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					                   Site Selection Criteria for 2013 ILA Convention
                Please address the following issues in your proposal

Please return your Site Proposal to Graham Bodie by January 15, 2011

      Attach a Microsoft Word (2003 is preferable) or PDF document to an email and
       send it to

Note: Where possible, please include specific links for properties and attractions.

  Do not despair if you cannot get absolutely every item below covered, but the
                                more the better.

Local Support
Person submitting proposal:

Other local ILA members who could/would serve on the Local Arrangements Committee:

Local organizations or businesses that you have contacted regarding supporting or
partnering with ILA

       Any contact information would be helpful

Are there potential sponsors (e.g. large organizations) with an interest in listening?

       Any contact information would be helpful


Where is it?

How often has ILA been to that section of the US or this country?

       When was the last time? If a convention has been held in this section of the US
       or country recently, are there extenuating circumstances that would make this the
       best choice for 2012?

Weather in March (if in the US) or July (if overseas) if appropriate to the proposal (or is
there a reason to come to this location at another time of year?)
Travel Costs
Airfare Cost: (averages from several major cities—see list below)
        New Orleans
        New York City
        San Diego
        St. Louis
        Frankfort, Germany
        Tokyo, Japan

Is the airport a hub for a major airline?

Cost of Transportation from the Airport to most Convention hotels:
Free or low cost airport shuttles to the site. Members generally are discouraged by
shuttles that take 30+ minutes, so a location not to far from the airport is optimal.

Is there a train/subway line between the airport and most hotels?

Possible convention centers:

Does the convention center have the capacity to put together a package with hotels and
food services? Tentative Costs??

Hotel Cost*: (room rate averages for 2, 3, and 4 people in the room.) Seek a
complimentary room nights as part of the package.

*Note: A less expensive alternative might be finding a hotel location where participants could
walk to off-site meet9ng space that is free or no cost. For example, at a college. We typically need
the following 1) space for registration, 2) space for silent auction, 3) a plenary room for about
110, 4) 3 – 4 breakouts of 30 people each.

Hotel location, amenities, and meeting facilities. Negotiate for free Internet in the
meeting rooms and guest rooms, as well as no charge for receiving packages. Free fitness
passes if they charge for them.

Hotel food – Note that this single area has been responsible for the increase of fees over
the years. We attempt to have a per person cost of $125 - $150 (including tax and service
charge) for 3 AM and 3 PM breaks, 1-2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner. Please have
the hotel contact provide evidence that this is possible and/or what types of arrangements
could be made. Note that most hotels will offer free meeting room rental ONLY with a
minimum food and beverage purchase.
Other Criteria:
Local attractions and tour options

What options are there for a Friday evening social event?

Local support (i.e., site chair, sponsors, institutions, organizations, etc., that could
provide programs, speakers, attendees) Is any other professional organization holding a
conference in this location at the same time as ILA?


How many ILA conventions have you attended ? We are looking for some idea of your
knowledge of how our membership thinks about conventions.

What do you believe is the most significant thing that will attract experienced ILA
members to you city?
What do you believe is the most significant thing that will attract new ILA participation???

Other compelling reasons to choose this location:

Once a location is selected, the committee can begin to check out hotels or other
meeting facilities.

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