; Shoes with the seven golden rules
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Shoes with the seven golden rules


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									Shoes with the seven golden rules
 As the name implies, payless shoes , sports wear ordinary shoes is, the name has
been given the vitality of the elements of movement, full of youth, the atmosphere,
but you know what kind of china boots It is qualified, but also what is the successful
design of sports shoes? Want to get a variety of sports shoes, color effects, such as a
strong eye-catching, subtle and elegant, light and lively, classical solemn, naive
romantic, youthful vitality, you must first understand the following operation hot
boots color composition rule: echo law, uniform law, comparative law, law of rhythm,
innovation rules, emphasizing the principles and rules so popular.

 1, echo the law Color echo shoes direct rule in the application and show some color
and not simply exist, but exist somewhere in the same shoes, same or similar color
 2, uniform rules wholesale shoes uniform color is the color of law constitutes the
unity in the present, has two forms: one is to use a single TradeTng.com feature,
designed to make sports shoes color Account has a certain charm, and found in
fashion; the other is a similar color hue similar color, color harmonization unity.
Uniform color matching rules so that the products have a total force The amount, if
not common color, size larger, more intense visual effects.
 3, compared to rule The nature of the use of a color difference, such as hue, lightness,
purity, size, heating and cooling, so that the effect of wholesalers eye-catching color
composition, strongly, the introduction of note that this Used in the design of athletic
footwear is the most innovative and contemporary features.
 4, rhythm rule Rhythm of color to the design and use, especially suitable for young
people to wear sports shoes, sports shoes design. Design performance of the color
sense of rhythm repeated a regular color Now, usually in the hue, purity, brightness,
pattern, etc. to show, using well, sports shoes was more lively color, freedom and

 5, innovative law Color Composition shoes an important feature of the plastic arts,
color design successful and innovative in the design language of the most attractive.
Novelty, difference is the instinct to be cooked refining Mastery and application of
color of law, in the design process is to master the method, but also the pursuit of
innovation. Innovation performance shoes the color to break through the traditional
rules of creating a feeling of New kinds of color visual effects to attract the attention
of consumers and consumer products.
 6, emphasizing the rule Through an emphasis on the use of color, showing a focus of
the Department of shoes or parts, showing design features and brand, color contrast is
simply the pursuit of a distinctive color of Health Effect. Conscious rules to
emphasize the performance of a point, but can not do without the color contrast of
applications, including color hue, purity and brightness.
 7, the popular law Shoes, sports goods produced color has a certain degree of
popularity, in line with the popular color, easy acceptance of sports, shoes, popular
color rule into account the user's conditions, geographical , Age, sports, fashion shoes,
to varying degrees, restrict the acceptance of color. Thousands of sports shoes in the
paragraph of the finished product, are inseparable from these seven laws of the
popular form of sports shoes.
 Shoes with the seven golden rules

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