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									                         CALL FOR PROPOSALS
 Geomatics Technology Prototyping and Pilot Projects (p2P) Funding Support
            – Alberta Geomatics Industry (SME) Partnerships –
TECTERRA is pleased to announce its Call for Proposals (CFP) for funding prototyping and pilot projects of
innovative geomatics technology. Funded by the Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada,
TECTERRA’s objective is to enable the commercialization of geomatics solutions for integrated resource
management and other geospatial information management applications.

This CFP is an opportunity for Alberta Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to put forward their ideas
and plans to create economic value for Alberta through the development and commercialization of
geomatics technology. TECTERRA will invest in such initiatives that are consistent with its mission, being:

                TECTERRA contributes to the growth of economic activity in Alberta and
                Canada by investing in and supporting the development and use of
                geomatics and related Information & Communication Technologies (ICT),
                products and services that contribute to the growth of the economy, the
                infrastructure and integrated resource management industries.

TECTERRA’s investment programs are focused on the commercialization of geomatics technology for
integrated resource management including the full range of systems, technologies and processes to
effectively observe, monitor, forecast and manage Alberta’s land and natural resources, help improve the
management of resources and balance resultant conflicts. TECTERRA’s focus areas include products and
services related to a wide variety of technologies including wireless location, satellite positioning, wireless
sensors networks, earth observation and image analysis, geographical information systems, and temporal-
spatial data management and related decision support and planning systems.

TECTERRA’s Investment Programs
TECTERRA has designed a suite of investment programs to achieve its goals and objectives through the
funding and support of commercialization projects based on direct partnerships with industry, university
research groups, and the Alberta resource sector.

TECTERRA’s investment programs are available largely through CFPs soliciting commercialization
partnerships; with each CFP focusing on one type of partnership at a time.

This CFP is seeking industry partnerships focusing on prototyping and pilot projects.
Prototyping & Pilot Projects (p2P) Funding Program

The objective of the p2P funding program is to help Alberta geomatics companies in their efforts to
commercialize innovative technologies by providing financial capacity to mitigate the risk of projects with
significant hurdles. The p2P funding program is not intended for full product development initiatives,
routine engineering, upgrading, or improvements to existing processes, designs or products. It is targeted
at the initial stages of commercialization of a new technology.

Funded projects may include the commercialization of a new technology in an existing market, or the
commercialization of an existing technology into a new market. These projects may include technical
demonstrations to provide opportunities for newly developed technologies to be used in a field trial.

The commercialization projects sought under this program and CFP are open to Alberta SME companies,
including start-up companies with proven technology ready for prototyping, testing and pilot stages prior
to full scale implementation and commercialization.

A general guideline for a qualifying SME is a for-profit company, incorporated and/or operating in Alberta,
with a minimum of one and no more than 500 full-time employees and annual sales revenue ordinarily
not exceeding $50 million. Variations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A qualifying start-up company is a new privately-held, for-profit company in product development mode
for less than 4 years, with a minimum of one and no more than 12 full-time employees and annual sales
revenue not exceeding $1 million.

Funded projects will range between three months and one year in duration involving the
commercialization of a geomatics technology, product or service catering to a specific market need or
solving a targeted commercial problem.

To be considered for funding, commercialization proposals must:
   - be submitted and led by a Alberta SME (Project Leader) as defined above;
   - involve the development and commercialization of a geomatics technology in one of TECTERRA’s
       technology focus areas;
   - include a well-defined beta and pilot program and a comprehensive commercialization plan; and
   - if receiving $200K or more of TECTERRA funding, provide for regular full-time employment of at
       least one net new Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) to work in Alberta on the targeted project (as
       well as other projects) for a minimum of 12 months – candidate HQPs are required to be present
       and eligible to work in Canada at the time of application. Priority will be given to projects
       generating new employment opportunities.

Priority will also be given to projects that are based on proven technology which will allow for quickly
moving a high-potential concept into prototyping, testing and pilot stages then into implementation and
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Projects and/or companies currently funded by TECTERRA under other commercialization funding
programs are not eligible to receive funding under this program at this time.

Project Selection Criteria
Project selection will be based on various criteria including:
   • Generating new geomatics commercialization opportunities and creating growth of the geomatics
       sector in Alberta.
   • The potential to establish the funded company and Alberta as a leader in the geomatics field of
       practice and business.
   • The potential to create/establish new commercial geomatics market verticals while strengthening
       the commercial credentials of the funded company. Global market potential is highly desirable.
   • The potential for the newly developed product or service to benefit the supported company
       through active use and utilization by industry and/or governments in Canada.
   • The demonstration of active customer engagement including; customer commitments to testing,
       validation and/or commercialization are highly encouraged.
   • The benefit to broader industry, market sector(s) and Canadian society.
   • Acceptable project risk profile – project success potential vs. business/operational/financial risks.

TECTERRA Funding Guidelines
The estimated funding program budget, number of awards and average award size/duration are subject
to the availability of funds as determined by TECTERRA’s Board of Directors. TECTERRA expects to invest
in 8 – 10 industry projects under this CFP.

TECTERRA’s contribution under this CFP will vary by project and will generally range from $100K to $400K
per project. TECTERRA will consider larger scope projects on a case-by-case basis. TECTERRA’s
contribution may be used towards all project-related expenses, including labour, prototyping, tooling
and other project-specific expenses.

TECTERRA’s contribution payments will be made quarterly, subject to satisfactory quarterly project status
and financial reporting from the Project Leader to TECTERRA for review and approval. Details and format
of quarterly project status and financial reports are defined as part of the definitive funding agreement
between TECTERRA and the Project Leader. Oral presentation to TECTERRA’s management may be
required. TECTERRA will also require annual/final project reports in a pre-defined format.

TECTERRA’s contribution is not a grant – while not seeking corporate equity or IP ownership/license
rights, TECTERRA is requiring payback upon commercial success of the funded product/service, for
sustainability purposes. Upon successful commercialization of the funded product/service, the funded
company will pay back TECTERRA 100% of TECTERRA’s contribution (with no interest) in quarterly
instalments. Each quarterly instalment will be 25% of the gross revenue from the sale/license of the
product/service over the same period, to a maximum of 20% of TECTERRA’s contribution. Note that this
means that the payback is predicated upon commercial success and will not actually start until revenue

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Funded companies will have priority access to TECTERRA’s geomatics lab equipment for the purposes of
the funded projects, at no charge.

Budgetary Requirements
For a project to qualify for TECTERRA funding, the following minimum budgetary requirements apply:
    • A minimum cash contribution from the Project Leader representing 25% of the overall project cost
        in place and available for use within three months from the start date of the project.
    • Direct qualified labour expense incurred by the Project Leader on the project may be accounted
        for in the above cash contribution requirement.
    • Cash contributions from other funding agencies and sources is allowed, but restricted to the
        stacking constraints of such funds as well as other restrictions applicable to TECTERRA’s funds, as
        the case may be.
    • In-kind contributions from industry and/or other funding agencies are encouraged but may not be
        used to substitute for the above cash contribution requirements.

Proposal Preparation and Submission
Applicants are required to submit a Full Proposal only in the form provided by TECTERRA.

Successful FP applicants will be contacted to complete the definitive funding agreement which will include
all funding terms and conditions.

TECTERRA reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select all, some or none of the FP
submissions for funding. TECTERRA also has the sole and absolute discretion to determine all funding
amounts, which may be different from the amount requested by the applicant.

Application Deadline:
Application deadline is Thursday February 17, 2011 (by 11:59pm Mountain Time), with a response
expected to be delivered to applicants by March 31st, 2011, or sooner.

FPs are required to be submitted electronically (Microsoft Word (DOC) or Adobe Acrobat (PDF)) in the
form provided, signed by an authorized signatory of the submitting organization to be considered.

All submissions are to be emailed to with reference to this “1101-p2P” in the subject

Award Notification
Award notification will be made to the Project Leader by TECTERRA’s CEO. Funding will be initiated only
after the completion and execution of the definitive funding agreement between TECTERRA and the
Project Leader. Unsuccessful applications of high merit may be recommended for re-application at a later
date under future TECTERRA CFPs or other funding programs.

Full Proposals may contain confidential information to the extent deemed necessary by the applicant.
TECTERRA will handle Full Proposals as confidential. TECTERRA’s Board of Directors are under standard
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confidentiality and non-disclosure terms. Successful applicants will be required to engage in confidential
project reviews, presentations and definitive funding agreement discussions exclusively with TECTERRA’s

All expenses incurred by the applicant through the application process, regardless of the outcome, will be
the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Other Information
If you have questions, please consult with the FAQ section on TECTERRA’s website at
For additional information, please contact:

Richard Gorecki
Director of Commercialization
Direct: 403-532-4279

Information about future TECTERRA CFPs will be available on our website

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