Applying for the K1 Visa - The Fiance Visa Application

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					Applying for the K1 Visa - The Fiance Visa Application -
  With the many organizations offering their fiance visa services to couples wanting to
apply for the K1 visa, not a few oversimplify the process and unwittingly leave out
many vital facts that can prove helpful to the people involved. can give you a comprehensive picture without leaving out any
important detail in the complicated process of acquiring a K1 visa for your foreign
national fiance(e). We will be happy to review your case very carefully and present to
you all necessary details involved in the process.
  Why you should choose - We offer 3 service packages that you
can choose from to suit your needs and budget. Even with our basic package, you
wouldn't have to sort through the confusing legal requirements by yourself. We help
you identify and prepare the right documents needed for the initial petition. - Our
Start-To-Finish package will ensure that all the work that is required, from the K1
petition to the embassy visa application, is done for you until your fiance(e) received
the K1 visa,. - Our Platinum Package with International support is all of the
Start-To-Finish package plus native language support for your fiance(e) all throughout
the process. You can also avail of our payment plan should you have cash flow
problems at this time. - We likewise offer adjustment of status services after you get
married. We help your spouse change status to a Conditional Permanent Resident and
apply for work permit, travel permit and the green card. - You get professional and
competent service without having to pay astronomical fees. - We have an unbroken
record of success with all our qualified clients - We have built a strong professional
relationship with the agencies involved in the process and can reduce unnecessary red
tape for you - We are always accurate, detailed, efficient and highly organized so you
can be assured that your fiance visa petition are without errors and will be approved
  Let us make this long, convoluted process easy and smooth for you. Leave all the
work to the experts so that you can concentrate on the more important things in your
life - like planning your wedding! Call us at (888) 894-8655, visit us at or email us now for more information!

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