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					Considering to send a fancy gift to your family member, or a friend ? Woolen blanket
will be your best choice. A wide variety of woolen blankets are currently available in
the market. You may freely pick one as special gift to your family or a friend. For sure,
you choice will be appreciated.
 Coarse blankets are textiles, generally divided into pure wool blankets and blended
blankets. Pure wool blankets. Most wool blankets made of wool, its quality merits,
can be judged from the following three aspects. Feel there should not only keep its
softness and flexibility, which can be touched as long as identification. Flock of
bulkiness, asked not hard blankets, hair is soft but not chaotic, covering the surface of
the blankets neatly, hair waves clear. The bottom end of domesticated hen must be
thin and dense hair, not to expose the bottom cloth, if the end of velvet pile bad, there
will flock visible. This blanket affects the appearance quality, will reduce the thermal
performance, should pay particular attention. Also, look at the blanket is not a natural
soft sheen. Color is beautiful, with or without the old sense. See the best side of
blankets, as long as the color coordination, flat, straight, clean, no broken edges or
curved edges on it. Blend blankets. Blended blankets are made of pure wool and
chemical fiber blended, both pure blankets and acrylic blankets features, its cold,
warm, soft, comfort is generally better than the acrylic carpet, blankets cheaper prices
than pure varieties are blended jacquard blankets, blended suede blanket, blending
elements blanket. The quality product features: Appearance: a small defect, physical
quality close to pure blankets, blanket surface rich, flexible, soft and very real. Touch:
grasping without using hair loss, do not harden after pressure, be flexible. The
proportion of raw materials: wool was in line with national quality standards, with the
combustion method to identify when a smell of burning hair, ashes and more like the
charcoal, coke Web results for very little. Friction, can not afford to play little or static
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