Avoid The Streaky Tan by hkksew3563rd


									Sun tanning has long since given way to self tanning. Who wants to be in the harmful
ultra-violet rays of the sun anymore? The trouble with self tanning is it takes a little
practice to master a proper look. While it might seem like an easy solution to pale
skin, slapping on lotion and waiting to turn brown can often result in an orange,
streaky mess.
  Most tanning lotions, foams and gels contain a skin darkening ingredient that
changes the colour of the outer surface of your skin. The tanning lotion needs to be
applied evenly and smoothly to get proper results.
  Before you even open the bottle, get your skin prepared. For a few days before you
should be washing and exfoliating your skin gently. This will remove any dead skin
cells which can disrupt the absorption of the colouring product.
  On one hand, you will need to be near some soap and water, to wash your hands
frequently so your palms don't end up stained from contact with too much lotion.
However, a steamy bathroom right after your shower is not a good environment for
apply a self tan. Excess moisture in the air will condense on your skin, blocking the
absorption of the self tan product. So, not only should you make sure your skin is
thoroughly dry, but the area around should be dry as well.
  Apply your lotion or foam slowly and with care. Use small circular motions, and
complete one section at a time. Pour the same amount of product into your hand each
time, to avoid over saturating any single area. Don't skip around your body. Do one
complete leg, then the other complete leg. This will help ensure you don't miss a spot.
  Make sure you wash your hands every few minutes with soap and water to avoid
having a super tan on your palms. When you are finished, wait at least fifteen minutes
before getting dressed or wrapping yourself in a towel. The self tan needs time to
properly absorb into your skin. Adding any kind of cloth against your skin means the
tan could absorb into the cloth, rather than you. Not only will this stain your clothes,
but it will leave streak in your tan.
  After about eight hours, you should be able to shower or bath, but no sooner than
that. If you're not satisfied that your tan is dark enough, you can do another
application in about 24 hours. Once you've got the tan you love, remember to give it a
touch up every couple of weeks to avoid fading. That way, you have the sun drenched
summer look, without ever needing the sun.
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