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February, 2010

School Hall, Handsworth

  King Edward VI Handsworth and Aston Schools
          et during the last years of New York City’s celebrated High School for the
          Performing Arts on 46th Street (1980-1984), “Fame—The Musical” is a bittersweet
          but ultimately inspiring story of a diverse group of students as they commit to four
          years of gruelling artistic and academic work. With candour, humour and insight,
          the show explores the issues that confront many young people today: issues of
prejudice, identity, self-worth, literacy, sexuality, substance abuse and perseverance.

FAME-THE MUSICAL was first presented at the Coconut Grove Playhouse in Florida in

Song List                                                   Narisha Bhaktar and team (sixth form) are selling
                                                            refreshments during the interval to raise money for
ACT I                                                       ‘bid services’, a Birmingham-based charity which
    •	   Pray, Pray, Pay - Students                         provides a range of specialist support and advice to
                                                            not only the deaf community but also to people and
    •	   Hard Work - Company                                organisations regarding deaf issues.
    •	   I Want to Make Magic - Nick
                                                        ACT II
    •	   Can’t Keep it Down - Joe and Students
                                                            •	   I Want to Make Magic (Reprise) - Nick and
    •	   Tyrone’s Rap - Tyrone                                   Students
    •	   There She Goes! / Fame - Carmen and Students       •	   Mabel’s Prayer - Mabel and the Girls
    •	   Let’s Play a Love Scene - Serena                   •	   Think of Meryl Streep - Serena
    •	   Bring on Tomorrow - Schlomo and Carmen             •	   Dancin’ on the Sidewalk - Tyrone and Students
    •	   The Teachers’ Argument - Miss Bell and Miss        •	   These are My Children - Miss Sherman
                                                            •	   The Pas de Deux (dance) - Tyrone and Iris
    •	   Hard Work (Reprise) – Students
                                                            •	   In L.A. - Carmen
    INTERVAL                                                •	   Let’s Play a Love Scene (Reprise) - Nick and
    Refreshments are available in the                            Serena
    Playroom                                                •	   Bring on Tomorrow (Reprise) - Company.
                              The Cast                                                     The Chorus
                                                                                           Izzy Cafferty                    Gizelle Grant                              Lydia Finnegan
                                                                                           Grace Winpenny                   Tanveer Nazran                             Amelia Broom
                                    The Actors                                             Sanum Jain                       Shanice Moncrieffe                         Helen Goaley
                                                                                           Morven Binning                   Tramika Blackwood                          Sandy Bell
                                                                                           Bethany Down                     Christina-Jane Crossman-Barnes             Nirali Nathwani
                                                                                           Jenny Marples                    Kiran Kadara                               Amy Simmons
                                                                                           Harriet Dymond                   Lidia Gasiorek                             Trishna Naik
                                                                                           Amber-Renee Gayle                Hannah Desveaux                            Fallon Lindsay
                                                                                           Laura Henshaw                    Victoria Hill                              Amy Brown
                                                                                           Keisha Michael                   Frankie Hurst                              Hannah Wall
                                                                                           Sarah Atkinson                   Ophelia Charles                            Lucy Currigan
               Serena Katz               Nick Piazza            Joe Vegas
                                       Jordan Charles
                                                                                           Lucinda Brown                    Megan Thorpe                               Candice Nembhard
               Olivia Dowd                                     Jessal Naran
                                                                                           Immy Murray                      Aekta Sharma                               Cherose Morris-Downes
                                   The Dancers                                             Keiron Hamilton-Amos             Joshua Tipping                             Katherine Lanham
                                                                                           Peter Brookes                    Shyelle Pescod                             Victoria Smart
                                                                                           Christie McGoldrick              Hannah Porter
                                                                                           Peter Desveaux                   Caitlin Law
                                                                                           Daniel Harrison                  Romarna Campbell
                                                                                           Anton Foster                     Kayleigh Wijesinghe
                                                                                           Sam Pszonka                      Georgina Silverton

  Tyrone Jackson             Carmen Diaz            Iris Kelly          Mabel Washington
  Dominic Forbes              Sarah Hunt          Maddy Thickett         Kavina Minhas
                                                                                           The Band
                                  The Musicians                                            Jess Holland                                                    Flute
                                                                                           Adham Naguib                                                    Trumpet
                                                                                           Grace Winpenny                                                  Saxes and Clarinet
                                                                                           Michael Begg                                                    Trombone
                                                                                           Graham Payne, Duncan Wall, Katherine Griffiths                  Keyboards
                                                                                           Ellis Mason                                                     Guitar
                                                                                           Jamie Wall and Mr Parry                                         Bass Guitar
                                                                                           Romarna Campbell                                                Drums
           Schlomo Metzenbaum     Grace ‘Lambchops’ Lamb   Goodman ‘Goody’ King            Matthew Williams and Oliver Bardsley                            Percussion
               Chris Ranger          Cecily Stevenson          Daniel Green

                                   The Teachers
                                                                                                  Music Director’s Note

                                                                                                      t has been a great pleasure to prepare the music for Fame with such a talented group of
                                                                                                      students. It’s a challenging score with many tricky corners, but they have risen to that
                                                                                                      challenge wonderfully. While it may be best known for its Gospel-tinged ballads – and,
                                                                                                      of course, the title song – the interweaving of music, drama and dance in Hard Work
                                                                                                      is musical theatre at its best. My thanks to the band for their dedication over several
                                                                                                  months and to the chorus for understanding (most of ) the complex rehearsal schedules.
                                                                                                  Have a good evening.
Miss Esther Sherman      Miss Greta Bell             Mr Myers             Mr Sheinkopf                                                                                              Mr Heppel
   Amy Harrison        Eleanor Ingamells           Sean Mannion           Peter Brookes
The Production Team
Direction:                Mr. Dawes, Christie McGoldrick
Musical Direction:        Mr. Heppel
Choreography:             Mrs Brown, Miss Skinner and team
Sound:                    Mr. Hockey, Joanna Burden
Lighting:                 Mr. Dawes and team
Costume:                  Mr. Dawes, Emma Swann
Set Design:               Mr. Bassett, Mr. Parkinson, Mrs Pittaway, Julia Barbour, Jessica Bonehill,
                          Hannah Price, Katharine Griffiths, Kiran Kadara, Amrita Dhallu
Stage Management:         Mr. Dawes, Lauren Archer
Properties:               Mrs Haynes
Set Building:             Mr. Vann, Mr. Vann Jnr, Mr. Sroay, Cadismount Ltd
Ticket Sales:             Ms Wheatley
Photos:                   Mr Hockey
Programme Design:         Sandra Burden
Make up and hair:         Mrs Hubble and team
Refreshments:             Narisha Bhakta and team

           Director’s Note

                    s most of you will know this is my first full scale production at King Edwards
                    Handsworth. The students have attended numerous rehearsals and have worked
                    extremely hard to deliver a professional production that is energetic and moving
                    in equal measure. From nailing the multitude of accents to embellishing the
                    characters on the stage with a sense of truth I have been inspired and humbled
        with the dedication and drive of all the students from Handsworth and Aston respectively. My
        thanks to the students and the production team. I know you’ll enjoy the show!
                                                                                            Mr Dawes

                                                                                                       Special Thanks
                                                                                                       Stage Electrics, for help and advice on lighting and special effects.
                                                                                                       Cadismount Ltd, for generous sponsorship of the set building.
                                                                                                       Mr. Daniel, for coordinating rehearsals.
                                                                                                       Mr. Allmark, Mr. Sroay, Ms. Potter, Mr. Baptist for security and on-site parking.
                                                                                                       Thank you to all the staff and pupils who have helped both back stage and front of house.

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