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					Eye wear is not like what it used to be in the old days. In time, it got better. How did
eyewear get better? By utilizing the edgy and unique style of Black Flys.
  Black Flys is a global brand that's changed the fashion landscape in the last 19 years.
Although they started out with the Sunglasses market, their company has moved on to
different fashion fields that makes their company image unique as young, trendy and
cutting edge.
  First, here's some background info from their webpage of who and what they are as a
company. Having roots in the sunglasses market, Black Flys started out back in OC,
SoCal (Orange County, Southern California) in 1991. Their company built a
reputation with various core rebellion industries with styles for Freestyle MX, Board
Sports, Live music and MMA scenes using more brand labels like SilverStar and SRH.
Upholding their company motto, "We don't follow market research, forecasts, or
trends...we create them!" they have the best backing with people in the sports, music
and media industries.
  Black Flys specializes in unique and creative eyewear that is the height of eyewear
couture to become an identifying icon for whole generations since 1991. Even though
there have been rough roads since then, people still appreciate the high quality value a
good pair of highly designed product made by a well known and well loved company.
Practical utility and unique styling with edgy undertones has made their company a
success shooting them to an elevated position as an industry powerhouse.
  From Freestyle Moto and Snow goggles to Deep Dive masks that sell like cold water
on a hot summer day, there is a huge need for unique eyewear that appeals to the
action sport athlete or fan to have one themselves. It's not just about finishing first in a
race, it can also mean looking good enough to finish with style.
  So whether you're looking for some eyewear to cover your eyes or some goggles to
help you finish your game with style, its just a matter of having the right tool for the
right job. Since you have a job that could be multi-faceted, then you also need a brand
that can help you with that.
  Black Flys is a global brand that's changed the fashion landscape in the last 19 years.