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This file will teach you how to upload web pages you’ve created from your computer to your
account on the Boston College www2 web server.

      In order to move web pages you’ve created from your computer to the Boston College web
       server (, you’ll need to use FTP (file transfer protocol) software. It’s already
       assumed that you’ve got a BC user ID, that you’ve set up your web account, and that you’ve
       created HTML documents to display online.

          If you haven’t requested a WWW account (necessary so that you have a place to put your
          web pages), go to and follow the instructions in the link ‘Request a WWW

      There are many different FTP programs that can be used to transfer files, but Boston College
       uses & supports a free product called ws_ftp le by Ipswitch software. This program should
       be installed on all of the Windows computers in BC clusters. You can download your own
       personal version of this software at:

      When you install & launch WS_FTP LE, you’ll see a dialog box like the one below.

      To log into your account on the server, enter the following information into the
       parameter fields:
           Host Name / Address:
           Host_Type:            UNIX (standard)
           User ID:              your BC user ID
           Password:             your BC password/pin

          also make sure that anonymous is not checked (for security reasons I also don’t
          recommend that you have Save Pwd checked).

          Click the ‘OK’ button.

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      When you have successfully logged into the system you’ll see a dialog box like the one

       The list at the left represents files in your computer. You can navigate around the disks on
       your computer by double-clicking the letter for the appropriate drive. You can move into
       subdirectories by double-clicking the name of the directory. You can move up (out) of
       subdirectories by double clicking the green arrow icon at the top of the list box.

       The list at the right represents files in your account on the server. In order to
       access pages on the web you’ll need to place files into the directory labeled ‘www’. Open
       this directory by double clicking the ‘www’ icon. When you double click the ‘www’ icon
       you’ll see a list of files that are already in your www directory.

      Using the file list on the left, navigate to the files you wish to upload to your web page. To
       move a copy of a file to your www2 account, single click the file you wish to copy, then
       press the -> arrow key.

       Any files you place in this directory can be accessed by typing the following address:

          where yourid is your BC user ID and file.html is the name of the file. Also note that any
          file you upload that is named default.html will be accessible by typing:

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      When you are through with your session, be sure to press ‘Exit’ to close down the FTP
       program and log off. Also note: if you leave your session open for too long without
       transferring files, you’ll be logged off & will have to click ‘Close’, then ‘Connect’ to re-

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