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					       ALBERTON HIGH SCHOOL                               CONGRATULATIONS
                                               Congratulations to Kayleen Stork who was
                                               selected to the U19 Girls Softball All Star
                                               Team, at the SSA U19 Schools Provincial
                    But                        Games which took place in Pretoria from
                                               the 6th to the 8th December 2007. This
          The School of Excellence             team will represent Gauteng School
          General newsletter # 4               Softball at other Provincial Games in 2008.
            1st February 2008
                                                        HOMEWORK DIARIES
           GRADE 8 CONCERT                     There are still a small number of learners
We would like to take this opportunity of      who have not yet purchased the
thanking the councillors for all the hard      Homework diary. Homework diaries are
work they put in to make this concert such     compulsory and the R20 must be paid in
a great success.            People have        by the latest on Monday 4th February.
commented that it was one of the best          Learners without diaries after Monday will
Grade 8 concerts we have had in years,         be punished on a daily basis.
which speaks volumes for our 2008 Grade
8 group. A big thank-you also goes to the                   SCHOOL BAGS
parents for their support.                     As from Monday the lockers will be locked
                                               during teaching time. Learners will only
                ATHLETICS                      be allowed access to the lockers before
I would like to apologise to parents for the   school, during breaks and after school.
confusion that arose last week on Friday       Learners will therefore have to carry their
with the transport we arranged to Driehoek     books with them, which means they will
Hoërskool. I have instructed my staff not      need a proper school bag, which is re-
to make use of this bus service again.         enforced.     Please note that we will
Our next athletics meeting, which Alberton     approach our stationers, Ink Pot, for
High will be hosting, will take place at the   advice on the best possible bag for our
Germiston Stadium on Thursday 7th              textbooks.
February. If there are any parents who
would like to assist on this day in the tuck             WELFARE MATTERS
shop, please notify Mrs McKelvin. Only         Parents are asked to support our welfare
learners who have purchased the                projects, as this is our school’s way of
supporter’s T-shirt will be taken along to     being active in helping those less fortunate
support our athletes.      Learners will be    than ourselves.
allowed to wear the Alberton High                  • We Care Project – money is
supporter’s T-shirt with long blue jeans               collected at the end of each
(no other jeans will be allowed).                      month, and is used for the
Learners may wear last year’s supporter’s              underprivileged in our school.
shirt. The meeting will start at 08h00 until       • Amcare Project – we assist by
16h00. Buses will transport learners to                collecting tins of food for the
and from the Germiston Stadium at a cost               needy in our community.
of R10 per learner. Please note that it is
compulsory for all Grade 8 learners to                THOUGHT FOR THE DAY
attend this meeting.     No athlete will be    The trouble with life in the fast lane is that
excused from participation.                    you get to the other end in an awful hurry.
                                               (John Jensen)
The supporters’ shirts will be handed out
on Tuesday 5th February.                       M J M MINNIE