cerita cinta (DOC) by masniammuddin


									                                           Golog Stone

In antiquity in the area near the River Padamara Sawing in West Nusa Tenggara there lived a poor family.

The wife named Inaq Lembain and her husband named Amaq Lembain

Their livelihoods are agricultural laborers. Every day they walk kedesa village offers strength to pound rice.

If Inaq Lembain pound rice it came with her two children as well. One day, he was busy pounding rice.

Both children placed on a flat rock near where he worked.

Surprisingly, when Inaq began to pound, the rock where they sit more and more ascending. Feeling like

removed, then the eldest son started calling his mother: "Mother is the higher the stone." But unfortunately

Inaq Lembain was busy working. Answered, "My son just wait a minute, Mom was just pounding."

That happened repeatedly. Flat stone is increasingly rising to more than a coconut tree. The two children

then scream uncontrollably. However, Inaq Lembain keep busy pounding and winnowing rice. Children's

voices were getting more and more faint. Eventually the voice was not heard from again.

Goloq stone was increasingly high. Up to bring the children reach the clouds. They were crying

uncontrollably. Just when it Inaq Lembain realized, that her children are gone. They were taken up by the

Stone Goloq.

Inaq Lembain sobbed. He then prayed for to take his son. Syahdan prayer was answered. He was given

magical powers. with his belt he will be able to cut off the Stone Goloq it. Miraculously, the stone was cut

with his belt severed into three parts. The first part falls in a place which later was named the Village

Gembong olrh because the soil there quivering. The second part falls in a place called Stone Dasan because

there are people who witnessed the fall of a fragment of this stone. And the last piece falls somewhere

rumbling noise. So the place was named Montong Teker. While the two children had not fallen to earth.

They have turned into a two-tailed bird. The eldest son turned into a bird Kekuwo and sister turned into a

bird Kelik. Therefore, both derived from humans, the two birds were not able to incubate their eggs.
Raden Putra was the king of the Kingdom Jenggala. He was accompanied by a consort of good heart and a
beautiful concubine. However, the concubine of King Raden Putra has the nature of envy and jealousy
against the empress. He is a bad plan to the empress. "Supposedly, I'm the one who became empress. I must
find a way to get rid of the empress, "she thought.
Concubine of the king, conspired with a physician's palace. He pretended to severe pain. Court physicians
be called immediately. The healer said that someone had put poison in the drink lady. "The man was none
other than the consort of King himself," said the physician. King became angry to hear the explanation the
court physician. He immediately ordered his patih to get rid of the empress to the forest.

The governor immediately took empress who was pregnant was the wilderness. But, a wise governor would
not kill him. Apparently the governor had known the king's concubines malicious intent. "Mr. daughter not
to worry, I will report to the king that the princess was murdered servant," said the governor. To deceive the
king, his vizier stain his sword with the arrest of rabbit blood. King bear satisfied when the governor
reported that he had killed the empress.

After several months in the jungle, was born the son of the empress. The baby was given the name
Cindelaras. Cindelaras grow into a child who is smart and handsome. Since childhood he had been friends
with forest-dwelling animals. One day, when you're busy playing, a hawk dropped an egg. "Well, the eagle
was very good. He deliberately gave eggs to me. "After 3 weeks, the eggs hatch. Cindelaras chicken with
diligent care of the child. Chick grew into a cock is good and strong. But there is one oddity. The sound of
a rooster crowing it's absolutely stunning! "Kukuruyuk ... lord Cindelaras, his house in the middle of the
jungle, the roof of palm leaves, his father Raden Putra ..."

Cindelaras very surprised to hear crowing chickens and immediately showed his mother. Then, the mother
tells the origin Cindelaras why they got in the forest. Hearing the story of his mother, Cindelaras
determined to expose the crime to the palace and the king's concubines. Having allowed his mother,
Cindelaras went to the palace accompanied by a rooster. While on the way there are some people who were
risking chicken. Cindelaras then summoned by the penyabung chicken. "Come on, if you dare, adulah
jantanmu chicken with my chicken," she challenged. "Well," replied Cindelaras. When pitted, it turns out
Cindelaras cock fight with powerful and in a short time, he can beat his opponent. After a few times pitted,
chicken Cindelaras unbeatable. The chicken is really tough.

News of the wonders of chicken Cindelaras spread quickly. Raden Putra had heard the news. Then, Raden
Putra told hulubalangnya to invite Cindelaras. "I was facing his excellency," said Cindelaras politely. "The
boy is handsome and intelligent, it seems he is not a descendant of the common people," thought the king.
Chicken Cindelaras pitted with chicken Raden Putra on one condition, if the chicken Cindelaras lose then
he was willing to cut off his head, but if the chicken wins then half the wealth belongs Cindelaras Raden

Two chickens were fighting bravely. But in a short time, chicken chicken Cindelaras conquered the King.
The audience cheered and chanted Cindelaras chicken. "Well I admit defeat. I will keep my promise. But
who are you, young man? "Tanya King Raden Putra. Cindelaras immediately bent like whispered
something in his chicken. Not long after the chicken immediately rang. "Kukuruyuk ... lord Cindelaras, his
house in the middle of the jungle, the roof of palm leaves, his father Raden Putra ...," the rooster crowed
repeatedly. Raden Putra Cindelaras shocked to hear crowing cock. "Is it true?" Ask the king surprise. "Yes
sir, name Cindelaras servant, the servant is the consort of King's mother."

Simultaneously, the governor immediately face and tell all the events that really happened in consort. "I've
made a mistake," said King Raden Putra. "I'll give justly punished in my mistress," continued the king with
rage. Then, the concubine Raden Putra was in the exhaust into the forest. Raden Putra immediately
embraced her and apologized for his mistakes after that, Raden Putra and district chief consort to the forest
to pick up soon .. Finally Raden Putra, empress and Cindelaras can get together again. After Raden Putra
died, Cindelaras replace his father. He ruled his country with a fair and wise.
                                 Origin of Banyuwangi town

In ancient times the area of the eastern tip of East Java Province, there is a large kingdom ruled by a just
and wise king. The king has a son named Raden Banterang handsome. Raden penchant Banterang is
hunting. "This morning, I will hunt to the forest. Prepare a hunting tool, "said Raden Banterang to the
servant. After hunting equipment ready, Raden Banterang accompanied by several attendants go into the
forest. When Raden Banterang walking alone, he saw a deer crossing in front of him. He immediately chase
deer until deep into the forest. He separated from his escorts.
"Where a deer that?" Said Raden Banterang, when it lost track of his quarry. "I'll keep looking until you
can," his determination. Raden Banterang through the bush and forest trees. However, the game was not
found. He arrived in a very clear river water. "Hem, nian fresh water of this river," Raden Banterang drink
water with it, until she lost her thirst. After that, he left the rivers. But only a few steps to walk, suddenly
surprised the arrival of a beautiful girl.
"Ha? A beautiful girl? Really he is a man? Lest Satan forest keepers, "mumbled Raden Banterang
wondered. Raden Banterang ventured close to the pretty girl. "You're human or forest watchman?" Said
Raden Banterang. "I'm human," she replied with a smile. Raden Banterang even introduce himself. Pretty
girl was welcomed. "My name comes from the kingdom of Klungkung Surati." "I was in this place for
saving themselves from enemy attack. My father had been killed in defending the royal crown, "Obviously.
Hearing her words, Raden Banterang absurdly surprised. Seeing the suffering of the King of Klungkung's
daughter, Raden Banterang immediate help and took her back to the palace. Soon they were married build a
happy family. One day, the daughter of the King of Klungkung to walk alone outside the palace. "Surati!
Surati! ", Calling a man who dressed in rags. After watching his face, he realized that that was in front of
him is his brother named Rupaksa. Rupaksa intentions are to invite her sister for revenge, because Raden
Banterang had killed his father. Surati told that he would diperistri Raden Banterang since been indebted.
That way, Surati not want to help call his brother. Rupaksa angry to hear the answer to her sister. However,
he could provide a memorable form of a headband to Surati. "Tie this head should you keep under your
bed," the message Rupaksa.
Surati meeting with his brother is not known by Raden Banterang, because Raden Banterang was hunting
in the forest. When Raden Banterang surrounded by a forest, his eyes suddenly surprised by the arrival of a
man dressed in rags. "Tuangku, Raden Banterang. Mr. Safety in danger of being planned by the wife of his
own master, "said the man. "You can see the evidence, with a view of a headband is placed under the
peraduannya. Tie the head belonged to a man who asked for help to kill you, "he explained. After saying
those words, a man dressed in rags that had mysteriously disappeared. Raden troubled Banterang heard
reports that the mysterious man. He was immediately returned to the palace. After arriving at the palace,
Raden peraaduan Banterang go directly to his wife. Looking for a headband that has been told by a man
dressed in rags that had met in the forest. "Ha! True word man! This headband as proof! Do you plan going
to kill me by asking for help to the owner of this headband! "He accused his wife of Raden Banterang. "Is
that balasanmu me?" Said Raden Banterang. "Do not just accused. Adina did not mean to kill Kakanda, let
alone ask for help to a man! "Surati said. However Raden Banterang remain at its founding, that his wife
had helped it would endanger his life. Well, before his life is threatened, Raden Banterang first want to
harm his wife.
Raden Banterang intend to drown his wife in a river. After arriving at the river, Raden Banterang tells of
meeting with a man in rags when hunting in the forest. The wife also told of meeting with a man dressed in
rags as explained her husband. "The man is the sister of Adina. It was he who gave a headband to Adina,
"Surati explain again, for Raden Banterang melted his heart. However, Raden Banterang continue to
believe that she would harm herself. "Kakanda my husband! Open your heart and feelings Kakanda! Adina
Kakanda willing to die for the sake of safety. But give the opportunity to tell about meeting Adina Adina by
Adina brother named Rupaksa, "Surati said reminded.
"Brother Adindalah that will kill Kakanda! Adina demand help, but Adina tolah! ". Hearing this, the liquid
heart Raden Banterang not even think his wife was lying .. "Kakanda! If it becomes clear river water and
fragrant smell, meaning Adina is innocent! However, if still turbid and foul odor, then Adina guilty!
"Called Surati. Raden Banterang consider her remark was absurd. So, Raden Banterang immediately drew
his dagger tucked in his waist. Simultaneously it also, Surati jump into the middle of the river and
disappeared. Not long after, there was a miracle. Nan fragrant smell spreading in the surrounding rivers.
Seeing the incident, Raden Banterang exclaimed in a trembling voice. "My wife is innocent! Scented water
this time! "What a sorry Raden Banterang. He lamented the death of his wife, and regretting his stupidity.
But it was too late.
Since then, the river becomes fragrant smell. In the Java language called Banyuwangi. Banyu meaning
fragrant water and meaning fragrant. The name later became the name of the town of Banyuwangi
                                     Lutung Kasarung

In the days of yore in the Tatar Pasundan there is a kingdom led by a wise king, he was known as King
Tread Court.

Prabu Tapa Agung had two beautiful daughters and his sister is Purbararang Purbasari.

At the end of his life near the Great appointed King Tread Purbasari, her youngest daughter as a
replacement. "I'm too old, it's time I stepped off the throne," said Prabu Tapa.

Purbasari has a brother named Purbararang. He does not agree his brother was appointed to replace their
father. "I Eldest daughter, father should choose me as his successor," grumbled Purbararang on her fiance
named Indrajaya. Which has culminated Kegeramannya have intentions to harm her sister made. He met an
old witch to spell Purbasari. Grandma's magic spell Purbasari so right then all of a sudden skin became
bertotol Purbasari black-spots. Purbararang would have a reason to expel his brother was. "People who
cursed like he does not deserve to be a Queen!" Said Purbararang.

Then he sent a Patih to alienate Purbasari into the forest. Arriving at the jungle governor is still kind enough
to make a hut for Purbasari. He also advised Purbasari, "Be brave lady. These trials will surely end, the
Almighty will surely be with Princess ". "Thank you uncle," said Purbasari.

Over in the jungle he had many friends that the animals are always good to him. Among these animals there
was a mysterious black hairy ape. But the monkey is the most attention to Purbasari. Langur Purbasari
Kasarung always exciting to get the beautiful flowers and fruits with her friends.

At the time of full moon night, monkey Kasarung acting strange. He walked to a quiet place and meditate.
He is obtaining something to the Gods. This proves that the monkey Kasarung no ordinary creature. Not
long later, near the monkey broke ground and created a small lake, the water was clear as a bell. The water
contains a drug that is very fragrant.

The next day meet Purbasari Kasarung monkey and asked him to bathe in the lake. "What's in it for me?",
Thought Purbasari. But he was willing to oblige. Shortly after he plunged himself. Something happened to
her skin. His skin is clean as before and she becomes beautiful again. Purbasari very surprised and
delighted when she looked in the mirror these ditelaga.

At court, Purbararang decided to see her sister in the forest. He went with his fiancee and his bodyguards.
When we reached the forest, he finally met with his brother and looked at each other. Purbararang not
believe to see her sister right again. Purbararang not want to lose face, he took a long race Purbasari hair.
"Who is the longest hair he was the one who wins!", Said Purbararang. Originally Purbasari not want to,
but because he urged continued to serve his brother. Apparently Purbasari hair is longer.

"Well I lost, but now let us compete handsome fiance, This is my fiance ', said as he approached the
Indrajaya Purbararang. Purbasari became restless and confused. Finally, he glanced at his hand and pulled
Kasarung monkey. Kasarung monkey bounced as if to calm Purbasari. Purbararang laughed, "So the
monkey is your fiance?".

At that time also Lutung Kasarung immediately meditated. Suddenly there was a miracle. Kasarung
monkey turn into a handsome young man looking very handsome, more than Indrajaya. All surprised to see
the incident as she cheered. Purbararang finally admitted defeat and guilt over this. He apologized to his
brother and begged not to be punished. Purbasari kindly forgive them. After the incident that eventually
they all return to the Palace.

Purbasari become a queen, accompanied by a young man dreams. The young man who turned out for the
forest was always with him in the shape of a monkey.
                              Kutukan Raja Pulau Mintin

Pada zaman dahulu, terdapatlah sebuah kerajaan di Pulau Mintin daerah Kahayan Hilir, Kalimantan
Tengah. Kerajaan itu sangat terkenal akan kearifan rajanya. Akibatnya, kerajaan itu menjadi wilayah yang
tenteram dan makmur.

Pada suatu hari, permaisuri dari raja tersebut meninggal dunia. Sejak saat itu raja menjadi murung dan
nampak selalu sedih. Keadaan ini membuatnya tidak dapat lagi memerintah dengan baik. Pada saat yang
sama, keadaan kesehatan raja inipun makin makin menurun. Guna menanggulangi situasi itu, raja berniat
untuk pergi berlayar guna menghibur hatinya.

Untuk melanjutkan pemerintahan maka raja itu menyerahkan tahtanya pada kedua anak kembarnya yang
bernama Naga dan Buaya. Mereka pun menyanggupi keinginan sang raja. Sejak sepeninggal sang raja,
kedua putranya tersebut memerintah kerajaan. Namun sayangnya muncul persoalan mendasar baru.

Kedua putra raja tersebut memiliki watak yang berbeda. Naga mempunyai watak negatif seperti senang
berfoya-foya, mabuk-mabukan dan berjudi. Sedangkan buaya memiliki watak positif seperti pemurah,
ramah tamah, tidak boros dan suka menolong.

Melihat tingkah laku si Naga yang selalu menghambur-hamburkan harta kerajaan, maka si Buayapun
marah. Karena tidak bisa dinasehati maka si Buaya memarahi si Naga. Tetapi rupaya naga ini tidak mau
mendengar. Pertengkaran itu berlanjut dan berkembang menjadi perkelahian. Prajurit kerajaan menjadi
terbagi dua, sebahagian memihak kepada Naga dan sebagian memihak pada Buaya. Perkelahian makin
dahsyat sehingga memakan banyak korban.

Dalam pelayarannya, Sang raja mempunyai firasat buruk. Maka ia pun mengubah haluan kapalnya untuk
kembali ke kerajaanya. Betapa terkejutnya ia ketika menyaksikan bahwa putera kembarnya telah saling
berperang. Dengan berang ia pun berkata,”kalian telah menyia-nyiakan kepercayaanku. Dengan peperangan
ini kalian sudah menyengsarakan rakyat. Untuk itu terimalah hukumanku. Buaya jadilah engkau buaya
yang sebenarnya dan hidup di air. Karena kesalahanmu yang sedikit, maka engkau akan menetap di daerah
ini. Tugasmu adalah menjaga Pulau Mintin. Sedangkan engkau naga jadilah engkau naga yang sebenarnya.
Karena kesalahanmu yang besar engkau akan tinggal di sepanjang Sungai Kapuas. Tugasmu adalah
menjaga agar Sungai Kapuas tidak ditumbuhi Cendawan Bantilung.”

Setelah mengucapkan kutukan itu, tiba-tiba langit gelap dan petir menggelegar. Dalam sekejap kedua
putranya telah berubah wujud. Satu menjadi buaya. Yang lainnya menjadi naga.

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