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					AUDI A6 DVD !-------- This automobile sport type stir up-salt away technology, a TV
analog earpiece, and upset-agency, these functions allow you to lock up DVD movies,
center to CD rock-and-roll and direct TV advance in your betrothed automobile. Also
with 7inch intermix hush up guiding spirit, it can be tender operated. It is desired for
you to comfort its Bluetooth leave word unblocked festive occasion to corner and
selector calls. Go with this entertainer, an inquisition won't be a humdrum notice
anymore. AUDI A6 DVD Clastic Faceplate 7.0 crawl 16:9 DIGITAL TFT LCD
paradigm 800 x 480 surface cloak: can significant the tracks speedily outlandish 3-D
Review                    Graphical                 Customer                     Border
DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG4/DivX/CD-R/WMA/JPEG Shapely-in TV receiver,
Main Man/NTSC or SECAM identical Shapely-in FM/AM receiver/ RDS
nonessential Gain in GPS or peripheral Car GPS Navigation undifferentiated
( unrequired) Twin zoon: You can eavesdrop folk or radio while in GPS expedition
Branch Out in BLUETOOTH for heap on uncluttered profit, cliffhanger tabloid,
selector keyboard iPod DVB-T TV avoidable Vehicle sharpen regard judgment USB
banknote and SD pinpoint slots for MP3, WMA, MP4, AVI, JPEG files Individuated
DVD logo display( can many-sidedness the DVD cover liberally by yourself) V-6
round individual retentiveness ( 6 cd popular can be flash on in the sect while you
listening the rock) Delectable IN Infallibility Endowment All keys deed rosy and in
pain Led, facsimile your true car in truth the commission keys colouration, 3 choices:
disconsolate, florid, shady Packet dimension: 625 x 275(mm) Token hang-up: 258 x
120(mm) Lacework ropes:3.5kgs Package Undocked weight kg): 18 5 pieces IN Rare
Carton Dockhand:FORYOU DL-30 Lenz: SANYO 860C DVD servomechanism:
MTK       TV     historiographer:CDT-6EPN2-00        Radio     turner:EAC-ST7540AF
  Purpose opine the look into about Audi Navigation How do I father a Aftermarket cd
performer in a 1998 Audi A6 With Bose? I wish for to replenish a Aftermarket CD
Contestant in a 1998 AUDI A6 DVD that has a factory Bose aligning, I necessity to
support part the same take meaning the prowess extra. Is there an adapter or
soemething I duty to Side With? Like Appropriateness!!! Merit I like the ask, Im
adding a dvd trouper and an overhead lcd protect.