Lamona Double Fan Oven - HJA4560 Lamona Built Under Double Fan Oven by dfsiopmhy6

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        HJA4560 Lamona Built Under Double Fan Oven
        - LED programmable clock/timer

        Top oven:
        - Cooking functions: top and bottom heat and dual grill
        - 31L oven capacity

        Main oven:
        - Cooking functions: fan cooking and defrost function
        - Cooling fan
        - Interior light
        - 50L oven capacity

                                                      General Information
         Product Code(s)                                          HJA4560
         Product Colour                                           Stainless Steel
         Product Size (mm)                                        700 H x 600 W
Technical Information
                               Technical Information                                         Packaging Details
Single Cavity and/or Small Cavity                                Packed External Dimensions (mm)      845 Height x 660 Width x 720 Depth
                                                                 Packed Weight (Kg)                   47
Grill        Rating in watts              2575/655w
                                                                                            Product Dimensions
Oven                                      Top cavity - 2575      Product Dimensions (mm)              703 Height x 595 Width x 550 Depth
             Rating in watts
                                          Bottom cavity - 2300
Functions                                                        Product Weight (Kg)                  44
             Energy Consumption (kwh) 0.79 conventional
             Energy Consumption (kwh)
                                      0.79 fan
             Bottom Cavity
             Usable Capacity (litres)     upper 31 lower 50
             Catalytic or Enamel Cavity   Prestine Enamel
             Catalytic Enamel or Wire
Electrical Supply Rated Voltage           240 Volts ac – 50Hz
Fuse Rating (Amp)                         32A
Maximum Appliance Input (Watts)           4965
Mains Lead Plug                           no
Mains Lead                                no

Product Approvals                         CE

Approval Directives                       LVD, EMC, ROHS, WEEE

                                                                                                                                                         Issue Date: 17.02.2009

                                                                                                            The company has a policy of continuous product development and
                                                                                                       reserves the right to change any products and specifications at any time.

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