appliances To The Countryside_ The Plight Of Small And Medium Enterprises

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					In addition to major brand appliances

business, the home appliances to the countryside where there is no lack of SMEs
figure, but no big strength of their sources, from appliances to rural areas where small
and medium enterprises how to slice ... ...

 "On Appliances to the countryside

Really hard to describe. Originally thought that this is a good opportunity, but really
to discover after the rural market, market development difficult, rural consumers love
and psychological selection, than expected. Particularly those scattered villages, to
our goods delivery, home delivery, installation

 Service Set a high threshold. "A head of household appliances enterprises in
Zhejiang Province in an interview with reporters, expressing his true feelings on the
appliances to the countryside.

 Reporter noted that on July 21, the Ministry of Commerce released the first "home
appliances to the countryside" policy since the full implementation of the first six

 Sell Performance, the focus in the performance report and the circumstances behind
the stories is increasingly being described and displayed. The difficulties of SMEs in
rural development and helplessness, successful dealers are not happy with the trouble
appliances, consumers bid appliances and loss of hope.

 Signs that appliances to the countryside of this opportunity, for many product areas
and businesses, or a new round of reshuffling and restructuring period. Even if the
successful bidder of the appliances to the countryside, ultimately failed in the rural
market, the performance of their due returns will eventually be cleared out of the
situation facing.

 Data behind the mystery "All electric, Small appliances Cold, popular in large
enterprises, small businesses bullied, "image of home appliances observers generalize
to reporters during the first half of this year sales of home appliances to the

 Reporter notes that half of this year at the Commerce Department reported sales of
home appliances to the countryside,

 Refrigerator , Color TVs, washing machines became the biggest winner, the overall
proportion of sales accounted for respectively 68.5%, 13.72%, 10.13%. This, insiders
pointed out that the main refrigerator, color TV,
  Mobile , Washing machines and other products of the countryside 4 start early in
2008 on the implementation of, access to market opportunities. At the same time, raise
living standards in recent years as farmers, refrigerators in the rural market
development into a universal period from growth stage. Currently, the daily life of
rural households are becoming increasingly closely with the refrigerator, but many
years ago launched the refrigerator business

 Energy Revolution, for refrigerators in rural areas provide space for large-scale

TV as the rural market saturation after upgrading, development has entered a slow
growth period. To promote the growth of color television in the rural market, is the
principal means by "flat-panel CRT replacement" product upgrades, through
stimulating consumer demand and stimulate new rural secondary replacement.
Washing machines in the rural market development, have yet to be farmers way of life
and living standards improve, the next few years will also get new growth

 However, the mobile phone to the countryside despite the early start, but sales are
poor, compared with sales of only 1.4% a surprising. In this regard, a person in charge
of that cell phone companies, on the one hand is the winning products are in the rural

 Cottage Machine had a big impact, and second, a number of network coverage in
remote areas still to be improved. In addition, domestic enterprises accounted weaker
than in the mobile phone market, foreign brands, but the intensity and pace of
foreign-funded enterprises to rural areas is smaller, it also led to weak sales of mobile
phones in rural areas.

 Although the air conditioning to the countryside

start late, but growing fast. 8 March this year launched the pilot provinces, to start in
May for the national, currently holds 3.8% share of the total. In this regard, a number
of air-conditioning company admitted that on the one hand is lower in rural air
conditioner market share, up more space, and second, the United States, the Oaks and
other major brands have the countryside, together stimulate rural consumption.
Statistics show that in the future 2? 3 years the share of the domestic air conditioner
market in rural areas will significantly improve.

 The countryside until May this year, water heater, induction cooker, microwave
ovens and other small appliances, while winning more than the number of enterprises,
but the overall poor sales. There are still times even as special, holy water heater
element and electronics sales business is only one situation in Taiwan. And after 92
successful solar energy business, yet there are no sales of more than 80. Meanwhile,
microwave oven, induction cooker sales are not optimistic about the sales of two
products in the field of business there were only two other companies have not the
slightest movement, which made many of the industry had been optimistic about the
microwave oven, electric stove to the countryside, overshadowed shadow.
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equipments , indiglo gauges.

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