An LCD enclosure for manufacturing facility defense

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					One central part of any plant information collection systems is an LCD enclosure,
these protect the pricey electronic devices from dust and fluids that are deployed in
  One thing is for definite if you have ever visited a plant you will know that there is a
large amount of grime and this is why the data systems that are used in the factory are
stored in computer enclosures, these safeguard them to Nema 4x and IP65, now with
the development of hardware, large format TVs are being installed in factory
environments to demonstrate company news, product data and these require an LCD
  So what's an LCD housing? These defensive cases are created from mild steel and
watertight to avoid water ingress harming any of the hardware inside the enclosure,
the equipment can range from a PC, a large monitor or a small media player..
  When you seal an casing, challenges occur this is why the LCD enclosure has to
have some type of internal temperature control so the units are at home in arctic
conditions as well as in deserts, stopping any system failure.
  Numerous manufacturers including Heinz, Delmonte, Northern Foods, Ford Motor
Company and Honda to name a few.
  As these organizations appreciate the data that the computer collection systems
creates and with the current world of instantaneous data, customers need to know
when their purchase is going to dispatch, using these computer systems the customer
can login and find out exactly where their order is in the manufacturing queue..
  What is required to install these protecting PC and LCD enclosures? If there is an
existing computer network in the manufacturing facility this can be used, if not there
is a probability of an expensive cabling installation, but if you use an existing network
the computers and printer are positioned into their respective housings and the huge
LCD enclosure for the plasma and LCD displays are fitted to a gantry or to a wall,
these are wired to a workstation and display the information for that manufacturing
  Without this protection the equipment would fail in under a month in the
circumstances of a plant or even outdoors.
  Now an outdoor solution can incorporate into a factory system, by integrating the PC
enclosure and the LCD casing for the ultimate in factory information system defense.
  An LCD housing for manufacturing facility fortification
  An LCD case is an important element of any factory floor informative collection
solution, as these protect the expensive electronic equipment from the dirt and grime
connected with a factory.
  Graham is the leading manufacturer a range of LCD enclosures, this range of
product is supplied to digital signage integrators throughout the world, now they also
offer an indoor solution a digital poster, but it does not have the protection of an LCD