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					Production technology and raw materials: cell phone battery production technology is
not complicated, but why pass rate is low mobile phone battery market it? Here there
are two main reasons: First, the pursuit of profit unscrupulous vendors, reduce costs,
capture market with low prices, the use of improper means, the choice of defective
assembly of mobile phone batteries or waste materials; the other is in the battery
production process for a number of key factors not strictly controlled or caused by
incorrect parameter selection of components, so consumers should be careful in the
selection of authentication when the merits of its true and false. Therefore, when used
in peacetime, we do not have to follow the "exhausted, full of" the basic principles. If
the detection circuit of the battery testing allowed the circumstances, but also to
comply with "exhausted, full of" the basic principle, then the battery life is not long.
  People, including mobile phone dealers and individual mobile phone manufacturers
have been stressed: "buy a new phone, the first three charging must be filled with a
dozen hours." I do not agree with this view. The following reasons:
  May wish to look at what is called "cell activation"? Lithium batteries really need an
activation process, but this procedure is carried out at the manufacturer, there is no
reason and no need for users to activate the battery. Let's take a look from the
manufacturing point of view how to activate in the production of lithium batteries, the
following is a typical battery production process management:
  1: Filling electrolyte battery shell
  2: Sealing
  3: Chemical (active process: Constant voltage charging the battery, then discharge,
so for several cycles, the full infiltration of the electrode electrolyte, fully activated in
order to achieve the required capacity to date)
  4: sub-capacity (the capacity to select a different test battery performance (capacity)
batteries are classified by the level of the battery, the capacity of matching, etc.)
  5: post tags factory
  Through the above process, we can see the lithium battery of the activation process
is completed in step 3 in the production of individual cells and even activate the
production process and then sealed, so the user activates the battery is "mission
impossible" . As someone said to give low-level hard disk format is the same reason,
the hard disk is pre-packaged, low-grid equipment with a special magnetic particles
on the disc to the process of sorting, how in addition to manufacturers who can
accomplish this work? That far away Oh, to say the battery. Laptop BatteryACER
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