AWeber Review - The Good_ The Bad_ And The Ugly Of The AWeber Autoresponder by hkksew3563rd


									AWeber Autoresponder Background:
  AWeber was founded in 1998 and is one of the longest standing and most reliable
autoresponder services available for email marketers. They blazed the trail for email
automation serving thousands of business owners compile enormous lists. AWeber has
served over 43,000 people internationally.
  Aweber Features:
  1. Send Email Newsletters
  2. Email Templates - AWeber offers 150 different businesslike templates. You can
customize the color of each template. They have tested them with Gmail, Hotmail,
and Yahoo for compatibility. There are many different layouts available. They have
opt-in forms that match the email templates.
  3. Automatically integrate Blog post with Aweber via RSS feeds.
  4. Analyze who's clicking your links and reading your emails
  5. Social Media Integration
  6. Post emails on the web for later review
  7. Website sign-up forms that match email templates
  8. Do as many follow ups as your heart desires.
  That wraps up the AWeber Autoresponder. The next question you are probably
asking is how much does it cost?
  AWeber Review - Cost analysis
  Aweber Pricing Plan
  0 - 500 subscribers $19/mth or $193.80/annually($16.15/month) 501 - 2,500
subscribers $29/mth 2,501 - 5,000 members $49/mo. 5,001 - 10,000 members
$69/month 10,001 - 25,000 subscribers $149/mth
  These prices are fairly competitive with other autoresponders on the market.
Getresponse does have better pricing - check it out.
  GetResponse Pricing:
  0 - 500 people $18/mth or $177.12/annually($14.76/mo.) 501 - 2,500 subscribers
$28/month 2,501 - 5,000 subscribers $45/month 5,001 - 10,000 subscribers $65/mo.
10,001 - 25,000 subscribers $145/mo.
  This is slightly less expensive than AWeber. GetResponse also offers a 15% discount
for a half-year payment and an 18% discount for paying up front for a whole year.
  The Disadvantage of Using AWeber:
  - There is a learning curve to figure out how to use this service to its fullest potential.
If this is your first attempt at email marketing then get ready to study. It took me
several hours and some trial and error to figure out how it all worked.
  - There's no free test drive with AWeber. However, they do have a deal where you
can get the first month for one dollar and then cancel if you want.
  - AWeber is not capable of sending videos through the emails. The only way around
this is to place hyperlinks to a video on YouTube, etc in the email.
  The Perks of Utilizing AWeber:
  - They have good tutorials to help newbies figure out how the program works.
  - You can set up as many lists as you want
  - They offer personalization of emails. You can put your customer's name in the
email or subject line.
  - Quality design graphics where the opt-in form is congruent with the email
  - Bloody trustworthy andexpeditious email delivery - huge for an autoresponder to
have this. With many autoresponders only 20% of your messages actually get
  - Reviews your emails for spam. AWeber gives you feedback on how "spammy"
your emails look. Then you can twist them to ge through the spam filters better.
  AWeber Review Conclusion:
  Overall, AWeber provides a great service. It is extremely trustworthy and has
expeditious delivery. There is a learning curve involved when setting up a new list,
but that is true for any autoresponder. Getresponse does have a little better pricing.
Also, Getresponse has video email marketing which AWeber does not feature.
  Regardless of your autoresponder choice I hope this AWeber review gave you the
information you needed to get started building your list. Your list is an asset that will
carry you far in internet and network marketing. Click this link right now to discover
the Article Marketing Strategy my mastermind group uses to build a huge list online.
Aweber Review

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