How to print EC-BALLOON by using Microsoft Word by smithhaleey


									How to make data for EC-BALLOON by using Microsoft Word

   Toolbar Setting
It is easier for you to operate if you show the tools you frequently use on the screen.

                                  From the “View” in the Menu Bar, choose “Toolbars,”
                                  and tick “Formatting,” “Tables and Borders,” Picture”
                                  and “Drawing.”

Setting of Tool

   Insert Picture
You can easily change the sample data to your own photos and/or your favourite

                                  1. Click “Insert Picture” in the “Picture” tool.
                                  2. Select the picture you would like to insert.
                                  3. Click Insert button and the picture is inserted.

                                  4. Double-click the inserted picture.
                                  5. “Format Picture” screen         is   shown.     Select
                                      “Layout” and choose “In front of text.”
                                  6. Click OK button.

                                  7. The inserted picture will be shown in front.
                                  8. When the picture is selected, you can see white
                                      squares around the picture.         If you move the
                                      cursor on one of the white squares, the cursor
                                      changes to an arrow. By clicking & dragging the
                                      arrow, you can change the size of the picture.
                             9. Select the sample picture and delete it.
                             10. Move the inserted picture and adjust its position.

 How to edit WordArt Text

                             1. If you click the WordArt text, the editing bar will
                                be shown.
                             2. Click “Edit Text.”
                             3. The “Edit WordArd Text” window is shown.

                             4. Change text.
                             5. You can also change the font and size.

                             6. If you want to place the WordArt in front of the
                                inserted picture, select the WordArt and click the
                                right button of your mouse and select “Bring to
                                Front” from the “Order” tab.
                                7. If you want to add a new WordArt, click “A” on the
                                   WordArt editing bar.
                                8. WordArt Gallery will be shown, then choose one
                                   and click OK button.

                                9. Follow the instructions above and edit it.

                                *NOTE: Some of the templates are using picture data,
                                which cannot be edited by the method above.

   How to edit ordinary text

                                1. Ordinary text is inserted by using text box.    Drag
                                   the text you would like to change and type in your

                                2. By using “Formatting” tool bar, you can also
                                   change the font, colour and size of the text.
   How to change background
You can easily change the background and add some other designs as well.

                                Change Background Colour
                                1. Double-click the background.
                                2. “Format AutoShape” screen         will   be   shown.
                                    Change the colour as you wish.
                                3. Click OK button.

                                “Fill Effect” of the background
                                1. Double-click the background.
                                2. From the “Fill” Colour tab, choose “Fill Effects…”
                                    and arrange your original effects.
                                3. Click OK button.

                                Add AutoShapes
                                1. Choose one of the AutoShapes from the AutoShape
                                2. Drag on the screen and draw the shape.
                                3. Same as background, by double-clicking the shape,
                                    you can change the colour and position of the

*The above instruction is based on Microsoft Word for Windows.
*For further information of how to operate Microsoft Word, please refer to your Word
Manual and/or HELP.
*For more templates, please visit our home page

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