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                                                                HSC, a wholly owned subsidiary of LSC Staffing
                                                                Solutions, is known as a leading Gauteng supplier
                                                                of all description of hospitality staff. Sheer flexibility

                                                                and strength in steps of recruitment, training and
                                                                capacity, enabled by strategic partnerships with HTA
                                                                Hospitality Ambassador (for training) and Hickmore
                                                                Recruitment (for sourcing specialised talent), are what
                                                                make it stand out as a company.

                                                                Strength in dedicated recruitment staff

                                                                HSC has several things going for it. At the forefront,
                                                                it is well positioned to find people across a broad
                                                                skills range from a data base of over 400 trained staff,
                                                                with another 850 staff being placed on a daily basis.
                                                                These individuals cover the full spectrum of staffing
                                                                requirements, not just waiters and barmen, but
                                                                cleaners, a chef ’s brigade compliment, front of house,
                                                                housekeeping, butlers and beverage staff too. In other
                                                                words, it has constant access to skills, as and when you
                HSC is the largest staffing supplier of 5
                                                                need them. The company derives this strength from
                Star Hospitality Staff in South Africa. In      permanent and dedicated specialist recruiters and a
                five years of business they have built a        partnership with Stephen Hickmore, of Hickmore
                credible reputation as being able to meet the   Recruitment - hospitality industry recruitment
                                                                specialists. Their combined task is to constantly source
                specialist staff needs of hotels, restaurants   talent, through avenues not thought of or inaccessible
                and catering with not just barmen and           to other recruiters. HSC, through its partnership with
                waiters, but skilled kitchen staff too.         Hickmore Recruitment and the South African Chefs
                                                                Association has a capillary-like network that makes
                                                                them nimble footed and is able to find such crucial
                By Kim Hoepfl                                   staff, even with very little warning. So if your head
                                                                chef walks out today, chances are an able replacement

              60 | CHEF! IssuE 17
can be found by tomorrow, with minimum down              an individual fully employed through the week,
time and disruption for your kitchen.                    allowing for decent employment. HSC are
                                                         compliant of labour standards and always have
This makes HSC an important link between the             been, going beyond the legal minimum in the belief
job seeker and employer. Philip Meyer, COO of            that “you get what you pay for”. This means that
the LSC Group, points out that: “It is important         staff in many cases enjoy the same if not better
to recruit correctly. This means that HSC recruits       benefits as full time employees do, such as group
on the basis of attitude, and not skills - which can     life cover, a company funeral scheme and access to
always be taught. As such, up-skilling remains a         free training and life skills in addition to wages that
specialist focus of HSC.” Anni Jackson, General          are above average.
Manager of HSC, stresses the importance of
recruiting and placing the right individual: “The        This stands in contrast to government’s decision
reputation of our clients rests on the service           to more closely monitor and regulate the industry.
delivered by our staff”.                                 This comes in reaction to industry revelations of
                                                         exploitative practices, such as paying employees
Strength in training                                     below minimum wage and a lack of statutory
                                                         benefits, implemented with the intention of being
Since industry is the ultimate employer, don’t take      able to provide cheaper labour.
HSC at brochure face value, but let their list of
clients, who count among Johannesburg’s top hotels       Strength in flexibility
and companies, guide you: The Michelangelo,
The Westcliff and The Blue Train to name a few.          The flexibility that HSC offers is expanded in its
Their reputation rides on the quality of service         capacity to perform site-specific training for clients
such establishments offer, and they look to HSC to       and the ease to do so for limited time periods,
underscore that. Training is fundamental to what         which can be as short as a single day. Such flexibility
HSC does - the provision of competent hospitality        is particularly useful to conference centers, where
staff across all levels - and it stands to reason that   staff numbers required for different bookings is
training fulfills the highest standards.                 erratic. Staff profit from flexible working dates too,
                                                         as they can now choose when they would like to
HSC has a double tiered approach towards staff           work, something particularly useful to senior staff.
training. The first at an in-house training facility,    To cater for the likelihood of a client preferring
conducted in conjunction with Hospitality                to work repeatedly with a particular individual,
Ambassador under the direction of James Parker,          especially those people already familiar with that
hospitality industry stallwart. The second takes         clients style of business, HSC has developed
place on client’s premises, specifically to enable       Human Asset Tracking software, which allows it
staff to become well versed in the individual style      to ensure that people are supplied to venues where
and requirements of each client. Where required,         they have worked before. A further dimension of
clients will benefit from the presence of an industry    flexibility that HSC offers, this time a monetary
experienced Contract Manager based on site,              one, is the access it gives clients to cash flow as staff
whose purpose is to tend to HSC staff, taking care       are often paid by HSC in advance of the client
of any employment related problems that arise or         receiving their invoice.
communication that needs to take place. HSC view
the Contract Manager as critical and an extension        Through HSC outsourcing of your labour remains
to that of the client’s management team.                 a viable alternative to the permanent employment
                                                         of full time staff. Find out more at
Strength in fair staff treatment                         and click on the HSC link or call the HSC offices
                                                         on 011 326-0817.
Individuals are frequently placed with a different
member of the HSC client base each day. This
enables them to market themselves to various blue
chip establishments through their employment
by HSC, something which would otherwise be
impossible for them to do. This form of consistent
part-time reticulation has the benefit of keeping        The hospitality solutions company

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