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American Car Wash- no Shop Car Wash Out Of The Traditional Model


									Car wash What a waste of time, as little as 20 minutes to more than an hour. Car wash
thing is pieces of bother, but most of the owners is a must for hands-on things. For
this situation, American? Home car wash service teams (FCWT) first introduced the
United States FastCarWashTeam housekeeping popular car wash model, combined
with the owners living and working characteristics, opening the first door monthly car
wash mode?? Formally opened "no shop car wash "out of the traditional washing of
the curtain!

 Professional sampling, the owner of the Car Cleaning 1-2 times per week on average,
the average cost of 80 yuan per month per car wash, car washing for one year costs of
not less than 1,000 yuan, 40 million cars nationwide, means that there are 400 car
wash market billion for development. Faced with such huge market demand,
American? Automatic intelligent washing machine and a dedicated cleaning agent,
successfully resolved the venue door car wash and water limitations, launch day and
night, "monthly car wash door" service, quick to seize the various residential quarters,
Business office, Hotels Nightclub parking lot, institutions, and other vehicle sources,
source, available to owners of "housekeeping" type of high-quality service.

  American home car wash service teams (FCWT)-site car wash owners not only
saves precious time, give the owner exclusive consumer experience, and car washing,
polishing, waxing, conservation once completed, to avoid the traditional high-pressure
water jets to wash cause paint damage, paint aging, blistering and other defects.
Compared with the traditional car washing shop, American? Home car wash service
teams (FCWT) not only reduces the cost of comprehensive car wash and investment
threshold, and that an unlimited number of car wash, car wash really Subvert the
traditional market model. Prices, the traditional market price of high-pressure water
washing for each 5 to 20 per month, while American? Home car wash service teams
(FCWT) car washing, waxing, conservation once complete, comprehensive cost of
only 1.9 ~ 2.5 Yuan / times (including equipment depreciation, cleaning agents and
washing wages), and home car washing and high added value, its market price set at 6
to 10 yuan / time, with strong market competitiveness. The equivalent of 10 car wash
at the same time opened a shop, 10 washing machines 10 residential contractors,
non-stop-site services.

 Automotive market continues to hot, cars speed up?? 28 million, 35 million, 40
million ... ... the rising private car Auto Beauty Decoration and maintenance market
consumption, rolling off the heat, continue to break the market value. If an ordinary
American?-Site car wash service team has 180 regular car wash customers, each
spending 1,000 yuan in car wash, then the amount of annual income of 180 vehicles
will reach 180,000 yuan. In addition, as the waxing, sealing Glaze , Scratch repair,
paint, maintenance, vehicle disinfection, jewelry Sell , Car wash, indoor Air pollution
Governance project income so included, then the annual revenue of at least 200
million yuan, net profit of more than 300%, the investment outlook is very
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