Ao Smith Water Heater Not Descaling Issue Abnormal Sound

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					Electric water heater Given noisy people abnormal sound, spin Chang aunt, and the
neighbors can not sleep, and finally shut down the family to rely on mains water for
the time being trouble. Manufacturers that, in order to avoid similar situations

 Water heater Be regularly maintained. Last night (December 1) 9 am, in the Second
District, Chaoyang District, nectar garden, Zhang saw her aunt's home with a "sour"
the water heater. The reporters found that as long as Aunt Zhang unscrew valve, water
heater as

 Mobile Vibration, like ourselves against the wall issue abnormal sound, voice and

Washing machine Similar movement when drying.

's Hand-to-water heater, can obviously feel vibration. In the interview, the next-door
neighbor also came a few complaints was that movement can not rest so much noise
at night. "Lee's live next door neighbors let their children learn to go outside!" Da

 Aunt Zhang told reporters, AO Smith Water own home to buy in 2005, occasionally
in recent months, but the noise does not last long. However, shortly after 5 am
yesterday, the water heater started to keep the noise.

 Aunt Zhang initially thought it was upstairs Which pipeline maintenance, and she
5:00 dark flashlight has climbed from 14th floor, 3rd floor, Which view is the
maintenance. "It was no elevator opened, I climbed up and down in torment to 6
o'clock was discovered that the problem lies in its own water heater." Zhang said Aunt

 Aunt Zhang said that after the water heater manufacturers come see the problem
does not exist, may be caused by water pressure. However, this has been denied after
the property in view.

 The end, Aunt Zhang had to close the valve and power at home. "Although a bit
inconvenient, but I can not affect the neighbors a break ah!" Da mom.

 Factory customer service statement Get rid of scale on the expected damping

10 o'clock this morning, reporters and public relations for Ms. Wang manufacturer AO
Smith contacted her to ask for the journalists Aunt contact sheets, said that careful
look at the situation, do further processing. Meanwhile, AO Smith Water Heater
Service Hotline staff said, according to a press reflect the situation, Zhang Aunt home
water heater may be due to a long time without making use of maintenance, resulting
in the deposition of scale pipeline too, so that increase in pressure causing a pipeline
vibration as long as after-sales service personnel to find you can get rid of scale.
 Publicity department Handling an exception, please hand

Morning, reporters on the advice of water heater to use the AO Smith and Haier's
customer service staff, the two companies presented the following recommendations:

 1. As colder weather in winter, when the inlet valve using a small adjustment will
help protect the water heater.

 2. Found that the slow heating, it should be to contact service department to do

 3. After the exception occurs in a timely manner without water power, to ensure
personal safety.

 4. When the scale was found inside a water heater, you should please professional
cleaning, so as not to undermine the liner.

 5. The unpleasant smell in the water when the timely replacement of magnesium
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