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					The world calls it, this is the Mondeo facelift, but "engine-lift" would be a more
accurate description. There are a couple of fresh engines: a 2.2 TDCI diesel with a
more-than-respectable 200 BHP and unfeasibly powerful 2.0 Ecoboost petrol with
240 BHP.
  The strange thing about these two engines is that they have much in common,
despite being powered by different fuels. The diesel is the most petrol-like unit ever
seen in a Ford or indeed in any car. Unlike many highly tuned diesel charged car that
have little power below 1,800rpm and then suddenly explode, the Mondeo 2.2 is
pretty-well linear in its response. The car's torque (pulling power) builds smoothly
and rapidly until it hits a plateau at around 2,000rpm. The proof of its responsiveness
is the excellent reaching from zero to 62mph within a short timing of 8.1 seconds; and
we know diesel cars usually struggle off the line until the boost kicks in, but thos are
not true for this one.
  On the other hand, the petrol is almost diesel-like in its massive torque (250lb/ft) and
its claimed economy (36.6 mpg). However, there is still something very appealing
about a petrol engine that can rev happily to 6,000rpm and emits a sporty growl while
it's doing so. As to which motor to choose, it is one of the hardest petrol/diesel calls in
the market. In terms of driving pleasure, the petrol engine still shades it, but the
47mpg diesel does have the lead in economy.
  Thus it would not be wrong if we mention that Ford actually took the opportunity to
use the facelift for introducing two new engines, both 20 % more efficient than their
predecessors. The first engine is a 1.6 liter petrol engine that delivers 160 HP, and the
new 2.0 liter engine delivers 200 HP. The latest Mondeo also introduces a
comprehensively revised version of the 2.2-litre Ford Duratorq TDCi diesel engine,
which boasts a 12 per cent power increase to 200PS, making it the most powerful
Ford Duratorq diesel engine so far. The muzzle of the Mondeo was refreshed with a
new grille and LED daytime running lights. Also we see the back of the modern rear
lights use LED technology. The tailgate has been reviewed and is closer to the rear.
The navigation system of the previous generation was replaced by a modern one. The
new 2.0 petrol will be mounted only with the automatic gearbox dual clutch Power
Shift, while for diesel engines will be an alternative to the six-speed manual gearbox
that was used so far.
  This subtle facelift has comfortably made its numerous appearances at the numerous
famous Motor Shows, the world over. There is no denying the fact that Ford has put
on the boots to try to win points in the sales and the car lovers of the world have been
pleasantly surprised with the array of developments of recent times.
  The yet so cheap price range in the UK has made the car to bear an attractively
economic tag that starts at £17,295; the price in India is projected to start at Rs. 13
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