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									Usually when you are involved in an accident, people will instinctively try to help you.
And most of the time, if someone has caused an accident and burdened you with
physical injury or material loss, they will be willing to admit fault and make amends
by providing insurance compensation. But unfortunately, this isn't always the case.
  If you are involved in accident and you know that you didn't cause it, in most cases it
is the party at fault's responsibility to provide accident claim compensation from their
insurance. If something goes wrong and the person is uninsured, leaves the scene
without providing insurance details, or will not accept blame, this is when you be may
need to go to the courts and file an auto accident lawsuit.
  What is involved in an auto accident lawsuit? Filing an auto accident lawsuit will
mean you have to present your case in front of a judge in court. The judge will
primarily determine whose fault the accident was, and will thus decide, based on all
the evidence, who is owed compensation, and who is responsible for paying it.
  To present your accident lawsuit you will probably need to hire an accident solicitor
or attorney. They will help you put together your case and help you gather a whole lot
of evidence including medical documents, physical evidence and interviews from
witnesses and other people involved in the accident. They will also know how to
properly present your case, and how to fill out the vast range of legal documents
required for a complicated lawsuit.
  How can I maximize my chances of winning? Your case starts at the scene of the
accident. Make sure that you stay calm and control your temper even if you are
dealing with an uncooperative or aggressive person. You may cause serious damage to
your case and the amount that is paid by being irrational or getting angry.
  On the scene first remember to call the police and inform them of the accident. Stay
on the scene until they arrive. If possible, you should also try and take photos of the
accident scene. This could turn out to be invaluable evidence when you contact a
lawyer and present your case. When the police do arrive, you should head to a
medical center or hospital and get any injuries you have checked out, and documented
as much as you can. Medical documents will be another great source of evidence for
your lawsuit.

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