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    Deflection Tracks ( details A1 - A4)
      When using Bailey wind bearing                     For infill applications, details               accommodate a certain amount of
      steel studs, a deflection detail               A1 – A4 are appropriate. For                       variance in floor to floor heights.
      must be used. This detail allows               applications where the studs                                All these sections are
      for floor slab deflection and                  bypass the floor slab, see                         available in 20 – 12 gauge (.036" -
      building frame shrinkage,                      details A8 & A9.                                   .105"), full galvanized G60 (Z180)
      without axially loading the stud                        Another benefit realized                  steel and sized to fit 3-5/8", 4", 6"
      themselves.                                    through the use of deflection                      and 8" studs.
                                                     details is their ability to

                                                                      TELESCOPING TRACK
                                                                      T his detail has an inner and outer top track with the inner top track
                                                                      connected only to the studs and the outer top track connected only to the
                                                                      structure. Deflection gaps up to 1-1/2" can be engineered.
                                                                                 Because the inner top track provides perimeter support to wall
                                                                      sheathings, this detail is particularly suitable for accommodating an air
                                                                      barrier (such as the interior layer of drywall) when the air barrier is
                                                                      attached to the studs.
                                                                                 Specify the stud size, leg length and gauge for the inner and
                                                                      outer tracks when ordering. The tracks are available in 10'-0" lengths.

Single Track With Bridging                           Slotted Leg Track                                  Slotted Angle or Ottawa Clip
Available in 10'-0" lengths. Specify stud size,      Available in 10'-0" lengths. Specify stud          T his angle can be engineered to work with or
leg length and gauge (thickness) for track           size, leg length and gauge (thickness) for         without reliance on the top track and with or
when ordering. A top row of bridging is              track wen ordering. Indicate length of the         without a top row of bridging. At the time of
required with this detail; therefore, specify hole   ¼" slot and position of the slot on the track      ordering, supply a sketch showing all
locations on studs if through the knock-out          leg along with 12", 16" or 24" spacing. The        dimensions and gauges (thicknesses).
bridging is to be used.                              location of the studs are restricted to the
                                                     position of the slots on the track. This
                                                     system is best suited to walls with few
    Stud and Joist Bridging (Details A5 - A7)
    Lateral support is required with                     approach to lateral support is               structurally or are absent from one or
    Bailey studs and joists to provide                   used in the Bailey load tables for           both sides.
    resistance to rotation and to prevent                joists and for “sheathed” studs.                      The Bailey lightweight Steel
    minor axis bending due to axial                               Alternatively, the lateral          Framing Systems brochure specifies
    loads. Properly attached rigid and                   support for studs can be provided            the number of rows of bridging
    durable facing materials will provide                by steel bridging alone This                 required for both the sheathed and the
    the necessary lateral support when                   approach is designated the                   unsheathed cases.
    supplemented by steel bridging. This                 “unsheathed” case and is
    combined                                             appropriate when the facing
                                                         materials cannot be relied on

Notched Channel Bridging                                                                            Flat Strap Bridging
                                                     (475#) and ¾" x 1-1/2" x .057" (600#).
                                                                                                    Flat strap is available cut to length or in coils.
Available in 12'-0" lengths of ½"   x 1-1/2" x       For both welded and screwed
                                                                                                    Cut to length is available in pieces 10'-0" long
.045" (385 #) or ¾" x 1-1/2" x 0.57" (600#)          applications, the standard angle clips are
                                                                                                    in 20 (.036"), 18 (.048"), 16 (.060"), and 14
channels. Specify profile, gauge and centres         1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 3-1/8" long for 3-5/8"
                                                     studs, 3-1/2" long for 4" studs, 5-1/2" long   (.075") gauges and custom widths. Coil strap
of notching when ordering. Notches                                                                  is available in 18 (.048") and 16 (.060") gauge
accommodate 1-5/8" flange.                           for 6" studs and 7-1/2" long for 8" studs.
                                                                                                    2-1/2" wide and 16 (.060") gauge 3" wide.
           This type of bridging can take            For the light duty 20 gauge (.033") studs,
                                                     special angle clip lengths are supplied        Other widths and gauges available on request.
tension and compression and must be used in                                                         Specify width and gauge when ordering.
combination with solid bridging or direct            with pre-punched self positioning screw
attachment to shear walls. Notched channel           holes.
                                                                                                               This type of bridging can take
bridging is best suited to projects with regular                                                    tension only and must be used in combination
stud (or joist) spacings and where holes are               Specify profile and gauge (thickness)
                                                                                                    with solid bridging or direct attachment to
not available at the required location for           for channels when ordering. For clips,
                                                     specify gauge (thickness), stud depth and      shear walls. Flat strap bridging is best suited
through the knock-out type of bridging.                                                             to projects with irregular stud (or joist)
Through the Knock-out Bridging                       type when ordering. This type of bridging
                                                                                                    spacings and where holes are not available at
                                                     is best suited to wall studs with regular
For both welded and screwed applications,            knock-out spacing. For floor joists use        the required location for through the knock-out
the standard channels are ½" x 1-1/2" x .045"        notched channel or flat strap bridging.        type of bridging.
(385#), ½" x 1-1/2" x .057"

  Slide Clips
  (details A8 - A9)
  Slide clips are used to attach steel
  studs and panels to the edge of a
  floor slab or roof where the studs
  bypass the floor or roof.
           These details allow for floor
  slab deflection and building frame
  shrinkage without loading the stud               Horizontal Flange Attachment
                                                                                                        bearing surface must be provided for the stud
  axially.                                         (H.F.A.)                                             under positive wind loads and bridging for the
           Slide clips also                        Available in 14 gauge (.075") and 4" length.         exterior stud flange may also be required.
                                                   Other profiles and gauges available on
  accommodate a certain amount of
  construction error.
                                                              This slide clip is the most
                                                                                                        Vertical Web Attachment
           When selecting Bailey wind              economical alternative but cannot adjust in           (V.W.A.)
  bearing studs, a slide clip must be              the horizontal direction perpendicular to the        T his slide clip can accommodate variations in
                                                   face of the building. The building element to        the floor or roof edge perpendicular to the face
  used.                                            which it connects must therefore be                  of the building. Specify dimensions and gauges
                                                   adjustable or positioned properly. In                (thicknesses) when ordering.
                                                   addition, an appropriate bearing surface
Bracing to Resist Wind and Seismic Racking (Details A10 - A12)
In axial load bearing stud                        tension straps are normally the                  connections must be carefully
construction, some form of                        most economical means of                         engineered to transfer the full
bracing is required to resist                     providing this bracing.                          design load and care must be
wind, seismic and the sway                                Diagonal tension straps                  taken to insure that the
effects produced by vertical                      are typically installed in pairs to              horizontal and vertical strap
loads acting on the structure                     form an X pattern over the face                  reactions are accounted for.
(the P-delta effect). Diagonal                    of the studs. Strap end

 Diagonal Tension Straps                          Anchor Angle/Channel                         Flat Plates
 Available in the same material as flat           Manufactured from hot rolled steel.          Available in 20 (.036"), 18 (.048"), 16 (.060")
 strap bridging.                                  Specify dimensions, hole requirements        and 14 (.075") gauge. Specify gauge and size
                                                  and thickness when ordering.                 when ordering.

 Metallic Coating Designations                                                                         Steel

                                    G115                             Z350
                                                                                                       All heavy gauge accessories are
                                                                                                       manufactured from steel conforming to the
  Electrolytic Zinc                 Class B                          Class B                           requirements of ASTM A446 with a minimum
  Coated                            Class C                          Class C                           G60 galvanized coating. Steel yields conform
                                                                                                       to the following:
 Notes:                                                                                                CHANNEL BRIDGING
 1. Imperial coating designations (eg. G90) denotes 0.90 oz/ft2 total both sides by the                Fy = 33 ksi for all thicknesses
     triple spot test.                                                                                 ALL OTHER PRODUCTS
                                                                                                       Fy = 33 ksi for thicknesses less than or equal
                                                                                                       to .048”
 2.   Metric coating designations (eg. Z275) denotes 275 g/m2 total both sides by the                  Fy = 50 ksi for thicknesses greater than or
      triple spot test.                                                                                equal to .060"

 3.   The coating thickness may be estimated from the coating mass using the following
                           2        2
      relationship: 100 g/m (1 oz/ft ) total both sides is equal to .014 mm (.0017 in.) total          Metric/Imperial
      both sides.
                                                                                                       Load Conversion
 Gauge - Thickness Conversion                                                                          1.
                                                                                                            To convert loads in psf to kN/m (or kPa)
                                                                                                            multiply by .04788 (eg. 10 psf = .048
             GAUGE NO.                    IMPERIAL THICKNESS                METRIC THICKNESS                     2
                                                (inches)                          (mm)                      kN/m ).

            20 (Light Duty)                      .033                             0.85                                                 2
                                                                                                       2.   To convert loads in kN/m (or kPa) to psf
            20 (Standard)                        .036                             0.91                                                   2
                  18                             .048                             1.22
                                                                                                            multiply by 20.89 (eg. 2 kN/m = 41.8
                  16                             .060                             1.52                      psf).
                  14                             .075                             1.91
                  12                             .105                             2.67                 3.   KN/m (kilonewtons per square metre) is
                                                                                                            equivalent to kPa (kilopascals).
 1. The preferred method of ordering is to specify thickness in inches or millimetres.                 THE TECHNICAL DATA IN THIS
                                                                                                       BROCHURE IS INTENDED AS AN AID TO
 2.   Thicknesses shown are minimum thicknesses exclusive of coatings.                                 THE DESIGN PROFESSIONAL AND
                                                                                                       SHOULD NOT BE USED TO REPLACE THE
                                                                                                       JUDGEMENT OF A QUALIFIED ENGINEER
                                                                                                       OR ARCHITECT.
Bridging Channel Section Properties Table
                                                                      LIMIT STATES DESIGN
     DEPTH       FLANGE          NESS
       A            B              t           WGHT            AREA             Ix            Iy          rx           ry            Xcg         Xsc
                                                                   2              4             4
      (in)         (in)           (in)         (lbs/ft)         (in )         (in )         (in )        (in)         (in)           (in)        (in)

       1.5         0.50          .045           0.358           0.105        0.0325        .00227       0.566        0.147          0.120        0.145
                                 .057           0.448           0.132        0.0399        .00277       0.550        0.145          0.125        0.137

       1.5         0.75          .057           0.545           0.160        0.0547        .00877       0.585        0.234          0.214        0.254

       2.5         0.50          .045           0.511           0.150        0.1150        .00258       0.876        0.131          0.091        0.112
                                 .057           0.642           0.189        0.1430        .00316       0.870        0.129          0.096        0.104

       2.5         0.75          .057           0.739           0.217        0.1850        .01020       0.924        0.217          0.166        0.211

                                            LIMIT STATES DESIGN
 DEPTH          FLANGE       NESS                                                                                    Notes:
   A               B           t             Cw               J              J             Mrx          Sxc
  (in)            (in)        (in)
                                            (in )
                                                            (in )          (in)         (in.kips)       (in3)
                                                                                                                     1. Fy = 33 ksi

      1.5        0.50         .045        .00087          .0000710        0.810           1.29        0.0433         2.      All properties are
                              .057        .00104          .0001420        0.802           1.58        0.0531                 unreduced for local
                                                                                                                             buckling except Mrx.
      1.5        0.75         .057        .00325          .0001730        0.846           2.17        0.0729
                                                                                                                     3.      For definition of terms see
      2.5        0.50         .045        .00293          .0001010        1.720           2.74        0.0921                 Bailey/Mantane
                              .057        .00355          .0002040        1.710           3.39        0.1140                 Lightweight Steel Framing
      2.5        0.75         .057        .01110          .0002350        1.400           4.40        0.1480
                                                                                                                             Systems – Section 6.

Factored Resistances for Screw Connectors - Lbs
                                                               LIMIT STATES DESIGN
                       No. ¼-14                    No. 12-14               No. 10-16                        No. 8-18                     No. 6-20
      Steel           D = .185”                    D = .157”               D = .135”                       D = .116”                    D = .099”
      Thick-     Shear or                     Shear or                Shear or                        Shear or                     Shear or
     ness(in)    Bending      Pullout         Bending     Pullout     Bending     Pullout             Bending      Pullout         Bending      Pullout

       .105        878            528               675             486       491            471         NA           455            NA          NA
       .075        627            363               533             323       429            308         NA           300            NA          275
       .060        502            239               426             230       366            227         315          213            NA          198
       .048        402            152               341             152       293            147         252          141            215         125
       .036        231            107               215             107       212            104         189          102            161          80
1. Factored screw resistances are derived from test data for Buildex TEKS self-drilling self-tapping sheet metal screws and may not be
       appropriate for other screw types. (Reference: Metal Lath/Steel Framing Association – Lightweight Steel Framing Manual Second
2.     Factored resistances are based on averaged test results divided by 2 and are to be used in combination with Limit States Design
       factored loads. In addition, the Shear or Bearing resistances have been limited by the bearing resistance, Br, from CAN3-S136-84
       Clause with e = 1.5 x D.
3.     The bearing resistance, Br, may be further limited by CAN3-S136-84 Clauses, or 7.3.3.
4.     Connected material must conform to the requirements of CAN3-S136-84 with a minimum yield strength of 33 ksi.
5.     Screw spacing shall not be less than 2.5 D and screw edge distance shall not be less than 1.5 x D.
6.     Screw designations (eg. No. 12-14) denote diameter – threads/in. NA = Not applicable–excessive metal thickness for this screw type.
                                                                           D = Root diameter of threaded portion (minimum).

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