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									When you are dealing different fundraising ideas, there is always the question of
maximized returns. You will of course have to invest money in fundraising to get
more money in return. Maximizing that is key to a successful campaign. If you are
using fundraising calendars as your tool of choice to get extra funds, the story is the
same. You will want to spend the minimal amount of resources for your fundraising
calendars to get the best maximized returns from them.
  To achieve those maximum returns from your custom calendars, you need to know
exactly how to get bargains from calendar printing. In this tutorial for calendar
printing, I am going to teach you the basics on how to really get those low cost
printing options to ultimately be more successful in using custom calendars for
  鈥?The best time to print cheaply 鈥?Calendar printing typically needs some timing
of course. A lot of people print custom calendars a few months before the year turns
so that the prints are timed right. That is why you can expect the rates of printing for
some calendar printers to get a bit higher a few months before the turn of the year.
  So the trick to get a bargain with your calendar printing is to print your own custom
calendars cheaply early on. You can actually have your calendars for next year printed
early on this year (maybe as early as February or March). This usually means that you
do have chance to get cheap printing rates since some of the calendar printers are
usually idle already at those times. So take advantage and apply the right timing to get
bargains for your fundraising calendars.
  鈥?Getting the cheapest calendar printers 鈥?The next key strategy to get bargains
for calendar printing is of course to get the cheapest calendar printers. Not all printers
are the same and if you can actually search extensively enough, it is possible to really
get great quality calendar printers that offer really competitive and affordable print
quotations for custom calendars.
  I find that the best place to look for these printers is on the Internet. Since it is easy
to search for online calendar printers there, it is also quite easy to compare prices and
print qualities. With just an hour of Internet research, it is quite possible for you to get
hundreds of printers listed, and the best prices for each. You should easily see where
the best bargain prices are that you need for your fundraising calendars.
  鈥?Keeping up to date with sales and offers 鈥?Sometimes, there is a luck element
into getting bargains for your color calendars. Different calendar printing companies
will tend to offer different promotional printing packages and printing sales every so
often. If you can know about it first, then you can be lucky enough to get a bargain
with your printing. To increase the likelihood of this, try to keep up to date with sales
and offers by setting up email alerts or RSS feeds on those particular sites. If you
check your updates regularly, you should be able to get that great chance of bargain
calendar printing quickly once the opportunity arrives.
  鈥?Wholesale printing 鈥?Lastly, bargains for calendar printing can also be had if
you do it wholesale. By printing your calendars in bulk, you can get a great discount
per piece of calendar from the printing company. Take note that this only happens on
large orders, but it is well worth the effort in asking it. So it is best to print as much
custom calendars as you can afford with one big batch. You 鈥檒 l get the best prices
for each of your calendars this way.
 That is how you get bargains for your calendar printing. Hopefully with these tips,
you should maximize your returns from your investment in calendar printing.
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