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					The bathroom is one of the most used---and abused---rooms in any home, and yet, it’s
one of the last to receive the care and renovations it may desperately need. Learn how
bathroom remodeling may make you want to stay in more often, and cut down on
your spa bill in the process.
  Although the average homeowner spends more time in the bathroom throughout his
lifetime than he does in any other room in the home, it is often one room that goes
woefully neglected when it comes to home renovations and improvements. Many
people make sure to have a clean, attractive, and modern guest bathroom for visitors,
and yet subject the master bath to all sorts of abuse, waiting years to fix problems like
missing tiles, unflattering lighting, and lack of space. For many, bathroom remodeling
is viewed as a luxury, too much money to be spent on a space that perhaps only one or
two people will ever see.
  An attractive, up-to-date bathroom is not only a wonderful investment that will
increase your home’s overall aesthetic while raising the value of the property, it is an
easy way to create a private retreat. With a bit of extra effort and creativity, it’s
possible to turn a drab and boring bathroom into an escape from the world, a trip to
the spa without ever setting foot outside the house. Although it’s easy to consider it a
luxury, every homeowner deserves a place in the home that’s safe from intrusion,
stress, and the demands of everyday life. Too frequently, the master bathroom isn’t
designed with the convenience of the user in mind, and ends up sporting a bathtub that
is too small, lighting that is neither useful nor attractive, a lack of space to store
towels and bath supplies, or a vanity that makes putting on makeup every day a
challenge. These issues are especially problematic for urban dwellers, where space is
at a minimum, and each room in the home must be designed with the goal of
maximizing the usefulness of every square foot.
  Whether it’s a small improvement or a total redesign that will turn your current
master bath into the inviting oasis you’ve always dreamed of, bathroom remodeling is
a project that can fit into your budget and be done without disrupting your busy
lifestyle. In no time at all, an expert team of contractors can redesign your master bath,
give your guest accommodations a face lift, or even convert existing space into an
additional bathroom, allowing your home to grow along with your family. It’s easy to
find a much needed solution for all types of bathrooms, all sizes of homes, and all
styles of renovation, from the simple to the challenging. After a renovation, you’ll
never look at your home’s bathroom in the same way again.
  Oakland bathroom remodeling can turn a bath into a spa. Get the facts at