; Android Gingerbread launching_ Google's Android operating system for the Nexus devices
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Android Gingerbread launching_ Google's Android operating system for the Nexus devices


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									Good news, fans of Android: Waiting for the bread could soon be over. For some of us,
at least. According to the latest rumors on the net, gingerbread Android - latest version
of Google's Android operating system - the Nexus devices within the "next few days."
So far, the news is completely official. It does, however, with the former Jive (also
unsubstantiated) reports that Pan would make his first public appearance on 11

 Of course, this is not the first time we've heard sounds so confident predictions of
the arrival of Android gingerbread, and previous predictions was not exactly final.
(Unconfirmed speculation on the Internet that was not 100 percent accuracy who
woulda processor?)

 This is the last tablespoon of ginger the real deal? Or is it just noise more sense?
Take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself. (See also: Ginger Android:
Everything there is to know)

 Android launch Gingerbread android operating system of the week: The link
between a rumor

 * The scoop: According to talk on Twitter, Nexusdevices receive an update over the
air Android ginger, which is believed to be counted Android 2.3, sometime this week.

  * Source: A man whose LinkedIn profile is identified as a member of the "leadership
team" for the Open Handset Alliance, a group of technology companies to help
develop and support the Android operating system. As first reported by police
Android Blog, man - Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez - posted on Sunday following tweet:

 Prepare your Nexus (Developer version) Android OTA update to 2.3 (gingerbread)
for the next day:-D Ginger bread Android Launching

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