Are Coed Dorm Rooms A Good Idea For College Students- by hkksew3563rd


									Coed dorms have been common on American college and university campuses since
the 1960s. But as the Los Angeles Times reported, the latest trend on college
campuses is the mixed gender dorm room. Yes, this means that male and female
students are sharing the same room. So, does this mean male and female students will
be assigned randomly to be college roommates? No; these so-called "gender-neutral
dorm room" arrangements are voluntary. Some of these arrangements are being
chosen by gay and lesbian students; a gay male student, for example, might choose to
live with a heterosexual female friend. Other mixed-gender roommates are platonic
heterosexual friends. Mixed-gender rooms also gives heterosexual couples to option
to live together. So are coed dorm rooms a good idea? Here are some advantages and
disadvantages of this new living arrangement. Advantages of Coed Dorm Rooms One
advantage of mixed-gender dorm rooms is that this gives students more options for
finding a compatible roommates. It can be a real challenge to avoid roommate conflict
and to find someone who's easy to live with. Moreover, some women get along better
with men, and some men get along better with women. For some GLBT students,
gender-neutral housing may be ideal. The same-sex roommate model assumes the two
roommates don't have the capacity to be attracted to one another. Mixed-gender dorm
rooms means that GLBT students can have the equivalent roommate relationship with
an opposite-sex heterosexual friend. Others argue that mixed-sex dorm rooms simply
aren't that big of a deal. College students are adults and can make the decision to live
with whomever they like. And students have been living with opposite sex roommates
in apartments for years. Disadvantages of Coed Dorm Rooms Critics of coed dorm
rooms argue that this living arrangement exacerbates the problems that come with all
coed dorm living. Some students just aren't mature enough for coed dorms, where
promiscuity and sexual harassment can be issues. (Here's more about the pros and
cons of living in a coed dorm.) One problem with living with an opposite sex friend is
modesty. While same sex roommates don't usually parade around naked in front of
each other, they do get glimpses of each other's bodies upon occasion. After all, a
dorm room is pretty small. Unless heterosexual friends are comfortable with this
degree of intimacy, changing can become an issue. And for a female student, sharing a
room with a guy means probably means he'll be seeing her undies, tampons, birth
control pills, and other "girlie" things she probably doesn't share with her guy friends.
For heterosexual friends, one problem with this arrangement is that expectations
sometimes changes, especially when living in close quarters with someone. if one
roommate suddenly sees the other as more than "just friends," suddenly there's an
awkward situation. This can also be an issue for GLBT students who live with straight
friends. Sometimes, the straight friend may feel like a couple more than the gay friend
would like. For couples, this may be a fine arrangement 鈥?unless there's a breakup.
And for couples who do stay together, sharing a small dorm room may not be the best
place to move a relationship to the "living together" stage. Dorm rooms leave no room
for personal space, and that can be hard on a relationship. in addition, dorm hallways
are full of gossip and drama, which isn't the best environment to have a relationship.
So are coed dorms a good idea? Clearly, this arrangement isn't for everyone. For some
students, though, living with an opposite sex roommate may be an ideal situation.
Students are thinking about this arrangement should carefully weigh the advantages
and disadvantages.
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