; Animation Industry - Brings Enormous Job Opportunities
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Animation Industry - Brings Enormous Job Opportunities


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									Who wouldn’t have seen cartoons in his/her Childhood? So you must be aware of
famous animated characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Stuart Little etc. that
always entertain you. But you don’t know how they were born and how such
characters do wonders with the art of drawing. Then your answer is Animation. Today,
animation is considered as one of the fastest growing industries in this world. In 21st
century, animation and visual effects are the most hunted jobs.
 Multimedia, an enormous field, merges images, animation, text, graphics, audio and
video for creating virtual magic. Only one component of multimedia is animation. For
becoming a professional in animation, an individual must do training from top
institute. If you have a basic sketching skills and a passion for animation, you can
start your career in this field. For the better job prospect in this field, one should have
a professional degree in animation. For earning a Degree in Animation, the minimum
educational qualification is 10 + 2 or equivalent. Apart from Animation Courses, there
are so many professional courses available such as Stop-motion animation, traditional
animation, Photoshop, Human anatomy, Rotscoping and much more for doing a
specialization in a particular field. But you must have a basic knowledge to handle a
 In animation field, there are numerous Job Opportunities available in India and all
over the world. An individual can work with television and Advertising Industry. As
an animator, he should have an artistic bent along with new imaginative skills and a
lot of passion. Masscomedia, one of the best animation institutes, also trains students
for the animation industry under the proper guidance of well qualified professionals.
 For More Details: http://www.masscomedia.com

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