                                Carmel BEVAN
    contribute please send them to Karen                             Janice and Jim BEVAN
 MCDaniel at City Hall. She will need them                                  Judy BOH
 in an electronic format. You can send them                         Angie and Butch CLOYD
                                                                       Mattie COPELAND
                      to:                                              Pam and Craig FINK                         Betty and Ted GUTHRIE
                                                                   Debi and Bruce HARKINS
                                                                      Sue and Gary HODGE
                                                                   Diane and Tom JOHNSON
Adult Christmas                                                  Mary Ann and Tod JOHNSON
                                                                     Liz and Rick LOYNES
  Party Band                                                     Krisann and Ted MUSKIEVICZ
                                                                           Mary NASH
                                                                         Eileen PONTON
If a person or                                                   Nancy and Ronnie RICHARDS
persons would                                                    Glenda and Richard SHERMAN
like to make a direct donation for the                                  Nancy DANIELS
                                                                          Vicky TOLAR
payment of the Band, the Scholarship
Committee would be very                                         We really appreciate your support!
                                                                   Birth Announcement
The Band cost is $300.00.                                       Paul and Allison are very proud
                                                                         and happy to
If the Scholarship Committee does not                             announce the birth of their
have this expense, we would be able to                                 precious new son:
offer “Any Amount” donations as an                                    Levi PrestonGarner
entry fee to the Adult Christmas                                Born: October 5, 2006 ! 8:34pm
Party.                                                               8 lbs 2oz - 21 inches

                                                       Grandparents, Kay and Bob Remak will thrilled to
If you or a group of people would like                           tell you all about him, just ask!
                                                       Big Brother Trevoer and Big Sister Darien love him
to donate a portion or all of the total                                     very much.
cost, please contact Kimmy Johnson
at 281-513-3101.                                                  Hugs and kisses
The Scholarship Committee Thanks
You, and hopes to see everyone at our

Adult Christmas Party.
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                    page 9                        November 2006

    Alert: Wine Cork                                                 Desserts Needed
Just kidding. I’m collecting                                 Event: CLS Thanksgiving Dinner
corks! My aim is to make items
to be sold at the “Silent Auc-
                                                             Date: Sat. Nov. 11th
tion” taking place during our                                Time: Between 8 & 10, if possible
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Saturday Nov. 11th.
  This request goes out to all islander wine connois-
                                                             Call: Susan Perez 281-538-0079
seurs, wine drinkers, winos:                                 Email:
                I want your cork!
You can drop your corks at my house anytime
you’re out cruzin in your buggy. There will be a
large storage tub at the gate.
All corks greatly appreciated

                    Kay Remak
                   922 Cedar Rd.
              281-334-2148 - questions

                                                             Hail To The Chief

                                                             Chief Shelly that is! Chief Paul
                                                             Shelly will have been with the
                                                             City of Clear Lake Shores for
                                                             15 years as of October 26th.
                                                               Captain Cranston will have
                                                             been here for 10 years as of
                                                             November 25th.

A Thanksgiving Greeting                                      Thank you soooo much for your
                                                             service in our wonderful
   from all of us at                                         community!

     The Islander
   Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter   page 10   November 2006

               What A Ride!

The CLS Ladies Luncheon was a
great success and if you missed it,
well all I can say is that’s too bad!
The meal was great and thanks to
Roselyn Pierce and our Trolley driver
Joe Jordon it was unforgettable!
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                    page 11                                 November 2006

 Clear Lake Shores                                        Jarboe Bayou covered the entrance bridge. There
                                                          were only three or four houses in the subdivision at
 History                                                  first; in fact, there were only a few houses on the
                                                          whole of Clear Lake. Dad built a pier on the shal-
 The following article is reprinted
                                                          low end of the channel as it neared the lake. We
 from the May 1992 ISLANDER.
                                                          toughened our feet each early summer by walking
                                                          barefoot to the pier or the “Skippers Place” which
                                                          sold a few groceries and beer and was across the
 Dear Sir:
                                                          street from the Club House. The Club House hosted
                                                          dances and barbecues.
 I thought someone might be interested in a little
 additional history of Clear Lake Shores.
                                                          We learned to swim in the channel in Kemah, and
                                                          graduated to swimming in “Deep Hole” which had
 I spent at least part of every summer of my life in
                                                          a community pier. My brother and I salvaged an
 Clear Lake Shores from 1928 until 1956. I am now
                                                          old rowboat after a hurricane and started exploring
 73 and have been living in San Antonio since 1956.
                                                          Clear Lake, armed with a machete. Later we had a
                                                          canvas sail made for the boat and learned to sail on
 My father, Loran J. Patton, was the contractor who
                                                          the lake, often pulling an overturned boat and wet
 put in the original roads. As I remember, the pro-
                                                          heavy sails through the mud to shore.
 ject was done for the Houston Post. Shell for the
 roads was hauled by barge from Galveston Bay. I
                                                          As we grew older, the house grew and the subdivi-
 remember one barge overturned as it rounded the
                                                          sion filled. We had a deeper well, an inside bath-
 bend in the natural channel between the bay and the
                                                          room, electricity, but never a telephone. Mr. Platzer
 lake. They tried to recover some of the shell but the
                                                          put in a boat works on the channel and we bought a
 cannel was so deep they could not; from that time
                                                          motorboat. We formed a sailing club and competed
 on the channel was referred to as “Deep Hole”.
                                                          in races at the end of the lake near the old Harris
                                                          County Park. My brother, Joe, and I often crewed
 My father bought a lot for our family’s summer
                                                          on larger sail boat races in Galveston Bay.
 place at the corner of Pine and Juniper. The house
 was still there when I visited in 1985. He built the
                                                          I lost my brother and my husband in World War II,
 original house with local help from a Mr. Lawrence
                                                          but I brought my son down each summer to stay
 who lived on a farm on the Kemah-League City
                                                          with my parents while I drove into Houston to
 road. Mosquitoes were so bad that we slept under
                                                          work each morning through the early fog. During
 netting at night until the screens were installed. The
                                                          war years a Mr. West had a house near “Deep
 original house was a small dressing room and a
                                                          Hole” and occasionally gave us a pound of real
 kitchen surrounded by a screened sleeping porch.
                                                          butter from his cows.
 The bathroom was out in the yard, and we show-
 ered with buckets suspended on a rope. We had a
                                                          So many memories! Swinging from the cliff over
 shallow well but obtained drinking water from
                                                          “Deep Hole” with a bar of Ivory soap to clean up.
 Kemah. We used kerosene lamps and cooking
                                                          The armadillo who decided to live in the outhouse.
 stove. I was eight years old, and my brother was six
                                                          Crabbing from the channel pier. Porpoise who
 that first summer.
                                                          came up under you as you went night swimming.
                                                          Being careful not to go near “Snake Island” in the
 For many years we moved from Houston to “the
                                                          far side of “Deep Hole”. Inner tubing to Kemah to
 Bay” as soon as school was out, as it was so much
                                                          get the mail.
 “cooler”. We loved it. There was no telephone, no
 radio, and no automobile until Dad arrived home
                                                          Take care of the old subdivision for me. It holds
 from work in the evening. The only warning we
                                                          many friendly ghosts.
 had of a hurricane approaching was some “old
 timer” saying, “It smells like a storm,” then Dad
 would show up and we would race to get out before
                                                          Betty Patton Vickers Burke
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                    page 12                             November 2006

Island Recipes
By Susan Perez
                                                          Hear Ye All College
This is a new recipe for me but it                        Contestants!
looks great! I am going to make
it for the CLS Thanksgiving Din-
                                                            As part of your require-
ner and we shall see. Of course,
anything that comes from the
                                                          ments for the CLS College
Barefoot Contessa has been real                           Scholarship, you must put in
good for me.                                              some civic hours.
                                                            The Christmas Decorating
Pecan Squares                                             Committee needs some
                                                          hands at putting up the outside decorations this
Crust:                                                    year.
1 1/4 pounds unsalted butter, room temperature              We will be decorating on the 1st Saturday after
3/4 cup granulated sugar                                  Thanksgiving and if you will give me a call or
3 extra-large eggs                                        email we will give you the times.
3/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
4 1/2 cups all-purpose flour                              Susan Perez
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
                                                          phone: 281-538-0070
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 pound unsalted butter
1 cup good honey                                          Dedication of Jarboe Park
3 cups light brown sugar, packed
1 teaspoon grated lemon zest                                 It was a picture perfect day! We all basked in
1 teaspoon grated orange zest                             the cool sunshine and gave tribute to the efforts
1/4 cup heavy cream
                                                          and success of Vaness Hamilton’s vision to add
2 pounds pecans, coarsely chopped
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
                                                          another park to our city. What a feat!
                                                             I am sure that I speak for all of us here in
For the crust, beat the butter and granulated sugar in    Clear Lake Shores when I say “Thank you,
the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle at-    Vaness” .
tachment, until light, approximately 3 minutes. Add          The park has finished phase one and will go to
the eggs and the vanilla and mix well. Sift together      the next phase which includes a gazebo and
the flour, baking powder, and salt. Mix the dry ingre-    swimming pool. I love it here!
dients into the batter with the mixer on low speed un-
til just combined. Press the dough evenly into an un-
greased 18 by 12 by 1-inch baking sheet, making an
edge around the outside. It will be very sticky; sprin-
kle the dough and your hands lightly with flour. Bake
for 15 minutes, until the crust is set but not browned.
Allow to cool.
For the topping, combine the butter, honey, brown
sugar, and zests in a large, heavy-bottomed saucepan.
Cook over low heat until the butter is melted, using a
wooden spoon to stir. Raise the heat and boil for 3
minutes. Remove from the heat. Stir in the heavy
cream and pecans. Pour over the crust, trying not to
get the filling between the crust and the pan. Bake for
25 to 30 minutes, until the filling is set. Remove from
the oven and allow to cool. Wrap in plastic wrap and
refrigerate until cold. Cut into bars and serve.
Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                    page 13                                   November 2006


Most of you have probably noticed the old woodframe building that has recently been moved to the corner of
6th and Bradford in Kemah and is currently being renovated. This building is the Old Kemah School. In a
joint effort of the Kemah Historical Society and the City, this building is being restored and will become a
Visitors Center as well as a Museum to house the collection of photos and artifacts the Kemah Historical Soci-
ety has accumulated. Some of these items go back to Indian times.

 The Society was founded in 2004 by Tandace Lorae McDill in memory of her late aunt & uncle, Lorae and
Jimmie Walker, who owned Jimmy Walker’s Restaurant.

This building is significant because it is one of the few original public structures in the community. The earli-
est photo of the building is dated 1921 but some records show it might have existed as early as 1912.

The old school house is a source of fond memories for many local residents who attended the school up until
1949. Syliva Streater, ex-council woman for Kemah, remembers the old school having two classrooms. 1st
and 2nd grade in one room and 3rd & 4th in the other. At some point in time the principal, LaVace Stewart,
built an addition for 5th & 6th graders. In 1949, the now functioning Steward Elementary was built and the
students moved from the two room house to the new facility. This school now services Kemah and Clear
Lake Shores elementary students.

Ed Linck, President of the Kemah Historical Society, and Nolan Kelly have been working on the project of
restoring the school since its inception. They perform work as money becomes available. Without the dedica-
tion of these men and several others on the Historical Society and City, this project would not have been pos-

Here is where you can help. The Kemah Historical Society is selling brick pavers which will be installed in
the outside walkways. These brick pavers will have your name engraved on them and will be inlaid into the
pathways. You can also purchase a larger 12x12 tile if you want to put many family names on one tile. For
instance, Cynthia Medsger who owns Okie’s Liquor Store bought a tile in memory of her Dad, Capn. Okie.
You can purchase a brick for yourself, donate a tile in memory of a loved one who might have attended the
old school, or someone living who attended that school or now attends Stewart Elementary. This would be
your chance to memorialize yourself or a loved one at the Visitors Center/Museum. If you are interested in
purchasing a brick paver for $60 or a tile for $120, please call Roselyn Pierce at 281-334-2973, member of the
Kemah Historical Society.
                   N ove m b e r 2 0 0 6

Sun   Mon               Tue               Wed              Thu              Fri               Sat

                                          1                2                3                 4
                                                           Civic Club       Be sure to
                                                           Pot Luck &       vote!

5     6                 7                 8                9                10                11
                        City Council                                                          Thanksgiving
                        Meeting                                                               Dinner
                        7pm                                                                   11 - 3

12    13                14                15               16               17                18

19    20 school’s out   21 school’s out   22school’s out   23school’s out   24 school’s out   25

                        City Council                       City Offices City Offices
                        Meeting                            closed       Closed

26    27                28                29               30
 Clear Lake Civic Club Newsletter                  page 15                                   November 2006

Clear Lake Shores City Council Minutes                        City (survey, bulkhead repairs, etc.). Councilman
                                                              Bass also requested that surveys and lease inspection
            October 3, 2006                                   reports be provided for each lease, along with the
1. CALL TO ORDER— Mayor McIntyre called the                   applicable minimum bid information, any time coun-
 meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. All Council members            cil is expected to deliberate on putting bids out for
 were present with the exception of Councilman                lease.
 Wright. Staff members present were Chief Shelley
 and Karen McDaniel.                                          TABLED UNTIL SURVEYS ARE COMPLETED

2. COMMITTEE REPORTS: Economic Develop-                  5. CONSENT AGENDA:
 ment Corporation, Waterfront Compliance Com-            c. Check register from September 14, 2006 to Sep-
 mittee, Planning and Zoning Committee, Road             tember 27, 2006
 and Drainage Committee, Master Park Plan
 Committee, FM 2094 Annexation Committee,                Items          f (September 5 minutes) and h
 Jarboe Bayou Park Steering Committee, Pool              (September 19) were removed from the consent
 Committee                                               agenda for further discussion.

                                                         Councilman Bass moved to approve the consent
                                                         agenda, with Councilman Johnson as a second.
a. Craig Ward spoke to Council regarding confusion
                                                         MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY
  over the recent waterfront non-compliance notices.
  He asked that the procedures for approving and pro-
                                                         d.    Financial Activity Summary
  testing any such non compliance issues be more
                                                         e.    Minutes for August 15, 2006 regular meeting
  clearly spelled out by Council given the Waterfront
                                                         f.    Minutes for August 22, 2006 special meeting
  Compliance Committee’s role is purely advisory. He
                                                         g.    Minutes for August 23, 2006 emergency meeting
  also asked Council to hold a joint workshop with the
                                                         h.    Minutes for September 5, 2006 regular meeting
  Waterfront Compliance Committee for discussion of
  this matter.
                                                         Councilman Bass moved to approve the minutes as
                                                         amended per his previously submitted written amend-
4. NEW BUSINESS:                                         ments, with Councilman Johnson as a second.
a. Discussion and possible action regarding Resolu-
   tion 2006-11, a joint resolution with Galveston
                                                         MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY
   County, establishing a Galveston County Emer-
   gency Management Organization (Mayor McIn-
                                                         i. Minutes for September 12, 2006 workshop meet-
                                                         j. Minutes for September 19, 2006 regular meeting
Councilman Carrothers moved to approve Resolution
 2006-11, with Councilwoman Hamilton as a second.
                                                         Councilman Bass moved to approve the minutes as
                                                         amended per his previously submitted written amend-
                                                         ments with Councilman Carrothers as a second.
b.Discussion and possible action regarding setting a
                                                         MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY, except for
  date for acceptance of sealed bids for three water-
                                                         Councilwoman Hamilton who abstained since she was
  front lots: C-76, C-78, and E-116B (Mayor McIn-
                                                         not at the meeting
                                                         k. Minutes for September 25, 2006 special meeting
Brief discussion was held regarding reserve prices for
 the sealed bids. Per Councilman Bass’ suggestion,
                                                         6. ADJOURNMENT—Mayor McIntyre adjourned
                                                                the meeting at 7:39 p.m.
 the minimum bid was decided to be the Fair Market
 Value based on the March 26, 2004 appraisal bulk-
 head lease rate indexed yearly by the CPI plus im-
 provements in the water and any cost incurred by

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