Bars in Soho by hkksew3563rd


									Soho in London is a melting pot of fashion, food, bars and people. There is a buzz and
vibrancy that you will not find elsewhere in London. Famous for its gay population
and popularity, Soho is a party mecca and there are plenty of bars in Soho whatever
the occasion. It is possible to stay in Soho all weekend and never leave as there is an
endless stream of bars to keep you busy. If you are looking for an early evening bar to
have a good chat and have some cheap cocktails then my recommendation is Be at
One. It has a modern but fresh décor and an impressive cocktail list that will warm the
night up perfectly. They often do 2 for 1 on drinks so it offers up cheap drinks but do
not compromise on taste.
 There are so many bars to choose from and you will find plenty of lively bars on
Wardour Street, Dean Street and Old Compton Street. These bars always have
drinkers spilling out onto the street so head to these areas if you just fancy soaking up
the atmosphere and you might just stumble on a bar in Soho that you love. Soho has a
magic to it and is always a surprise, every visit will never fail to amaze you.
 For a taste of Cuba and the rum lovers, Floridita is the bar for you. Stepping down
the spiral stair case feels like you have been transported right into the heart of Havana.
This is a bar styled and modelled on the best bars of Havana and delivers just that.
There is a house band that has been flown in from Havana and plays every night so
you can salsa the night away or sit back and sip on your Mojito. This really is a
special bar and one of the best bars in Soho.
 There are plenty of gay Soho bars, too many to mention here but one I think worth a
shout is The Green Carnation. The Green Carnation was inspired by the life and times
of Oscar Wilde. This unique venue once served as living quarter for the church
connected, has three floors, and is perfect for intimate soirees, dancing, and evenings
of pure unadulterated fun. They even have a fantastic happy hour on every day which
includes 2 for 1 on many drinks. This makes The Green Carnation one of my
favourite bars in Soho!
 My final recommendation would have to be Meza. It is located above Floridita so
you could combine both of these bars in Soho in the same night. This is a fresh, open
space with plenty of places to sit and natter after a long day at work. If the night starts
to turn and you feel the pace picking up then the DJ that starts at 9pm will see to it
that the night progresses with you! They have some fantastic cocktails available and
an extensive menu so really is a great bar in Soho for a drink or two!

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