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					Social media marketing is an upcoming trend and can be best depicted as a group of
online media such as social networks, blogs, forums, content communities and more.
Examples of these online media are communities such as; Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube and Flickr. This type of marketing is a process of promoting your business
or website through social media channels, and will ultimately yield an increase in
amounts of traffic and consumer awareness. It is a potent method that will make your
business or site more profitable over time. An additional advantage of this type of
marketing is the low costs attached to it. Social media marketing is considered to be
one of the most cost effective marketing efforts to be used in order to connect with the
customer instantly.
 Today, social media marketing is used by many companies in order to achieve
desired results. This type of a marketing campaign often does not result in positive
generation of the product or service awareness. A clear objective and strategy is
needed to get the aspired results. Therefore, these must be established before deciding
to implement social media marketing within your business.
 Implementing social media marketing can lead to multiple benefits for your
 - Using a social channel supports in building a brand online, a vehement social
message can yield a big impact on building brand name and reputation for your
 - If you implement your social media marketing strategies in the right way, a quick
and positive responsive is often seen. An instant increase in traffic on your business
website will be generated.
 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is highly stimulated due to the fact that this
type of marketing brings a large amount of backlinks that positively affect your search
engine ranking.
 - Social media marketing is highly compatible with your current marketing strategies.
You can run multiple marketing campaigns along with your social media marketing
promotion. Therefore, social media marketing is able to operate perpendicular to your
corporate strategy.
 - Goodwill penetration for your business is powerful with the use of social media
and therewith a lot of possibilities to improve your brand name, customer relations
and employee relations are present. A positive customer referral is most powerful in
 Online social presence will ultimately create more brand awareness, and an effective
campaign can lead to a significant increase in sales. Social media marketing is the
quickest, cheapest and most reliable way of generating more customers for your
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