Bed Bug Exterminator - 3 Questions You Should Ask a Professional

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					If your skin is itchy and there 鈥檚 no real reason why it should be, you may have to
consider bed bugs. Though small, these creatures can become a big problem for you
and your family.
  The old saying, 鈥渟 leep tight and don 鈥檛 let the bed bugs bite 鈥?is usually
taken with a grain of salt. The sad part is that these days, having an infestation of
these insects is becoming a growing problem for many homes. These insects won 鈥
檛 kill you, but you can develop an infection due to scratching a bite. So while you 鈥
檙 e busy trying to figure out how you could even have such a problem in your home,
don 鈥檛 hesitate to ask a bed bug exterminator additional questions about these
  What are these insects? These annoying little critters are insects that live off your
blood. Sounds disgusting, but that 鈥檚 what they are. The funny thing is that it
seems like everyone has heard of these insects, yet few people actually can say they
鈥檝 e had the 鈥減 leasure 鈥?of experiencing them. That 鈥檚 because for a long
time, these insects were practically non-existent in the U.S. Different chemicals such
as DDT kept them at bay. Now, they seem to have made a come back and as a result,
it 鈥檚 imperative to hire a bed bug exterminator.
  How do you know you have them? The crazy thing is that it can be a little difficult to
figure out if you have these little monsters or not. Fortunately, even though you may
not see them in the actual act of biting you, these are messy creatures and they can
leave a lot behind. They shed skin, can lay eggs or simply die and if so, there will be
proof of this on your mattress or even between your sheets.
  Also, if you notice little bites on your skin that are red and itchy, this can be a sign of
these insects. The hard part is that you probably won 鈥檛 think it 鈥檚 bed bugs at
first simply because it seems more logical to think you 鈥檝 e been bitten by an ant or
mosquito. Yet, if you start seeing shells of dead insects or dark little spots on your
mattress, you may need to call a bed bug exterminator for help.
  How do you get them? There are various ways people get an infestation of these
critters in their homes. One common way is a result of staying in a hotel. Hotels can
have these insects and they can get in your luggage without you knowing. It only
takes a few to lay eggs and once you get home with your infected luggage, the critters
can take up residence in your bedroom and boom 鈥?you have an infestation.
  Also, people that buy used items, such as clothing, can also get these insects. People
think these insects only live in sleeping quarters. However, it 鈥檚 very possible for
them to hatch in a variety of places. Furthermore, visiting people 鈥檚 homes that are
infested with these creatures can leave you susceptible to getting them in your own
home at some point or another. For instance, if you have a job that requires you to go
from house to house, it could be a matter of time before you get a little critter problem
of your own. The best thing to do is to call a bed bug exterminator at the first sign of
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