Zoo Tycoon 2 by Akmal280987


									                                   Zoo Tycoon 2
. Walk faster

While in Zoo Guest mode, hold [Cursor Forward] + Left Mouse Button to walk faster (run).

. More starting money in challenge mode

In challenge mode, put the pointer over the "Up" button hat increases your money, but do not
click on it. Press the [Up] key on the keyboard to increase your money twice as fast.

. Recycle bins

Maintenance workers do not pick up recycle bin trash. You must do this yourself.

. Meerkats

Keep more than five meerkats in an exhibit. Do not use a chain link fence or jungle wall because
they can escape.

Zoo Tycoon 2 Cheats and Tips [PC]
Secret - Run in Zoo Guest Mode and Photo Safari Mode
Since left-clicking the mouse makes you walk in Zoo Guest and Photo Safari Mode,
and so does W or Up, you can walk twice as fast (aka run) by holding two of these.

Secret - Run in Zoo Keeper mode
If you hold down the left mouse button and the up arrow key you can run in Zoo
Keeper and Guest mode.

Glitch - Make people repay to enter zoo
To make people repay to enter zoo simply pick them up and put them outside the gate
and they will repay. Note if someone is leaving your zoo and you do this they will not
come back in and they will walk out.

Unlockable - Jungle and African themes
African theme                                   five game challenges
jungle theme                                    five photo challenges complete

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