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Are Home Remedies for Yeast Infection Symptoms Effective


									All over the world women (and men) are searching for natural remedies to treat their
yeast infection. But why is this? What's wrong with mainstream drug-based creams,
lotions, pessaries, sprays, etc?
  To explain why I think this is, it's necessary to go over what causes the symptoms of
a yeast infection, and, what triggers the infection in the first place...
  By now, you may know that your yeast infection symptoms, are caused by a
naturally occurring fungus in your body called Candida albicans. Even although we
all have this fungus, it doesn't always flare-up into an infection simply because the
body's friendly bacteria manages to keep it in check.
  But sometimes the good bacteria haven't enough numbers to do this job effectively
and you end up with an imbalance in your body, allowing the Candida fungus to grow
and spread, thus causing the yeast infection symptoms. You can have an infection in
most any part of the body, but in women, the most common is the vaginal area, and in
men, the penile area.
  So now we come to the mainstream treatment that you have probably used already or
are using right now....
  This form of treatment is the usual route that your doctor will take, with the
medications being available over-the-counter or prescribed. And, it has to be said, that
they seem to work over time. Except that, of all the women who have at least one
yeast infection in their lives, around 50% will have recurring infections. So if the
drugs are any good, why is this figure so high?
  The answer to that could lie in that; (1) they can have pretty nasty side effects, so
that some women (and men) can't take them; (2) over time the fungus can become
drug-resistant; and (3) they only address the symptoms, not the root causes / triggers
for yeast infections. What are these underlying causes / triggers? Well, these are
things like, diabetes, lowered immune system, antibiotic or steroid overuse, being
overweight, contraception, stress, poor diet, etc.
  This is why people are increasingly moving towards natural home remedies for the
symptoms of yeast infection. But are these effective, and if so, why? Well let's look at
several of the most popular home remedies...
  This is very popular and is applied to the affected area and /or consumed. So what?
Well, plain natural unsweetened yogurt, with no fruit and no other additives, contains
live cultures which are good bacteria. And it so happens that this bacteria is able to
fight the Candida fungus in your gut and at the local infection site.
  Once again this can be applied locally and / or eaten. Garlic has proven natural
antibacterial and antifungal properties which makes it an ideal and effective home
remedy for yeast infection.
  Unbelievably, this turns out to be an effective home remedy too. Once again, it can
be applied topically as a douche and / or consumed. It has the ability to re-balance
your body pH, which is a condition that helps to prevent fungal growth. But it needs
to be raw, un-distilled and unpasteurized.
 Many women have successfully used these natural remedies for yeast infection.
They could do the trick for you too. Now, I haven't discussed here how to prepare and
use them, the purpose of this article was only to look at whether home remedies for
yeast infection symptoms were effective or not.
 So to get all the information you need on home remedies for yeast infection
symptoms, please go now to
and get the facts.

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