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									                                                                                                                                         Winter 2007

                                                                    BRIGHT SPOTS
                                             Fresh Ideas Growing

                                                                Delphi Technologies, Inc. Newsletter

                                                     IEEE Spectrum ranks DTI’s patent                   structures and heat exchangers.
                                                     portfolio in top 10 globally                        Our latest high-tech spin-out company,
                                                     In the first annual patent survey by IEEE Spec-    Monarch Antenna, is developing an innovative
                                                     trum, conducted by 1790 Analytics in Mount         Self Structuring Antenna system and is part of
                                                     Laurel, NJ, the power of Delphi Technologies’      submittals to both the U.S. Navy and Depart-
                                                     patent portfolio was judged to be 8th world-       ment of Defense for grant funding.
Delphi Technologies, Inc. (DTI)                      wide. IEEE Spectrum is the world’s largest           For more information, contact the grant
is a wholly owned subsidiary of                      professional technology association.               funding executive.
                                                       The prestigious ranking puts DTI’s patent
Delphi Corporation. Our mission                      power in the same league as computer and
is to create, manage, protect, and                                                                      Improving aluminum corrosion resistance
                                                     semiconductor companies like IBM, Intel and        K- Alloy™ is proving its mettle
leverage Delphi’s Intellectual                       Microsoft, and ahead of companies like AT&T,       Delphi’s K- Alloy is an innovative new aluminum
Property. The DTI commercialization and              Boeing, Du Pont and Sony.
                                                                                                        die casting alloy that resists corrosion. It’s
licensing team works with Delphi operating units       The survey emphasizes the number of quality
                                                                                                        already proving its mettle to manufacturers
                                                     patents that frequently lead to further innova-
whose technologies have the highest potential to                                                        in aluminum components that last longer
                                                     tions either by the original patenting company
produce revenue through licensing and com-                                                              in everything from vehicles to recreational
                                                     or between companies citing our technology.
                                                                                                        products to outdoor lighting. The patented
mercialization. Through this newsletter, we hope       You can learn more about DTI’s portfolio rank-
                                                     ing and read the IEEE Spectrum Patent Power        material was originally developed for under-
to give you some insights into Delphi’s innovative
                                                     story here.                                        hood applications where salt corrosion, heat,
technologies and how we are partnering to put                                                           vibration, and shock can lead to part failure.
them to use in both automotive and                                                                      Today there are millions of K-Alloy parts in the
non-automotive markets around the world.                                                                field demonstrating their proven performance,
                                                                                                        as evidenced by fewer warranty claims.
                                                                                                          According to Delphi fellow for advanced ma-
New welding process & antenna system                                                                    terials and processes, Kurt O’Conner, “We have
Delphi spins out two new companies                                                                      seen K-Alloy subjected to 3,000 hours of ASTM
Delphi has recently spun out two of its promis-                                                         B117 salt spray testing with no metal loss or
ing technologies into independent companies                                                             surface damage. Other aluminum alloys would
to commercialize these cutting edge technolo-                                                           require anodizing or chromating, followed by
                                                     Partnering for success
gies in new markets.
                                                     Grant/Investment Funding                           powder coat or paint, and they still would not
SPACEFORM was set up to commercialize the
                                                     Delphi Technologies collaborates with United       measure up to K-Alloy’s corrosion resistance.“
revolutionary metal joining technology Defor-
                                                     States agencies, state agencies such as the          To learn more, contact MDW Technologies,
mation Resistance Welding. This unique new
                                                     Michigan Economic Development Corporation          LLC, Delphi’s technical and licensing
process forms near instantaneous, full-strength,
                                                     and organizations such as Automation Alley for     representative for K-Alloy.
leak-tight welds on tubular and tube-to-sheet
material. More information on DRW can be found       development of technologies from solid oxide       ADVANTAGES OF K-AllOy
in this newsletter, or you can visit SpaceForm.      fuel cells to lean manufacturing. The funding      • Exceptional corrosion resistance
MONARCH ANTENNA was set up by Delphi                 received from these sources is used to develop     • Higher yield strength and better elongation
Technologies, Inc. in cooperation with Michi-        Delphi’s most promising technologies and to          than A380
gan State University and Automation Alley            spin-out startup companies. Our success of         • Can be produced on existing equipment
to commercialize Delphi’s Self Structuring           leveraging grant funding benefits internal and     • Better heat transfer
Antenna for consumer, industrial, aerospace,         commercialization efforts like SpaceForm, Inc.     • Can cast smaller, lighter housings
military and homeland security markets. The          and Monarch Antenna.
antenna shows great promise for wireless               SpaceForm was spun out to commercialize
electronic devices as it dramatically improves       Deformation Resistance Welding. This tech-
signal reception by constantly adjusting its         nology has received multi-year multi-million              To learn more about Delphi
configuration to maximize strength. For more         dollar grants from NASA for potential applica-         Technologies, Inc. or any aspect of
information on the SSA for non-automotive            tions in its Man to the Moon and Man on Mars           our operation, call (248) 813-8065,
applications, contact Monarch Antenna. For           expeditionary missions, as well as more earthly           or visit
automotive applications, contact Delphi.             applications such as plumbing, vehicle
                                                               BRIGHT SPOTS 2
                                          Fresh Ideas Growing

                                                               Delphi Technologies, Inc. Newsletter

                                                   Underfill for harsh environment flip-chips —        It’s HOT —
                                                   Nano-Reinforced Epoxy                               Thermal Cleaning
                                                   When flip-chips are used in extreme me-             PROBLEM: After casting, die cast aluminum,
                                                   chanical and thermal shock environments an          magnesium and zinc alloy components have
Forming new bonds —                                underfill with enhanced properties is needed        contaminants that must be removed, to as-
                                                   to ensure reliability and mitigate failure due
Deformation Resistance Welding                                                                         sure proper adhesion of coating materials. For
                                                   to fatigue of the solder joint. Additionally, the
Deformation Resistance Welding brings                                                                  components that require an environmental
                                                   need to increase manufacturing efficiencies
exciting new possibilities to tube-to-tube and                                                         seal, poor adhesion often results in product
                                                   is driving the development of no-flow under-
tube-to-sheet welding. Originally developed                                                            failure.
                                                   fills that reduce capital requirements and
with funding by NASA, DRW offers design                                                                SOLUTION: Delphi has developed a new
                                                   increase throughput.
flexibility, cost savings and reliability.                                                             method of thermal cleaning die cast
                                                      Delphi’s Nano-Reinforced Epoxy addresses
  The process forms a near instantaneous,          these requirements for flip-chip underfill in       components so that adhesion of a coating to
high-strength, leak-tight weld joining similar     harsh environments. The dynamic thermoset           the component surface is greatly enhanced.
or dissimilar materials. Unlike conventional       employs a TGMX (Tetraglycidyl meta-xylyl-              The process uses a controlled flame to burn
brazing or arc welding, DRW has no material        enediamine) resin which also eliminates the         residue off of the die casting. Other thermal
strength loss at the weld.                         problems associated with micron size fillers        treatments of die cast components without
  DRW is code case (#2463) compliant with          that potentially interfere with the solder joint.
                                                                                                       use of an open flame have been found to be
The American Society of Mechanical                    For more information, contact the licensing
                                                                                                       ineffective in removing the casting residue.
Engineers and recognized for tube-to-sheet         executive for Nano-Reinforced Epoxy.
                                                                                                          To learn more about Delphi’s patent
welds in heat exchanger manufacturing.             ADVANTAGES OF
  To commercialize this patented technology,       NANO-REINFORCED EPOXy                               pending Thermal Cleaning process contact
Delphi has spun out SpaceForm and formed           • Improved properties with no-flow                  the DTI licensing executive.
a strategic alliance with Edison Welding Insti-       application                                      ADVANTAGES OF THERMAl ClEANING
tute. The partnership with EWI has benefited       • Reduced processing steps                          • Significant cost reduction over conventional
SpaceForm and Delphi and gives customers           • Low viscosity                                        processes
customized product development services,           • Cure kinetics compatible with standard            • Clean technology (environmentally friendly)
including access to EWI’s extensive resources        re-flow soldering                                 • Limited start-up costs
and staff for design, feasibility, prototype and                                                       • Reduced cycle time for cleaning
validation studies.
  For more information about Deformation
Resistance Welding, contact SpaceForm.

• Lower material and capital costs
• Reduced welding cycle time
• Automation friendly
• Joins dissimilar materials and shapes
• Leak tight welds
• Weld is stronger than parent metal
• Eliminates tube thinning and porosity
• Extended service life
• Elimination of filler material
                                                              BRIGHT SPOTS 3
                                           Fresh Ideas Growing

                                                             Delphi Technologies, Inc. Newsletter

                                                  Delphi Technologies Intellectual Property Portfolio
                                                  Our portfolio is composed of over 7,000 patents, software, and trade secrets
                                                  from the following technologies:
Delphi Technologies is actively
                                                  Engineered Materials
seeking partners for the licensing of
                                                  Delphi has developed an extensive array of material and processing technologies through the
the over 7,000 technologies in our In-
                                                  manufacturing of automotive components and systems.
tellectual Property Portfolio. Recently
completed agreements include:                     • Ceramics • Fluids • Coatings • Polymers • Nano Composite Materials
                                                  Sensors & Actuators
• Licensing of Brake Friction Material            Delphi is a leader in the development and design of automotive and non-automotive sensors.
  Technology in China                             • Chemical • Mechanical • Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS) • Optical • Thermal
                                                  Mechatronics & Control Systems
• Power Brake Technology license in               Delphi’s leadership in Engine Management Systems has resulted in expertise in developing highly
  Romania                                         reliable and robust mechatronic systems as well as the electronics that control them.
                                                  • Smart Connectors • Motors/Actuators • Solenoids
• Sale of spark plug Intellectual Property        Communications & Wireless
  and equipment                                   Delphi communications technologies are platforms for the multimedia applications of tomorrow
                                                  – allowing our customers to offer new levels of productivity, convenience and entertainment.
• Sale of Trademark brand to European             • Antenna Systems • Navigation • Human Machine Interface • Fiber Optics • Smart Connectors
  aftermarket company                             • Satellite Digital Radio • Wireless Communication
                                                  Lighting & Displays
• Licensing of Delphi’s K-Alloy™                  Delphi’s lighting and displays technologies employ the state-of-the-art in LEDs, fiber optics, LCD,
  (corrosion resistant aluminum)                  holograms, etc., to create unique user environments and increase functionality of human-machine
                                                  interfaces. • Fiber Optics • LCD Displays • Edge Lighting
• Licensed Delphi Diesel Fuel Injection           Manufacturing Processes & Logistics
  Technology in China                             By concentrating on total manufacturing costs, Delphi’s advanced processes reduce the number
                                                  of parts, fasteners and materials, while optimizing labor, part orientation and material handling.
• Launched Monarch Antenna Company                • Assembly Technology • Machine Vision • Machining • Material Processing
                                                  Electronics & Electronic Processes
To learn more about our technologies
                                                  Delphi is a world leader in the production of automotive wiring harnesses and connectors for
and Intellectual Properties, or to
                                                  electrical power and signal distribution. • Electronic Packaging • Controllers • Flip Chips • Logic
discuss licensing opportunities,
contact the Delphi Technologies, Inc.             Circuits • Power Supply • Electronic Cooling Technology
licensing executive by e-mail.                    Safety & Security
                                                  Delphi has been an industry leader in developing safety and security technologies. It has provided
                                                  occupant protection technologies to manufacturers for over 50 years.
                                                  • Obstacle Detection • Anti-Theft Sensors • Monitoring System Integration • Occupant Detection
      Click to subscribe or unsubscribe.          Software & Databases
       For more information, contact              Delphi develops software tools, algorithms, control systems and methodologies to support the
         Delphi Technologies, Inc.                design of automotive components and systems. Many have application outside the automotive
        via e-mail or visit our website.          industry. • Simulators • CAE, CAD and CAM • Controls
                                                  Energy & Environmental Systems
                                                  Delphi takes an aggressive role in protecting the environment by developing technologies that
                                                  reduce emissions, mass, and increase fuel economy. • Recycling • Vehicle Emissions • Energy
                                                  Storage (Fuel Cells) • Engine Management Systems (Sensors, Actuators, ECU)

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