Backup iPhone SMS to Computer by hkksew3563rd


									The iPhone is one of the most successful smart phones ever created. Millions of
people are using it either as a normal phone or as a multimedia and communications
device. Text messages (SMS messages) that you send or receive are stored on the
iPhone 鈥檚 internal memory but the storage capacity for SMS is limited to a certain
number. Many people want to backup (export) those SMS messages either because
the memory got full (therefore no more SMS can be sent or received) or because they
want to save some important sms messages to their computer or maybe because they
changed their phone device and they want to backup everything.
  If you have a MAC computer, then you have a few free options to export and save
your SMS messages (like the Syphone app for example) but if you are a Windows PC
user then your options are limited. There is only one tool available for Windows PC
owners for exporting their iPhone SMS messages in text file format. This is Tansee
iPhone Transfer SMS software. Fortunately it is pretty cheap (just $19.95) and you
can do lots of stuff with this software, such as:
  鈥?Full management of your iPhone SMS messages (view and edit the messages on
your Windows computer).
  鈥?Transfer the SMS messages to your computer in three different file formats (text
file, ANTS file, MHT file).
  鈥?You can edit the SMS messages (if you export them in ANTS file format) or print
the messages (if you export them in MHT file format).
  鈥?If you export the SMS in ANTS file format, you can add a password protection to
the file.
  鈥?You can select if you want to export the messages from all contacts of from a
single contact.
  The Tansee iPhone SMS Backup utility works with all Windows operating systems
(Win98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista) and supports
all iPhone models such as iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.
  Take a look at the official Tansee website for more information or download the
FREE Trial version here. By the way, the company (Tansee) specializes in Apple
products and develops several useful iPod, iPhone and iPad utilities which can help
you to do several device-to-computer transfer tasks such as:
  鈥?Transfer iPod songs, videos and photos to your computer.
鈥?Transfer songs, videos and photos from your iPhone to Windows computer.
  鈥?Backup and transfer your iPhone contacts to computer.
  鈥?Transfer songs, photos, videos from your iPad to Windows computer.
  All products have a trial version so you can download, try them and see if they work
for you. I have been using the Tansee iPhone transfer and SMS backup tools and have
been very happy with them.
  If you are looking to find an iphone sms backup software for Windows computers
then you actually have just one option. This is the Tansee iphone transfer SMS utility
which can backup all of your iPhone SMS messages to your computer with a few
clicks. Select which contact's sms to save (or from all contacts) and then select the
export file format (text, ants, mht) and you are ready to go.

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