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Asian Arowana Tank Basics


									A common misconception is that it is very difficult process to setup up your Arowana
tank, WRONG. 5 steps, thats it. Follow along with me below as we go through the
five simple steps I thing I forgot below is the filling of the tank so after you complete
the 5 steps, fill the tank and let the water calm for a couple of days before your fish is
placed in the fish tank.

SIZE does matter, well for Arowanas it does
 Asian Arowanas have the potential to be very large fish, sometimes up to 48 inches.
Make sure the tank is over 4 feet long for young Arowana. Space and ease of
movement is the key. This should last you quite a few years. Making sure you start
with the right steps is one of the best things you can do for your expensive fish.

Aquarium background, does it matter?
This step is not really anything to do with the health of your fish. It is more to do with
how you present them. You have spent a lot of money on your fish so why not show it
off to the best. Choosing a dark color, for instance black, will really make the colors
of red arowana stand out. If you have a golden Asian Arowana a blue or bright white
background is better. Many people have said that the background affects the mood of
your fish but I have found no evidence of this. Your Arowana does not care of the
color as long as you treat it well.

What about where I position the Tank?
Put your tank at eye level. On top of a cabinet is the best. Show off your expensive
fish. You paid good money for it now watch as your visitors can enjoy it too. Near the
ground is no good. Just watching you Arowana glide up and down is both pleasing
and also great for your visitors (and also your good luck if you believe in the mystical
powers attached to Arowanas).

What about the top of the tank - the cover?Please atke notice of this next step as it is
VITAL to the survival of your Arowana. The life of your Arowana is at stake so dont
miss out this important step. Place a STRONG STURDY cover on your tank.
Arowanas are known to jump over 2 metres in the wild so make sure it cannot do that
in your house. I said it was the most important bit and I am right.

Do I need a special pump?
If you think about it the Asian Arowana comes from slow moving rivers in Southern
Asia (I wonder where the name came from). The water in the tank does not need to
rush around. A small submersible pump will be great. As long as the air gets
circulated around the tank then the Arowana will be happy.

Although this article is short I hope you found some new information here. There is
actually a FREE guide on setting up your tank on Robert Khaw's website that goes
into a lot more detail. If you want to read it I suggest you are quick as it normally
retails for $17 but at the moment he is giving it away FREE.
For more tips on all things Asian Arowana check out my site.
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