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Apartment Living 101


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									I've lived in an apartment for a greater part of my life. In my experience it has been a
very good way to live. Seeings that I've also lived in regular homes, condos, hotels
and even in one or two duplexes. Now don't get me wrong, other places to live can
have their advantages, such as a yard or home owners associations, but apartments
have their great advantages as well. In this article I would like to explore the
advantages of apartment living as opposed to the other alternatives.
  To begin with, apartments may have had a negative stigma to many people, some
view them as slums, some view them as low income housing, some see them as being
a bit intrusive. Now, that is fine and all that some people feel that way. but in my
experience I've found that living in an apartment is an amazing experience. One of my
favorite parts of living in an apartment is the affordability. Now you can throw
hundreds of dollars on living in your own home, have to deal with all the extra
expenses, or you can pay around seven hundred dollars a month to live in an
apartment. In my opinion I've found spending less money is the better of the two
  Second of all, and one of the most important things I've found as a great asset of
living in an apartment has also been the maintenance being able to take care of the
problems you may be experiencing. My friend that lives in an apartment nearby and
one night he accidentally broke his sliding glass door. The next day he called the front
office and they said that was fine and they would send someone out to take care of it.
Sure enough, three hours later the glass man was out, taking the sliding glass door out,
oiling up the track and fixing the door. So the time that elapsed from his breaking the
door to them taking care of the problem was literally only about eighteen hours. It was
very impressive to see and it definitely made a great impact on me.
  Another great amenity is the pool and spa. When you own a house you end up
having to pay enormous amounts of money to heat your pool and spa. When you live
in an apartment not only do you not have to pay the bill but you also do not have to
pay for the cleaning and upkeep of chemicals and other necessities involved with
owning a pool.
  If you decide that renting is for you then be sure that you get renters insurance.
Renters insurance is an optional insurance that you have to purchase separately. My
friend that i mentioned above did have renters insurance and that is why he did not
have to pay to have the window fixed. If he did not have renters insurance he would
have had to pay more than five hundred dollars. Renters insurance can cost you as
little as a few dollars per month and is definitely worth it. So please get a renters
insurance quotes
  Although I've only covered a few percs to apartment living, there are many many
other benefits to apartment living, such as the lack of a yard, the gym, and the
possibility of getting great neighbors. These are just a few benefits, and definatly
worth checking into. So please, take a good look at apartment living, you won't regret

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