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					                                                                                             HOSPITAL &
                                                                                         CLINIC MANAGMENT

 Hygiene and health care
  associated infections
      By: Professor Alex von Holy, School of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of the Witwatersrand,
                                  Johannesburg and Von Holy Consulting CC

  Health care associated infections (HCAIs) continue to attract negative and sensational
   media and consumer attention, impact upon health care delivery and are a cause of
morbidity and mortality, both locally and internationally. Consequently, the infection control
   community is expressing interest in management systems which show promise in
            addressing this problem, one of these being the HACCP approach.

        ACCP is a risk management           and 3M South Africa. It was attended by

H       approach widely used in the food
        industry to manage/prevent
foodborne disease which shows much
                                            close to 100 delegates from the health
                                            care field. The profile of delegates
                                            consisted of 35% infection
promise as an application in preventing     control/CSSD/professional nurses,
HCAIs. It would not provide infection       15% catering/kitchen managers, 14%
control/nursing staff with new control      Department of Health personnel
measures but provide them with a            including environmental health
management framework into which             practitioners, 16% suppliers to the
known/existing infection control            industry and 20% delegates from
practices could be incorporated. To date    miscellaneous backgrounds such as
there has been only limited use of          administrators, dieticians, architects,
HACCP within the health care                academics and media reporters.
community and, whilst many principles
are directly applicable, others will need   The programme featured three local and
to be adapted. Work on this is currently    one international speaker. Local
being undertaken in the UK where the        speakers were Professor Adriano Duse,                Professor Alex von Holy
approach was mentioned in the               a well-known authority on infection
government infection control prevention     control in southern Africa and abroad,
document “Winning Ways”. However,           Mr Deryck Smith, a professional              Public and Patient Involvement in Health
current interest in this strategy is        engineer who specialises in cleanroom        in the United Kingdom.
worldwide.                                  design and consulting and Professor
                                            Alex von Holy, a food and industrial         Delegates provided comprehensive
On 9 March, Von Holy Consulting             microbiologist who pioneered the             feedback and opinions on this landmark
hosted a one-day seminar focusing on        training and application of HACCP in the     event.
some of the latest international            southern African food and allied
perspectives on infection control in        industries.                                  The overwhelming opinion was that the
hospitals. This seminar, the first of its                                                seminar gave them new insights
kind in South Africa, provided insights     Professor Chris Griffith, Director of        applicable and relevant to the working
on the current status of HCAIs in South     Enterprise and Development of the            situation (100%). The delegates also felt
Africa and international approaches to      School of Applied Sciences at the            that the seminar matched (93%) or even
their management using the HACCP            University of Wales Institute, Cardiff,      exceeded (63%) their expectations.
system which is now routinely and           delivered the core of the programme.         Everybody stated that they would
successfully applied in food manufacture    Professor Griffith has a PhD degree in       recommend the seminar to others and
internationally to manage the risk of       both food and medical microbiology and       that it should definitely be offered again.
foodborne disease.                          is currently leading international           Specific comments related to the fact
                                            approaches and opinion on the                that management from all fields of
The seminar was sponsored by                application of HACCP in the                  health care needed to be exposed to
Consulting Microbiological Laboratory       management of HCAIs. In this process         the concepts covered and that the
(CML), Deryck Smith Consulting              he works closely with the Royal Institute    private sector and government needed
Engineers, Kemklean Hygiene Systems         of Public Health and the Commission for      to participate at senior management

                                                                                    Health & Hygiene / Mother & Baby • June 2006       23
               HOSPITAL &

     level. Furthermore, there were many             examiner for over ten MSc, MPhil and         School of Health sciences
     calls for this or similar events to be          PhD candidates.                              Sciences at the University of Wales
     presented in other provinces such as                                                         Institute, Cardiff (UWIC).He has
     Mpumalanga, Limpopo, the Free State,            He has authored/co-authored more than        assisted food companies and NHS
     KwaZulu-Natal and the Cape.                     350 books, book chapters, scientific         trusts to improve their hygiene
                                                     papers and conference proceedings            practices. He has managed a
     It is the author's opinion that the ground      including cross infection, hospital          multidisciplinary research team,
     staked by this seminar should be                cleaning and the decontamination of          including microbiologists,
     extended and further explored in order          endoscopes. He is editor of the British      sociologists and psychologists
     to make it accessible to local decision         Food Journal and a member of the             using traditional and novel
     makers and opinion leaders. Feedback            editorial board of four other journals,      approaches to improve the safety of
     from interested readers on mechanisms           including the American Journal of            foods and he is now applying
     and sponsorship channels to achieve             Infection Control. He is a member of the     similar techniques to the prevention
     this would be welcomed.                         communicable disease committee of the        of cross infection in hospitals. His
                                                     IAFP and has worked with a range of          current projects include the link
     A short biography of Professor                  organisations in the UK including the        between environmental
     Chris Griffith                                  Royal Institute of Public Health and the     contamination and infection, the
                                                     Commission for Public and Patient            spread of MRSA within wards,
                                                     Involvement in Health.                       improving the effectiveness of
                                                                                                  hospital cleaning and the movement
                                                     He currently works in the Cardiff            of pathogens between the health-

                                                      Infection Control in South Africa Semina

                                                      Latest International Perspectives
                                                      Hygiene and health care associated infections: the clinical approach to HACCP
                                                      (Hazard analysis critical control points)

                                                      Based on the resounding success and positive delegate feedback received from
                                                      the initial seminar, Von Holy Consulting is holding two more ground-breaking

                                                      • 2 day seminar: Johannesburg – 18 and 19 September 2006
                                                      • 1 day seminar: Durban – 21 September 2006

             Professor Chris Griffith                 Presenters include:
                                                      Professor Chris Griffith from the UK, international authority on the clinical
                                                      application of HACCP
     Professor Chris Griffith was brought up
                                                      Professor Alex von Holy, Wits University, South Africa, a pioneer of HACCP in
     in a hotel before obtaining a BSc and            South Africa
     PhD in Medical Microbiology from                 Deryck Smith – specialist in clean room design and consulting
     Liverpool University. This was followed
     by work in hospitals in the USA and              Content
     Sweden. Subsequently he primarily                These practically orientated seminars examine the interrelationships and impact of
     worked on food safety but lectured on            decontamination and cleaning within the clinical setting. Background information,
     aspects of microbiology and public               guidelines, models and case studies on the clinical application of HACCP are
     health for over 20 years. Most recently          presented.
     he has become more involved with
                                                      Who should attend?
     cleaning and auditing in health-care and
                                                      The seminars will benefit anyone involved in the management of HCAIs, such as
     the application and adaptation of
                                                      infection control, CSSD and professional nurses, catering managers, suppliers to
     HACCP to infection control.                      the health-care industry, departments of health, environmental health practitioners,
                                                      hospital CEO's, laboratory technicians, clinical directors, SHEQ coordinators,
     He has been awarded numerous                     maintenance managers, hospital administrators, architects, procurement
     international awards, including New              managers.
     Zealand ESR international research
     fellowship in 1999, a Welsh National             For more detail, sponsorship and exhibition opportunities contact:
     Assembly Award in 2002, IAFP
     international leadership award 2006, as          Sue Patterson: 011 609 5886, 082 927 3695, e-mail:
     well as a visiting professor and invited         Corene von Holy: 011 888 4918, 083 461 4228, e-mail:
     speaker in Europe, Africa, the USA and
     the Far East. He has been an external

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