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					Save Energy With LED Night Lights LED Night Lights,Night Lights,Motion Night
Lights,Motion activated light It is predicted that, in the future, solar power will be the
main source of energy in the world. That is because all the other sources of energy
will be depleted within few centuries. Though it may sound far away in the future, it
is good to start conserving now. A tiny step in that conservation would be to use LED
lights. Once a while in the night, you might have to get up to go to pee or need a drink
of water. In such cases, bright lights can disturb your sleep hormones and wake you
up from your slumber. This will cause problem when you try to get back to sleep. To
continue the sleep mode, you need LED Night Lights which will light up things just
enough for you to get around. LED night light LED are light emitting diodes. They do
not work on electricity, but more on battery. They use electricity to charge themselves
IF the batteries are rechargeable. These can be mounted just about anywhere, on walls,
stairs, hallways, gardens, etc. They are dimly lit and hence do not create harsh
lightings during night. These lights use AA or even AA batteries, numbers of which
may range from 2 to 6, depending on usage. These can be either screwed or stuck with
magnet or stuck with adhesive tape on to surface of choice. These lights are eco
friendly and come in 3 lightings: dim, normal and bright. You can choose any one as a
permanent setting or change as required. Motion sensor lights Motion sensor lights
come across as sensible solutions to saving power. The lights have photoelectric
detectors on them which sense motion such as somebody walking past the light. Once
that is detected, the light turns on immediately. Reasons to use motion sensor lights
are for security reasons. You can fix them in your front and backyards to light up in
case some unwelcome guest tries to sneak into the house. Also you don't have to
fumble with the switches in the dark and wake up the entire household with the racket.
There is, however, few problems with such lights. These lights will turn off
automatically after 30 seconds if no further motion is detected. What if, you are still
there in the room in some corner rummaging for something important on your desk
and the 30 second time is up?! You will have to again go back and shove a leg in front
of the sensor. Another problem that frequently summons people's wrath is the false
detection. Some motionNight Lights have an additional infrared detector to sense the
human temperature to avoid false sensing. Who wants the house to be lit when no one
is around? The purpose is defeated here. Buy LED lights and save energy. Use
motions detectors for your convenience but be aware of the flipside as well.

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