An Introduction to the Great Samsung Omnia 7

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					The new Omnia 7 is the first handset from prolific manufacturer Samsung to sport the
brand new Windows 7 operating system, Microsofts big push to rival the likes of
Android and IOS. The superb screen on the handset is tailor made to display the
colour rich interface that the new operating system offers.
 Putting to one sides its gorgeous appearance for a moment, the other really
impressive aspect of the Windows 7 operating system is its overall ease of use. The
homescreen layout comprises of a series of tiles. These tiles behave in two ways,
either they are fixed shortcuts to your favourite information such as contacts and
applications, or they are hubs such as people or gaming. The attractive feature of the
hubs is that they are constantly updated, for example the people hub shows
continually changing photograph of your friends. The tiles are laid out vertically on
the screen, and new additions can be added from the menu. The refreshing thing about
this layout is how it differs in appearance from the Android and Apple systems that
have dominated the market for some while now. Synchronisation to sites such as
Facebook will please social networking sites, with status updates once again being
updated directly to your homescreen via the People tile. A 1GHZ processors
adequately handles all that the handset can throw at it, responding well to loading
applications and viewing web pages, and generally providing a speedy operation of
the phone. A large capacity 1500mAh battery comes with the handset. This offers up
to 330 hours of 3G standby time and up to 6 hour 10 minutes talktime.
 The dimensions of the Samsung Omnia 7 are 122.4 x 64.2 x 11mm, slightly larger
than competitors models, but also incorporating a high quality 4" screen, bigger than
many rival models. This display is perfect for viewing High Definition video footage
shot on the phone, or is equally adept at displaying complex webpages. The 480 x 800
pixel resolution offers a standard of reproduction that is only bettered on Apples
ground breaking "Retina" display. This is thanks to the Super AMOLED screen
coupled with the ability to show 16 million colours. Super AMOLED offers various
benefits to the customer, both cosmetically and feature wise. As well as improving the
depth of colours and also legibility in sunlight, due to its wafer thin depth, it helps the
handset achieve a very pockatable thickness that takes the edge of the slightly bulkier
height and width measurements. The display incorporates a proximity sensor,
essential with touch screens as it locks the screen during a call, and also an
accelerometer chip, flipping the screen into glorious widescreen, perfect for video or
even the composition of a text message.
 The Samsung Omnia 7 capitalises on the success of the Galaxy S by offering a
stylish phone complete with gorgeous screen, only this time supporting the impressive
new Windows 7 operating system.
 The Samsung Omnia 7 and the Dell Venue Pro are available now.

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