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									Obama Flees To India In Wake Of His "Enemies'" Takeover
  by Michael D. Hume, M.S.
  I don't hate Barack Obama. I don't even dislike him. As far as I know the guy, from
his speeches and from what the media has told me about him, he seems pretty-much
okay. A likeable guy. But since I'm a member of the center-right U.S. majority who
disagrees with Mr. Obama on practically every point of policy, he evidently hates me.
He later claimed it was a slip-of-the-lip, but he referred to those who would vote
against him and his party as "enemies" in the week before the recent midterm
  We enemies sent him a heck of a message on Tuesday. The GOP gained 63-66 seats
in the U.S. House of Representatives (the biggest House landslide in modern times
with votes still being counted in some close races). They picked up six seats in the
Senate, reducing the Democratic majority in that chamber to almost nothing. And, in a
largely untold story, the Republicans picked up a staggering 680 seats in state
legislatures across the country (that's an average of nearly 14 seats per state flipping
from Democrat to Republican, and represents the biggest state-legislature landslide
anyone can remember).
  So what does the president do in the wake of this "enemy" invasion?
  He hops on a plane for India, of course.
  It's not just that Mr. Obama decided to fly to India. He's taking both Air Force One
jets, several other planes, more than thirty warships, his family, and an unbelievable
three thousand people with him on this "working vacation." He's rented the entire Taj
Mahal hotel at taxpayer expense, and the cost of the ten-day trip will be estimated at
$200 million per day. That pushes your bill to a whopping total of $2 billion (with a
  Now, unless you believe he's merely fleeing his "enemies" (which is a possibility, I
guess), why in the world would he make this trip?
  The stated reason, of course, is that he's going to be meeting with some heads of
state (with whom he could've spoken on the phone, or even Skype)... and that he
wants to attend the Festival of Lights (just because he wants to feel the experience -
really). But seriously... why would he spend that much money to make a trip to a
dangerous part of the world where, as a symbol of America (indeed, as an American
infidel who asserts he's a Christian though he was born to a Muslim father), he makes
of himself a huge target for assassination?
  Here's my theory for the real three reasons for the trip.
  First, since he's already said he cares less about being re-elected than about his
radical transformation of America, maybe he figures martyrdom wouldn't be all that
bad. After all, what would make his "enemies" less likely to attack his far-left agenda
than for him to be martyred? God Forbid. All Americans, especially conservatives,
should say a prayer every hour for the safety of Barack Obama.
  Second, I imagine Mr. Obama is privately discouraged by the setback represented by
the midterm elections. The American people, in large majority, have rejected his
liberal agenda. The "fundamental transformation" he sold us two years ago has turned
out to look a lot like giving up on the principles of free markets and liberty that've
made us great, and like a double-time march toward socialism. How could this have
happened? I can see Mr. Obama reading too much of his own press clippings, and
deciding he really was invincible and that we dumb voters would go along with
whatever he proposed simply because it was he who was proposing it. Wasn't he
supposed to be the most inspirational leader in our nation's history? I can imagine Mr.
Obama wanting to get back to being a celebrity. If you want to amplify your celebrity,
you need to make a big splash, and get a lot of attention quickly. What better way than
to take three thousand people halfway around the world for a $2 billion boondoggle?
  But the biggest reason I think he took this trip is this: Obama wants to spend your
money. The more, the better. The faster, the better. No, really, he knows the dash
toward socialism depends on massive spending. He studied Cloward and Piven (and
so should you), who envisioned that the best way to take America to socialism was to
collapse the system under the weight of massive spending, particularly on entitlement
programs. The governments of other nations, such as Greece and Spain, are doing
swimmingly well with this, as anyone following their economies can see.
  Now, you can categorize me as a "conspiracy theorist" (your prerogative), but I don't
think I am. See, a conspiracy is a secret, shadowy plan. Obama and his far-left regime
have not engaged in any conspiracy at all. They told us what they were going to do,
we elected them, and they are going about executing their plan as if the shouts of
"This is not the hope and change we wanted!" don't exist. No, there's no conspiracy.
One thing you can definitely respect about Obama and his regime are that they are
men and women of their word. They do what they say they're going to do, no matter
how much we holler against it.
  The only remedy is to remove them from office. This week, we got a good start on
that... but there's more to be done in the next couple of years, and in the years beyond.
  Meanwhile, as I have advised in dozens of previous pieces, do what you can to
protect yourself from this "fundamental transformation." Start a business. Get healthy.
Get smart about the global economy, which is how you'll find out about the true
conspiracy against your money.
  Your life is going to be different a year from now. It's time to make sure the changes
work in your favor.
  Michael Hume is a speaker, writer, and consultant specializing in helping people
maximize their potential and enjoy inspiring lives. As part of his inspirational
leadership mission, he coaches executives and leaders in growing their personal sense
of well-being through wealth creation and management, along with personal vitality.
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  Michael and his wife, Kathryn, divide their time between homes in California and
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