; Basmati Rice - The Exotic Rice Variety Famous for Its Flavour and Aroma
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Basmati Rice - The Exotic Rice Variety Famous for Its Flavour and Aroma


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									India is the second largest producer of rice after China, and takes credit to over 90
million tons of production in the world. There are over 4000 varieties of indian rice
being grown every year including the fabled Indian basmati rice, which is used to
make an array of delectable dishes including briyani.
  Long grain basmati rice grown in India is well acclaimed for its fragrance and
delicate flavour that imparts a distinct flavour to the dishes. It is primarily grown in
the Punjab region and is exported to many world markets.
  The cooked grains of Basmati rice stay apart and do not stick together unlike many
other rice varieties and this is what makes it ideal for many of the exceptional rice
dishes of the sub continent. A basmati grain is shaped like a sword and after cooking
the grains elongate to twice its original size. The rich aroma and appearance of
Basamati rice makes it a favourite among gourmets. Basmati is pricey as the output is
low compared to other varieties of rice and could not be afforded by ordinary people
in the lower income market.
  There are over 15 varieties of Basmati Rice in India and all of which are well sought
after to prepare many exotic dishes. It is rich in folate, iron, niacin and thiamin and
offers wholesome nutrition.
  Basmati Rice is non-glutinous rice and has been cultivated in India for centuries
along the foothills of Himalayas and the Yamuna and Ganga plain paddy fields. The
word, Basmati in Hindi literally translates into 鈥榪 ueen of scents 鈥? Touted as one
of the best rice varieties in the world it is a hot favourite in Arab countries.
  Basmati rice should be cooked in lots of water in slow fire to make sure that it is
cooked in the right consistency and is ideal for making fried rice and biriyani, while it
is not preferred to make puddings and porridge. Apart from the traditional rice
varieties like sella basmati rice, pusa basmati rice and kasturi basmati rice, there are
many hybrid varieties too.
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