Android Tablets Compete with the iPad

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					Apple 鈥檚 iPad has unleashed a stampede of tablets. Everyone is getting into the act,
from laptop makers to phone carriers, and most of them will run their tablets on
Laptop Manufacturers Jumping In
Dell 鈥檚 5-inch Streak received a luke-warm reception -it 鈥檚 too small, too
expensive and runs a very old version of Android -but there is a 7-inch Android tablet
in the works. On the other hand, the Windows 7-based Dell Inspiron Duo convertible
notebook with a rotating 10-inch screen draws wide eyes.
While HP develops a Windows 7-based tablet called the Slate, the Palm acquisition
appears on the radar, and now rumor has it we 鈥檒 l see a webOS tablet with an App
Store in 2011. Samsung comes on strong with a 7-inch tablet called the Galaxy Tab
and will supposedly be available soon. Laptop manufacturers, including Lenovo
(LePad), Acer, Asus (Eee Pad), Toshiba (yes, maker of Toshiba HDTVs) and others
have announced intentions to offer a tablet device, most likely running Android. The
2011 CES will likely be the 鈥淵 ear of the Tablet 鈥?
Tablets Coming from all Directions
Expect tablets from major handset manufacturers like HTC (with the rumored
Android 3.0) and Motorola. RIM 鈥檚 new 7-inch tablet, the BlackPad, is expected to
be running on a brand new highly robust platform from RIM 鈥檚 recently acquired
QNX Software Systems. This could easily become the 鈥渆 nterprise tablet 鈥?
Cisco has announced an Android tablet called the Cius, monitor vendor Viewsonic (G
Tablet) will have a tablet, and even best Best Buy plans to sell a private-label Android
tablet branded 鈥淩 ocketfish.鈥?p>Apple is rumored to be developing three new
iPads (5.6-inch, 7-inch and 9.7-inch) with OLED displays and possibly two cameras
for FaceTime compatibility.
Sadly, it looks likely that the Galaxy Tab will be the only iPad alternative available for
the holidays. If you can wait for the floodgates to open, there could be some realistic
iPad competitors in 2011.
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