Consignment Distrobution Procedure How to start an account by smithhaleey


									Consignment Distribution Procedure: How to start an account

email account:
password: “icarusorders”

If you know what they want skip to Step Three: Estimate.
If you know what they want and how they want it shipped,
skip to Step Five: Pack and Record.

Step One: Who? Consignment is for booksellers who want to
sell our goods. We sell at a slightly higher price than
wholesale, and they pay us after they sell all the items.

1) Be sure they are listed in the consignment/ distributor
   database, as well as the Consignment Folder.
   a) Ask for the address and enter their info: DISTRO
      DATABASE (add link when here from Open Plans)
   b) Then data base grab the address and post it into a
      “distributor history sheet”:
   c) Print this out and put it in the Consignment folder

Step Two: What and how much?    When you get an email
interested in merchandise and prices, follow the numerical
steps below. If they already know what they want, skip this
step and go to Step Three: Estimate.

     A. Send them an email with the price list and ordering
        info.   Price List is on open plans:
     B. Star the email in the inbox. You may have to send a
        reminder if you do not hear from them.

Step Three: Estimate
When you receive confirmation on the order, add up their
merchandise subtotal on the "Estimate Price Letter” which
can be found on open plans:

1) You will need to enter the merchandise
2) SKIP SHIPPING: Consignment orders are sent MEDIA MAIL
   and WE PAY FOR IT. If they want it shipped another
   method, they pay for it. In that case, you can follow
   directions in “How to Fill and Order: Step Three
3) Add $2.00 for packages over $50.00 (insurance)

4) Send the estimate letter, mark the email “Waiting for

Step Four: Pack and Record It
Now you should know who they are, their address, how much
they want, how they want it shipped, so…

1) Fill out an invoice!

  a) You can fill it our by hand and make a copy. Please
     don't use the last invoice without copying some more
     to replace it! Include the date, recipient's name,
     address, e-mail, # of items, cost of items, and cost
     of shipping.
  b) You can database grab the address and info from open
     plans and paste it onto a new copy of the invoice.
     i) Instructions for Database grabbing are on open plans
        under “How To Mail Merge”:
     ii) Database (all consignment addresses):
     iii) Invoices:

2) Put the copy of the Invoice in the distro binder under
   “Waiting for Payment.” Put the original invoice in the
   box/envelope with the order to be shipped.

3) Inventory the items. Record how much we sell by filling
   out the Inventory sheets in the Distro Inventory binder
   for each item; documenting date, how much you took, for
   who, etc.

4) Pack the order: Package materials are underneath the
   packaging table. Reuse boxes and envelopes anything
   other than Flat Rate Priority.
   a) Media Mail: Pack books, postcards, zines, or stickers
      in either a brown envelope or brown box.
  b) Posters in a poster tube, or flat across the the top
     of a box if you're filling someone's order in one of
     the long 11" x 17" boxes that our readers come in from
     the printer.
  c) Priority Mail Flat Rate: Pack up to 3 books in a Flat
     Rate Envelope. Pack 20 books in a Flat Rate Box.

Be sure to include the invoice, a few postcards, and a
couple stickers in each order. If there is extra space in
the box, pad it with wadded newspapers or scrap paper.
Address the envelope/box, tape it up, and take it to get

Step Five: Shipping
1) Take it to the Post Office baby. Here are the closest
   three. 52nd street seems the least busy and easiest walk.
   There is a cart in the office for larger packages:
     Post Office - Times Square Station    0.29 Miles
     340 W 42nd ST (btwn 8th & 9th Ave)

      Post Office - Radio City Station    0.30 Miles
     322 W 52nd ST (btwn 8th & 9th Ave)

     Post Office - Port Authority Convenience    0.40 Miles
     625 8th AVE STE 104a

2) Mark the email “Order filled” in the inbox. (Still do not
   mark PAID)

Step Six: How to Pay for Shipping:
    Keep all receipts and put them in the distro envelope
when you are done!!!

1) If you are shipping an order via the US Postal Service
     i) Priority Mail Flat Rate: check the Distro Binder to
        see if there are any prepaid flat-rate stamps that
        you can use. Then you just have to drop the order at
        the post office. If not, buy stamps at post office.
     ii) Media Mail: pay out of Icarus petty cash. Keep
        receipts and record the expense in the petty cash
        log at the back of the Stamps and Labels binder.
2) If the items are going by some other method, pay out of
   petty cash if it's going to be $20 or less.
3) Otherwise pay out of pocket and FJC will reimburse you.

Step Seven: Follow-up and Confirm Payment (for long term
Consignment is paid for when all items are sold. It is a
good idea to contact the distributor after 6 months to see
if they have sold the items yet.

1) A payment is confirmed when:
   a) The customer forwards the FJC email AND it is
      designated to “The Icarus Project.” Its very
      important that the Icarus Project is listed in the
   b) The check or cash is received directly. Checks should
      be sent to FJC:
           FJC/ The Icarus Project
           520 8th Ave, 20th Floor
           NY, NY 10018

2) If you don’t receive the payment, keep checking the FJC
   account, email Jessie or the current bookkeeper to ask
   FJC bookkeeping. If the payment was made by Just Give,
   but the Icarus Project was not in the designated field,
   you must contact FJC to let them know the amount, date,
   and name to receive the funds!

3) When payment is confirmed:
   a) Mark the date, amount, and confirmation in the
      Payments Received binder.
   b) Mark the original invoice in the “waiting for payment”
      section of the Distro binder:
      i) PAID
      ii) Date of payment
      iii) Method (justgive, check received, etc)
   c) Place the invoice in “Payment History” Binder
   d) Mark the email “PAID.”

Thanks for all you work and for spreading the word of The
Icarus Project throughout the world!

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