Avalanche Beacon - Greatest Possibility for Rescue

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					Whenever you journey in avalanche country, either by skis, snowboard, snowshoes, or
snowmobile, an avalanche beacon is an essential aspect of your gear. A beacon isn't a
magic shield that is going to automatically protect you, but employed correctly it can
greatly boost your chances of being found alive.

  Wearing a beacon doesn't guarantee your safety or replace excellent backcountry
skills. It just means that you'll be simpler to discover if you do get buried. Without
excellent backcountry knowledge and understanding of route selection in avalanche
terrain you're asking to turn into a statistic. If that worst case event occurs and you are
trapped in an avalanche your best opportunity of being located alive is by a partner
with an avalanche beacon who knows how to use it.

 An avalanche beacon is one of those devices that you have to have to know how to
use very very well and work with frequently to grow to be proficient with. Its a tool
that should be as much a element of your backcountry equipment as your goggles or
gloves. Its also one of those tools you hope you never ever have to utilize mainly
because if you are making use of your beacon it indicates that someone's life, maybe
your own, is on the line.

  Yes, backcountry search and rescue teams do respond, but they're not on the scene.
My dog's nose is quicker than any human doing a beacon search, but it takes us time
to get to a scene. Time for us to become notified and to journey to the scene. That's
time you and your partner don't have. So don't plan on the specialists to come and get
you, prepare to be your own rescue team.

  Avalanche beacons have changed over time with technologies that have made them
much easier than ever for use by the general public. As the backcountry has developed
into being increasingly more accessible so has the equipment required to keep alive in
it. Hi-tech beacons are simpler to use, but they still require to be practiced with on a
regular basis so your knowledge remain sharp. Do beacon drills at home in the
backyard, around the mountain, wherever you get a chance. Bury an avalanche
beacon in a plastic bag and send your partner to discover it. Time each other, make it
enjoyable and make it challenging. Do not depend on engineering or the professionals
to do all of the work in an emergency!
  An avalanche beacon and a trusted partner are essentials for backcountry avalanche
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