How to set up IgPro to email progress reports by smithhaleey


									How to set up IgPro to email progress reports
Open IgPro and click on setup

Click on communication – note the three tabs at the top (General, Email, Admin)
On the general tab, fill in your teacher email address, be sure to add the @cathedral-

Click on the Email tab – fill in the following:
Email Server:
Account Name: (i.e.
Check the Server Requires Authentication box
Enter your email password

   To email progress reports:
Open IgPro
Click on reports
Click on email student progress report
A screen will come up listing the students in the class
Place a check next to each name that is to receive a report
Click on next
Check on the left side of the page to make sure an email account exists – these are
automatically loaded from Sasi
Place in check in the name(s) that contain email addresses-this only need to be done
one time
Click on send all
You will receive a warning list of students that do not have email addresses or those
that you accidentally forgot to check
Click on send all again (if warnings have occurred)

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